WOW clip, And now for something completely different; I tentatively present my first ever attempt at Winchester poetry.

An odd ode ... a tribute in rhyme ... a Winchester day

Rhyming disclaimer: don't own, groan.


A Winchester day always starts the same way;

with coffee, cold pizza and work far away.

Just don't be around our Dean's grouchy frown;

if you value your life, 'til the coffee goes down.

'Pala's got style as she eats up the miles;

Dean's chilled and contented; he sits back and smiles.


The skeevy damn witch throws Dean in a ditch;

Sam empties a clip when the hunt hits a hitch.

Then to the gloom of their crap motel room;

the brothers retire to tend to their wounds.

Healing the hurt, Sam's long fingers work;

the comforting touch of a bitch to his jerk.



Hoping that all of you along US eastern seaboard stay safe and unharmed by Hurricane Irene. thinking of you.