Title: Our Weird Relation Ship

Characters: Derek/Stiles

Summary: Stiles has feelings for Derek and offers to go steal his Dad's files on his sister and all the supposed 'Animal attacks' so the hunters don't get in their way when they try to find the Alpha, but with Stiles crappy luck the hunters show up at the his fathers office see what happens!

Chapters: 1 out of ?

Stiles smiled when he got out of school with Scott and saw a grouchy Derek leaning against his jeep, Scott tilted his head and gave Stiles a confused glance, quickly Stiles hid his happiness and put on a façade of dread to see the older werewolf, once to the car stiles opened the driver side and got in, "You going to get in the car Derek?" Stiles asked still keeping on his façade, "yeah," He said as he got into the front seat and Scott into the back seat.

The car ride was boring, Derek would only talk to Scott the only way he was able to enter the conversation was to rudely interrupt which he usually did but he'd rather not interrupt Derek in fear he might 'Rip his throat out with his teeth' and Stiles really didn't want that no matter how bad he did want Derek to touch him, just not in the violent 'I'm going to kill you' way, he chuckled at his thought which made the car go silent, oh how badly stiles wished he could just sink into the seat, "So, the Alpha were going to find him right?" Scott said sparking up a conversation to take the tension off Stiles, "We have a complication, the hunters are gathering up as much information from the police work as possible so they can spot patterns" Derek said",So we have to stop them? I got that my dad's the Sherriff I can hide the records so they don't get in our way." Stiles chimed in, Derek nodded, "I forgot about that, So Stiles I need you to do that hide any files containing my sister or the alpha, Alright?" Derek said seeming a bit hesitant, "On it captain!" Stiles chuckled but Derek growled.

2 hours later

Stiles nervously looked through all of the drawers pulling out all of the animal attacks and the carving on the deer he quickly shoved them into his bag when he heard the door open with a loud clack stiles ducked behind a large filing cabinet and peeked out from the side as Mr. Argent came in followed by Kate and two other hunters, Mr. Argent flung open the cabinet looking for the files he just snatched, "There not here…" He growled unhappily, Kate looked at him in disbelief "What do you mean they're not here!" she growled slamming more cabinets open angrily, she threw them across the room "They couldn't have walked AWAY!" she growled throwing a stapler at the ground, Stiles slipped backward and a glass paperweight fell over behind him he winced as pieces of it cut his palm "oh…shit" he thought, "Did you hear that?" Mr. Argent said, Stiles scrambled behind his father's desk as Mr. Argent went to his previous hiding spot and saw the shattered glass paperweight, Mr. Argent bent over and touched the blood drops on the ground, "Someone else is here…" he said grabbing a pistol he had in his pocket that stiles hadn't seen earlier, he gulped and crawled as silently as he could to the door to busy looking behind him he crawled right into Kate Argent's leg, "Aw aren't you Scotts friend?" She said grabbing him by the chin and bringing him to his feet, "Yah…" Stiles said even though in his mind, he was screaming for his dad to show up with his shotgun and shoot the hell out of the crazy bitch, "And how did you get in here?" She asked in the most lethal but sweet voice he had ever heard, "I-I'm the sheriffs…kid?" he said, she chuckled", Well that could come in handy couldn't it Chris?" She said snickering, "Kate…no we ar-"

"Oh god you're going to kidnap me aren't you oh god i'm so screwed or are you going to kill me, I'm so going to get Derek for thi-"

"Derek? Derek Hale?" Mr. Argent inquired, Stiles gulped, "U-Uh yah…"

"You do know he tried to kill you in the school," He said walking closer to Stiles.

"It wasn't Derek, Derek has blue eyes not re-" Stiles gulped realizing the fatal mistake he made "So you know then…that Derek's a werewolf?" He said a small grin coming across his face, "And might you be the second beta?" he said Stiles eye's widened "Me the beta! You've got to be kidding…but I can't tell them it's Scott…they'd kill him for sure!" he thought to himself… "But then…they'd kill me… SHIT DEREK I HATE YOUR GUTS FOR THIS" he thought then realized he volunteered for the job…he grunted, "No I'm not." Stiles said nervously as he pulled away from Kates grasp and backed into one of the other hunters who smirked, "You're not going anywhere" he gulped deeply his heart starting to race, "I'm so dead…aren't I?" he asked, Kate laughed and nodded until Mr. Agent cut in

"You know we can't kill him Kate, we have no proof he's one of them for all we know he could be telling the truth." he took the gun from Kate not trusting her with it, Kate growled in return "But it doesn't explain how he knows what Derek is"

Scott sat on his bed tapping his right foot on the floor nervously he was expecting a phone call from Stile's cell 10 minutes ago an hour had already passed since Scott and Derek dropped him off at the station, he heard a tap at his window and saw Derek's claws on the ledge of the window holding him up his head peeking in, Scott opened the window and Derek got in, "Has he called yet?" Derek asked

"No…I'm starting to get worried though..." Scott said resting his head in his hands,

"What if the hunters showed up after we left, he could be dead right now!" Scott added panic in his voice and his heart thumping loudly, Derek growled annoyed "Calm down, he's smart right?" Derek asked even though he knew the answer, Scott sighed "Yah…"

"So don't worry if he was in any trouble don't you think he'd somehow get himself out of it?" Derek said even though on the inside he was worrying.

Derek soon left Scott's house and into his black camero and speed off into the direction of the police station he slowed down and stopped his car a couple blocked from the station and listened he could hear Stiles' heart beat going wild and the smell of fear…and blood, Derek snapped he got out of the car growling, if they hurt Stiles…he would kill them.

Stiles gulped, "Know you where saying about Derek having blue eyes and not red?" Mr. Argent said, "I-I uhm…S-Saw it?" Stiles stammered, with a loud bang the door came down and Stiles immediately smiled at the older werewolf, Derek tackled the hunter blocking Stiles' escape, the hunter cried out loudly, Stiles realized Derek was going for the kill, "Derek NO!" He yelled, the werewolf stopped and looked up at Stiles and grunted and got off, Kate and Mr. Argent had their guns pointed at Derek without a second thought Stiles pushed a filing cabinet into the two hunters, Derek took this chance and grabbed stiles by the hoodie and carried him outside, and into the car.

Derek sped off occasionally glancing at the shaken up stiles who had his hands clenched onto the backpack with the files, "T-Thanks." Stiles Murmured, Derek smirked and without a thought bent over and kissed stiles lightly on the lips "I'd gladly do it any time" Derek said knowing the car ride would be a quite one.

Hey Black Eyed Kids here to say im trying a happier story...? uhm hope you like :D