Epilogue: Night of the Falling Stars Dance

Two weeks had passed, and it was finally the fifth annual Night of the Falling Stars Girl's Choice Dance. It had become a rather fancy event over the last couple of years, so a dress like Gretchen's from the boutique was perfectly acceptable. Luckily for Isabella, this year Ferb was already going with Gretchen, so Phineas wouldn't be able to drag him along as an awkward third wheel.

Gretchen had come over to Isabella's to get ready for the dance, and was sitting on Isabella's bed, already wearing her special blue dress from the boutique. Isabella was still getting dressed in her bathroom, wanting to surprise Gretchen with the dress she'd found.

"Come on, Isabella, the dance starts at eight! It's almost 6:30!" Gretchen cried impatiently.

Isabella carefully zipped up her zipper in the back, gave herself one last check in the mirror, then opened the door and struck a dramatic pose.

Gretchen stared in awe. "Where the heck did you find that?"

Isabella's dress was a pale lavender color, tea-length, with tiny spaghetti straps and minuscule silver and purple beading covering the bodice. She had a shawl for her shoulders- the dance was outside- and a small silver clutch purse. To top it off, she was wearing silver strappy shoes that had a small heel. Isabella was ecstatically and effortlessly beautiful.

"It's an old bridesmaid dress my mom had. She altered it a little bit so it wouldn't be too big on me, and now it fits great!" Isabella smiled.

"Sheesh..." Gretchen sighed. "If you'd have worn that earlier Lira wouldn't have even been necessary! Actually, I take that back. Phineas would have still been oblivious."

Isabella swatted at Gretchen's head with her purse. "Come on, Gretchen, I'll do your hair if you do mine. You can even go first!"

After curling and smothering their hair in various beauty products, they were finally ready to go to the dance.

Phineas and Ferb were already waiting for the girls in Isabella's living room, with dress shirts and slacks on. The three mothers were also sitting with them, chatting and drinking coffee.

"Oh, you girls look lovely!" gushed Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher. "I want at least one picture of all four of you together."

The four teenagers obligingly posed for a couple of photos, then waved goodbye and walked outside with Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher, who was their ride to the dance.

Once they arrived, they met Candace, Jeremy, Stacy, and Coltrane outside the gate.

"Candace, you're in charge. I'll be back at midnight, I'm going home for right now. You kids have fun!" Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher said as she drove away.

Candace smiled at Phineas and Isabella. "I remember how much I used to love being in charge of you guys. Tonight, though, I think what you need is for nobody to be in charge." She cackled excitedly. "Let's go get some limeade, Jeremy." The pair walked over to the refreshments, with Stacy and Coltrane not far behind.

Isabella looked at the others, still awkwardly standing near the entrance. "What should we do now? They haven't really started playing music yet, so we can't dance."

"Let's go find Baljeet and Buford," suggested Phineas. "Ginger and Milly asked them, didn't they?"

"Yes, yes they did," said Gretchen.

The quartet scanned the patio for their familiar Indian and bully friends, finally finding them near the currently empty dance area.

"Hey guys!" said Phineas. "How's the night been treating you so far?"

Baljeet waved to everyone. "Ginger and I are doing just fine. She and Milly went to go fetch some limeade from the refreshment table."

Buford silently stuck his hands in his pockets, looking a little nervous.

Ginger and Milly showed up with clear plastic cups of limeade, each girl handing one to her respective date. "Hi guys! We saw Candace and Stacy over at the limeade table. Buford, you have to try the limeade! It's heavenly!" said Milly, taking a sip of hers.

Buford simply asked, "What's the deal with the limeade, anyway? Couldn't they find any other drink to serve at this joint?"

"Limeade is even better when you add pomegranate juice to it," said a familiar voice from behind Isabella. The group turned to face her.

"Hi Lira," Phineas, Ferb, and the girls said, Phineas a little coolly.

"You all look great! Oh, meet Boyfriend. His name is Grant," said Lira, pulling a tall, skinny guy with dark glasses over to them.

"Lira, hold on! What-" said Grant, confused at why Lira had dragged him thirty feet and sloshed his limeade all over the ground.

"Grant, these are those kids I went to do the tarot thing for a couple weeks ago," said Lira, smiling up at him.

"Oh, yes. That's, um, great..." Grant said, looking slightly bored.

Lira rolled her eyes. "Excuse him. He's still oblivious. Actually, I think now he's officially more oblivious than Phineas."

"Hey! What do you mean, I'm more oblivious than Phineas? Isn't that the guy your little brother stalks?" retorted Grant, beginning a rant.

"Sorry, guys. We're gonna go have playful banter. See ya later!"

Phineas and Isabella moved away from the other kids slightly. "You really look beautiful tonight...Izzy."

The dance floor suddenly lit up, and the DJ on stage announced that the dancing was about to begin. Everyone flooded the floor instantly, but luckily the little group of eight had been close to the dance area already, so they made their way to the front. The DJ played all kinds of music- even some weird song where the only words were "Barbra Streisand".

Eventually, Isabella heard the familiar strains of "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" start to play. The DJ had somehow found a recording with a vamped introduction, because he began to talk over it.

"I'm gonna dedicate this song to the little dudes who wrote it. They've been building super cool things in Danville for the last five years, and it doesn't look like they're gonna stop anytime soon. Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, would you please get up here?"

Phineas and Ferb ran over to the stage, and everyone cheered for them as they walked up.

"Anything you wanna say to all these fans, guys?" The DJ pointed a handheld microphone at them.

Ferb cleared his throat. "Normally, Phineas would make this sort of speech, but I'm feeling chatty today. We both want to thank everyone for supporting our noble work, even though it disappears half the time. Thank you Danville!"

Now it was Phineas' turn. "The funny thing is, when we wrote this song, we didn't actually intend the lyrics to mean anything. But now that we have people to say them to, they mean the world. Not that we don't love all of you, but this song is a catchy pop tune, so it's kind of a relationship sort of thing. So, uh..."

Ferb took the mic back before Phineas got too nervous and denied everything he'd just said. "Would Isabella Garcia-Shapiro and Gretchen Boyle please get up here as well?"

They then proceeded to perform the song right there and then.

"Bow chick-a bow wow! That's what my baby says! Mow mow mow, and my heart starts pumpin'! Chicka chicka choo wop, never gonna stop, gitchee gitchee goo means that I love you!"

After the song was over, Phineas looked at Isabella.

"Isabella, I just realized something. I never actually asked you to be my girlfriend. Isabella, will you go out with me?" he said, beaming.

"Oh, Phineas, I thought you'd never ask!" Isabella cried, running over to him for a giant hug.

Gretchen looked over at Ferb. "I'd ask for that kind of treatment, but you already asked me out."

Ferb simply smiled and kissed his girlfriend on the cheek. The pair looked over at Phineas and Isabella, aglow with delight.

"Not to quote Love Händel again, but don't just stand there! Kiss her!" said Ferb, laughing.

Phineas listened to his brother and kissed his now super-official girlfriend.

In the crowd, Lira and Candace looked at each other.

"Our work here is done."

A/N: Lira's Boyfriend is based on my boyfriend. He's definitely said his first two lines in real life before. And yes, that's really how we talk to each other. Everyone's decided we're an old married couple.

List of episodes I've referenced/quoted, in the order they appear: "Not Phineas and Ferb", "Out to Launch", "Isabella and the Temple of Sap", "Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You", "Nerds of a Feather", "One Good Scare Ought to Do It", "Candace's Big Day", Phineas and Ferb ATSD, "Day of the Living Gelatin", "Hide and Seek", "Flop Starz", "Candace Disconnected", "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together". See if you can spot 'em all!

Huh. Thought it would be more. Well, I did do multiple references to Temple of Sap/Summer Belongs to You, so that's probably why.

Well, tata for this story. =D