This is my first Supernatural fanfic. I am a huge fan of OC stories and Castiel is one of my fave characters in Supernatural. The first half of this story will follow the season 5 plot with some twists and then it will be my own version of season 6. My OC Natalie is based on former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. I don't own Supernatural. Eric Kripke does. I don't own Calla, she belongs to Calista-Salvatore-Harlem. I only own Natalie.

Summary: Natalie Winchester hasn't hunted or seen her brothers, Sam and Dean, since their father died. She keeps in constant contact with them via phone. One day, she gets a call from Bobby telling her about the apocalypse and her brother's attempts to stop it. She immediately heads for Sioux Falls. When she reunites with her brothers, she meets the angel, Castiel. She strikes up a friendship with the angel which eventually blossoms into love.

Natalie Winchester walks into the apartment she shares with her roommate and best friend, Calla, after finishing her shift at the local café. Natalie had been staying in Chicago, Illinois ever since she had left her old life behind. Back in the old days, Natalie would hunt all sorts of Supernatural things with her brothers, Sam and Dean and her father John. When her father died after making a deal to save Dean, she found that she couldn't hunt anymore. So she packed her bags and headed out into the big, wide world alone. She was in Chicago when she met Calla. They quickly became best friends after their first meeting. She puts her coat on the rack and calls for Calla.

"Hey Calla, you in?" She shouts out.

"Yeah, I'm in the shower Nats. I'll be out in a minute." She hears her friend call from the bathroom.

"Ok no probs Cal. Do you fancy watching a movie tonight?"

"Hell yeah. You pick."

"Ok." She says then heads into her room to change into a vest top and sweat pants before going to make a cup of hot chocolate to drink while watching the movie. She scoops the powder into a mug and boils the kettle. As she's waiting for the water to boil, her cell phone starts ringing. She doesn't bother checking the caller ID.

"Hello." She answers.

"Natalie, it's Bobby." Bobby speaks from the other end of the line.

"Hey Bobby. How you doin?"

"Not so great."

"Why. What's happened." She says getting a little panicky. Bobby Singer didn't get worried over nothing.

"The apocalypse." He stated quite plainly.

Natalie freezes in shock. She couldn't believe what Bobby had just told her. THE apocalypse. The end of the world. Lucifer. Bobby's voice brings her out of her trance.

"Natalie, are you still there."

"Yeah. I can't believe it. The apocalypse. Is Sam and Dean with you?" She asks.

"No. You better get over to my place."

Fear overtook her once again. She prayed to God that nothing happened to her brothers. "Bobby, are they alright? Where are they?"

"They're trying to stop the damn thing."

She walks into her room. "I'm leaving right now Bobby. I'll see you when I get there." She hangs up the phone and immediately changes into a pair of navy blue jeans, her favourite Evanescence t-shirt and black leather jacket. She sticks on her boots and grabs a bag from under her bed. She quickly stuff some clothes into it and exit's the room. Calla is now in the kitchen, drinking the Venom energy drink that she is so addicted to. She notices her friend rushing about grabbing her cell phone and car keys.

"Hey Nats. Where you going in such a hurry?"

"Bobby just phoned and told me that my brothers are in some kind of trouble. I have to go down to Sioux Falls and sort everything out." She says, heading to the door.

"Wait." Calla calls out. She approaches her friend and gives her a hug. "You have a safe journey and be sure to call me the minute you get there, girl."

"You know I will Cal. I really gotta go now."

"Ok. I hope you're brothers are going to be ok."

"I hope so to. Bye Cal."

"Bye Nat. Take care." Natalie walks out the door, gets in her car and starts the journey to Sioux Falls.

After a long, tiring drive, she finally arrives at Bobby's place. The place had never changed after all those years. It was still as she remembered it to be. Cars as far as the eye could see. She gets out of her car and heads to the door. She knocks on it and the door opens to reveal Bobby Singer standing at the other side. Bobby hugs her and lets her into the house.

"Natalie it is so good to see you." He then splashes holy water at her face which doesn't take Natalie by surprise.

"Why don't you get your silver knife and get this over and done with." She says wiping her face with a cloth. Bobby comes back with the silver knife and cuts Natalie on the arm with it. It doesn't burn so Bobby quickly bandages her arm.

"Sorry about that. Had to be sure you were you." Bobby sits down on the chair behind his desk. Natalie sits on the opposite chair.

"Don't sweat it Bobby. Now let's discuss this apocalypse and the whereabouts of my brothers."

"Straight to the point. Just like your old man." Natalie smiles at this. "The sixty six seals have been broken. Your brothers tried to stop it but unfortunately were too late and now Lucifer will rise and bring with him the four horseman."

Natalie rubs a hand over face. "Geez this gets better and better. So do you know where exactly Sam and Dean are at the moment?"

"Not at the moment no." He replies. His phone starts ringing.

"Hey mind if I use your bathroom?"

"Be my guest. You remember where it is."

"Yeah." She heads upstairs to the bathroom and Bobby answers his phone.

Once she finishes her business in the toilet, she goes to the sink to wash her hands. She splashes some water onto her face and dries of with the towel. She looks at herself in the mirror. Her once dark hair was now dyed red. She felt it brought out her green eyes. She looked a lot like her mother, Mary. She opens the locket she's wearing to reveal a picture of her parents. It was at times like this that she really missed them. Natalie had only been two when her mother died. She smiles at the picture, closes her locket and heads back down stairs.

"That was Dean on the phone." He says upon seeing her.

"Oh my god. Are they alright?" She asks.

"They're fine." She breathes out a sigh of relief. "They're at the Regent Inn Motel so let's head over there now."

"Great, we'll take my car." They exit the house, get into Natalie's car and head to the motel where Sam and Dean were staying.

Natalie starts to get a little nervous as they approach the door. Bobby senses this.

"You ok, Natalie?"

"I haven't seen them in years Bobby. I guess I'm just a little nervous." Bobby knocks on the door and she stands behind him. The door opens to reveal Dean. He doesn't see Natalie standing behind Bobby.

"Bobby it's so good to see you." He says upon seeing the man he considers a second father.

"I've brought someone to see you two." He stands to the side to reveal Natalie standing behind him. Dean is surprised to see his baby sister. She's exactly how he and Sam remember her with the exception of the red hair.

"Hi Dean."

Dean rushes forward and embraces his sister in a bone crushing hug which she returns eagerly. She is so happy to see her older brother that she starts crying. Bobby steps past the siblings to go see Sam.

Dean starts to shed a few tears at finally holding his baby sister in arms. They spoke on the phone but it wasn't the same as seeing her in the flesh. They break apart and look at each other.

"I am so glad to see you baby sis." He says wiping away her tears. "You still look as beautiful as I remember."

"Still as charming as ever, Dean." She says with a small laugh. She steps into the room and immediately heads for her little brother, giving him the biggest hug ever. They break apart.

"God it is so good to see you Sammy."

"It's good to see you to sis. I like your hair." He says noticing her red hair.

"Thanks." She says running a hand through it.

"So boys, the Michael Sword." Bobby says.

"Yeah it's here on earth supposedly." Sam said to Bobby.

"Yeah in a castle on a hill made of forty two dogs which doesn't make a lick of sense." Dean states.

"Woah hold on there a second." All three men look at her. "Are we talking about THE Michael. The archangel. His sword."

"Yeah." Dean says. Bobby goes over to the table where the books are and flips one open. The page reveals a picture of the archangel himself.

"That's Michael. Toughest son of a bitch they've got." Bobby states pointing to the picture.

"The guy looks like Cate Blanchett." Dean says causing Natalie to giggle.

"I wouldn't want to meet the guy in a dark alley. Believe me." Bobby responds to Dean's statement. "Michael was the angel who booted Lucifer to the cage last time and he did it using that sword."

Natalie looks at the picture of Michael with his sword in hand. "So what you're saying is if we can find this sword, we can kill the devil."

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Bobby says to her.

Sam looks up from the book and says, "Well great. Where do we start looking?"

"Hit the books. See if we can figure out what Chuck was saying."

"Wait, who's Chuck?" Natalie asks the men.

"He's the guy who wrote those books about us. The prophet." Dean says to her.

Sam walks away from the table, looking troubled.

"Sammy, are you alright?" Natalie asks, approaching her younger brother.

He turns to look at her. "No Nat I'm not."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"This is all my fault." He says.

Natalie is about to say something but gets cut off by Dean. "Sam." He says in a warning tone.

Sam continues regardless. "Lilith didn't break the final seal. I did."

Natalie looks at her brother as if he has grown another head. "Sammy don't talk nonsense."

"Natalie, it's true." Natalie looks into his eyes and can tell he's not joking. She steps away from him. Dean lays a hand on her shoulder basically confirming what Sam just said to be true.

"You what." Bobby says getting up from his chair.

"You guys warned me about Ruby, the demon blood, all of it, but I didn't listen." He looks at his older siblings. Dean has a look of disappointment on his face while Natalie just looks shocked.

Bobby approaches Sam. The two men look at each other for what feels like an eternity. "You're damn right you didn't listen boy." He steps closer to Sam.

"I'm sorry." He says.

"You're sorry you brought about the end of the world. If by some miracle we survive, I want you to lose my number."

Natalie and Dean are surprised by this. That didn't sound like Bobby at all but he was angry. People say stupid things when they're angry. Sam looks defeated by nods his head. "There's an old church nearby. Maybe I'll go read some of the books there." He walks out the door. Natalie goes after her brother.

"Sam wait." She says and runs to catch up with him.

"Natalie, what are you doing. Go back to Dean and Bobby." He says trying to walk away from her but she grabs onto his arm.

"You might have done such an idiotic thing Sam." He looks down to the floor. "But you're my brother and I forgive you."

Sam looks up to face his sister, unshed tears in his eyes. He hugs her and she hugs him back. "Don't worry about what Bobby said. He was just angry." She says as they break apart.

"I know Nat. I know."

"Right let's go read those books then." She says with a smile in her face and heads out to her car. Sam stands there looking at his sister walking ahead. She always had such a positive outlook on life. It was hurting him inside that he and Dean were keeping secrets from her. He then follows his sister out of the building.

It is now late in the evening when Natalie and Sam return to the room. They can hear what sounds like a scuffle coming from the room. Sam kicks the door open and they see Bobby lying on the floor bleeding and Dean fighting with a man. Sam get shits with a phone by some woman and falls to floor. Natalie jumps on the woman's back. The woman flips her over and pins her to the floor. " Well, well, well. Natalie Winchester. I haven't seen you in such a long time. Do you remember me?" She says and her eyes go black.

Natalie can only think of one demon who would know her. "Long time no see Meg."

"Oh goody you do remember me. You know I'd love to stay and catch up with you but I'm a very busy girl." She is about to say some more but is cut off by the sounds of her fellow demon dying. She gets off Natalie and faces Dean. Just as Dean goes in for the kill, Meg smokes out of her meat suit and the girl falls to the floor unconscious. Dean goes over to his siblings.

"You guys ok?" He asks them.

"Yeah we're fine." They both reply and the all hurry over to Bobby.

"Let's get him to the hospital." Natalie says and they take the impala and drive to the hospital.

Dean supports Bobby as they burst through the hospital doors. A nurse approaches them. "What happened?"

"He was stabbed." Dean replies.

A couple of men come rushing in with a gurney and Bobby is placed on it and rolled away. The Winchesters try to follow but the nurse stops them. "Wait here."

"We can't leave him." Sam says.

"Just don't move we've got questions." And she walks off to attend to Bobby.

"We've gotta go you guys." Dean says.

Sam runs a hand through his hair. "No way Dean."

"You guys go, I'll stay here. Just find the Michael sword before those sons of bitches do." Natalie says to her brothers.

"Thanks Nat." Dean says and he and Sam exit the hospital. Natalie sits down on one of the chairs and waits for news about Bobby. After many hours, the nurse from before approaches her.

"Where are the two gentlemen who were with you?" She asks.

"They went to go and get some of my uncle's things." The nurse accepts the excuse given. "Is my uncle going to be ok?" She asks.

"We were able to stabilise him. He's going to be just fine." Natalie breathes out a sigh of relief. "What happened to him?" The nurse asks.

Natalie quickly thinks of an explanation. "We were on our way home from the bar when we got jumped by a group of men. They had weapons and they hurt my uncle. I'm sorry but can I see him."

"Of course. He's asking for you and your brothers." The nurse guides Natalie to Bobby's room. The nurse opens the door and Natalie steps in closing the door behind her. She sits on the end of Bobby's bed and takes his hand.

"How you feeling there Bobby?"

"Well I've been better." He jokes and Natalie gives a small laugh. "I take it your brothers are after the Michael sword."

"Yeah. I just hope they find before the demons do."

An hour later Sam and Dean walk into the room. Natalie hugs them both. "So did you guys find the sword?"

Sam and Dean look at each other before Dean says, "In a way we did."

"What do you mean by that boy." Bobby says from his bed.

"We had a visit from Zachariah. He basically said I'm Michael's weapon. In other word his vessel."

Natalie was aware that angels needed a vessel to walk the earth when Dean had told her about Castiel. She couldn't wait to meet the angel himself. To be in the presence of an angel would be the most amazing thing ever.

"Are you sure you heard him right Dean." Bobby says.

"Yeah. Oh and another surprise. Cas is alive."

Natalie didn't know Castiel had even died. "How?" Bobby asked.

"Before we could ask him he flew away." Sam said. A doctor walks in the room and the four break up their conversation. He approaches Bobby.

"Mr Singer I'm afraid it's not good news. Due to the injures you received, I'm afraid you'll never have the use of your legs again."

"Say again, doc." Bobby says sitting up.

"You'll never walk again, Mr Singer." The doctor states.

"Unlikely to walk again. Why you snot nosed son of a bitch. When I get out of this bed, I'll use my game leg to kick your ass." He shouts and the doctor storms out.

"Ignore him Bobby, you'll be fine." Dean says.

"Let me ask the big question. What do we do now?" Sam asks.

Bobby looks at him and says, "We save as many as we can for as long as we can. Doesn't matter if Heaven or Hell wins, we're screwed."

"What if we win." Dean says. "I'm serious screw the angels, demons and every other supernatural thing, this is our planet and I say the get the hell of it."

"Yeah and how are we supposed to pull this off genius." Natalie says to her brother.

Dean looks at her. "We kill Lucifer, hell we'll kill Michael if we have to. What I have is a GED and a give em hell attitude and I'll figure out how to pull this off."

Bobby looks at Dean like he's crazy. "Boy you are nine kinds of crazy."

"I'll second that." Natalie says.

Dean gives her a playful glare before turning back to Bobby. "It's been said before. We'll let you get some rest." He claps Bobby on the shoulder. Natalie gives him a kiss on the cheek and follows her brother out of the room.

They get into the parking lot and head for the impala when Sam says, "Why don't we track down the colt. We could use it on Lucifer."

"I just said all that for Bobby's benefit." Dean says and they stop in their stride. "I'll fight with everything I've got but let's face it we don't have a chance. You of all people know that Sam." He heads to the car.

"Dean." Sam says and Dean turns round. "Is there anything you wanna tell me."

Dean looks at his siblings, debating with himself whether he should just come out and say it. "I have tried to pretend that everything is alright when it wasn't. You chose a demon over your own brother. Over your own family." He gestures to Natalie.

"I would give anything to take it all back, guys you know I would."

"I know you would Sam and I know how sorry you are. I depended on you Sam and you let me down in ways." There is a slight pause in which Dean looks away to compose himself. "I just don't think I can trust you right now."

Natalie looks at her brother. "Dean you don't mean that."

"Actually Nat I do." He gets into his car. Natalie and Sam stay standing there for a few seconds before she joins Dean in the car.

"Dean there's something I wanna ask you."

"What is it, little sis."

"I want to come hunting with you guys again."

Dean looks at his sister and doesn't know whether to feel surprised or shocked at this sudden statement. "Natalie are you sure. I mean after Dad died, you said you never wanted do this again."

"You boys need all the help you can get to stop Lucifer and I want to help save the world Dean. I really mean it."

"Well if that's what you want then I'm not gonna stop you." He takes her hand and gives it a squeeze. Sam climbs into the back of the car. "Hey Sammy. Nat's gonna come hunting with us again." He says with delight. The previous conversation forgotten.

"That's awesome but are you sure Natalie." He says to his sister.

"Yeah like I said to Dean, you need all the help you can get to kill the devil."

"Ok let's go to Bobby's, get some of his things and get back here soon." He starts up the car and off they go to Bobby's. She was back once again with her brothers, she would be hunting again soon. She never thought she'd be saying this but she was glad.

I am so glad to have this chapter written and finally get this story started. I bet you might be wondering what secrets Sam and Dean are hiding from Natalie. Next chapter Natalie meets Cas and finds out her brothers secrets. The Winchesters face of against War and run into some old friends. I hope you guys like the first chapter. Be sure to check out Calista-Salvatore-Harlem's supernatural stories. I guarantee you'll love them. Next chapter should be up within a few days. Until then happy reading.

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