Title: I Love You

Summary: It's already been four years since Kirari's debut. She loves Hiroto. But doesn't have the courage. What should she do, especially when there's someone who's with him? RnR. My first-ever Kirarin Revolution fic.

Warning: This story is unedited, please expect errors and such.

Chapter: Prologue

Tsukishima Kirari entered a certain room inside Muranishi Company. She lazily lied down in the coch and took a deep breathe.

She sighed a frustrated sigh. She's SO tired. Her schedule was so full that she hadn't even have a vacation for 6 months. Good thing though, she just finished her last job for today and she'll have the next whole week an off.

God, it sounds like a child but she's so excited. Ah~ the effect of the tiring job of hers.

But that doesn't mean that she hates what she is doing, she actually loves her job.

She smiled at that thought as memories flooded her mind.

It was really ironic that she didn't know anything about what an IDOL is, and then, the next day, she went and passed an IDOL exam.

Sigh. It's already been four years since she made her debut. Many things had already happened.

She experienced so many difficulties, and together with her friends and family, especially Naa-san, her father and the SHIPS, she passed all of them with a smile.

She transferred schools, she met new friends and rivals, met many people and was now known as one of the most famous IDOL all around the world.

The door opened and two lads, a year older than her, entered.

"Whoa, Kirari-chan, you're still here?" the guy with a blond hair and pair of azure eyes asked.

"Uh-huh," Kirari nodded. "I'm just resting for a while before I go home."

"Really, you're sch an idiot," the raven haired guy teased. "Why don't you go home now so you can rest until you're satisfied. Tch."

Hiroto-kun… Kirari thought sadly, but she covered it with an annoyed face. "Fine, you're aware the you sounded like I'm unwanted here, right?"

"Nope, he's just concern so he wants you to go home early. Ne, Hiro-kun?" Seiji said.

"What are you talking about Seiji?" Hiroto said, annoyed.

Kirari closed her eyes and took a deep breathe once again. "Whatever, I'm going home now. Jaa."

"Jaa ne, Kirari-chan. Be careful, ne," Seiji waved with his always smiling face.

"Hmm, jaa~"

Kirari decided to walk since she liked the cool wind that night.

She thought about her friends.

Sayaka and Miku are now dating their loves. Erina is going out with her brother. Seiji has his own girlfriend.

And Kirari?

She smile at the thought that she only wanted to be an IDOL just because she wanted to be close with Seiji. She, then, met Hiroto who annoyed her to death. Both of them became her closest friends, her best friends even. That's the thing though.

She admits it, only to herself of course. She fell in love with Kazama Hiroto, the annoying jerk, her best friend.

But there's a problem.

Just like Seiji, Hiroto is going out with someone.

A/N: A short chapter, I know. Bt this is only the prologue. Please let me know what you think about this. If I should continue this story or not. Thanks. XD

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