After their run in with Vergil, Gabriel transported himself and Jo back to Bobby's as quickly as possible. Bobby and John were sitting in the living room chatting away when the couple suddenly appeared before them. "Did you have fun at the carnival?" John asked the couple but when turned in his chair to look at them, the expressions on their faces where that of worry.

"What's happened?" Bobby asked getting up from his chair.

"You better get everyone together." Gabriel said to the older hunters with such seriousness in his voice that they didn't waste anytime getting the gang together.

Within fifteen minutes, everyone was gathered at Bobby's. "You wanna tell us what happened now, Joanna Beth." Ellen asked her daughter.

Jo took a deep breath before beginning her explanation. "When we were both coming home from the carnival, we got confronted by Vergil."

Everyone's expressions hardened at the mention of Raphael's second in command. "Are you guys ok?" Sam asked.

"Yeah we're fine." Jo said waving him off.

"Did he say anything?" Dean asked her.

Jo thought back to the conversation with Vergil. It was obvious he meant to harm Natalie and Castiel's daughter and that caused Jo to shudder at the thought of it.

Gabriel could tell that Jo was troubled by what Vergil had told them so he relayed the message to the group. "He told us that Raphael would attack when Natalie gave birth."

Everyone became immediately worried. Natalie was due to give birth any day now.

"I think given the circumstances, I think it would be best to bring Natalie and Cas back home." Gabriel announced.

Everyone in the room looked at him as if he was crazy. "Are you out of your mind?" Dean yelled at the archangel. "He'll find them if you bring her here."

"No Gabriel is right Dean." Balthazar said. "Castiel will need help when Natalie gives birth. I can assure you she will be safe."

Dean looked at the rest of the group, holding a silent conversation with them, particularly his parents. John and Mary both wanted to be there when Natalie gave birth to their granddaughter but only if it was safe. With angels there to aid them, they were confidant that everything would be ok. They nodded their heads as did the rest of the group. "Ok." Dean said turning to the two angels. "Tell them what's happened and bring them back." Balthazar nodded his head and disappeared in a flutter of wings.

Meanwhile at the safe house, Natalie and Castiel were sat on the couch watching a movie. Natalie was sat cuddled into Castiel while he had one arm wrapped around her waist, his hand resting on her stomach feeling their kick away. Natalie winced when their daughter gave a really hard kick. "Are you alright, Natalie?"

Natalie rubbed her stomach to try and calm their daughter down. "I don't know what's gotten into her today. She hasn't stopped kicking since this afternoon."

Castiel got up from the couch and knelt in front of Natalie. He kissed her stomach before speaking to their daughter. "I love you so much and cannot wait to meet you. Neither can your mother. I'm very much looking forward to being your father. No harm will come to you and your mother I promise." He put his ear against her belly to hear their daughter and he could her breathing. To him, it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Natalie looked down at Castiel talking to their daughter with a smile on her face. There was no doubt in her mind that Castiel would make a terrific father. She ran her fingers soothingly through his hair as he listened to the baby. "She seems to have calmed down. She always seems to relax when she hears your voice. I can tell she's going to be a daddy's girl."

Castiel smiles at her and joins her on the couch again. They continue to watch the movie till the very end. Castiel looked down and noticed that Natalie had fallen asleep. With a click of his fingers, the tv had switched off and he gathered his fiancé into his arms with ease and carried her upstairs to their bedroom to sleep more comfortably. Once she's settled in bed, he takes a seat at her bedside to watch over her.

About ten minutes later, he heard the rustle of what sounded like an angel's wings. He got his angel blade at the ready, turned around to face the doorway to see Balthazar with his hands up in surrender. "Relax Castiel. It's only me." Balthazar chuckled.

Visibly relieved that it wasn't one of Raphael's men, Castiel put his blade away. "Balthazar, what brings you here?"

"We have to talk Castiel."

Castiel looked back at Natalie's sleeping form and walked out the room with Balthazar. "What is wrong?"

Balthazar had a bit of a pause. He wished that the news he had to deliver was good news but this is real life and the threat that now poses is very real. "I'm afraid Raphael has made a threat against your daughter's life."

Castiel's skin went pale and for a minute his vessel's heart seemed to stop. The thought of something bad happening to his daughter at the hands of Raphael was enough to make him want to bring down the wrath of heaven upon the archangel. "When did this happen?" He growled out, his hands clenching so tight that it drew blood.

Balthazar was not surprised by Castiel's sudden anger. Balthazar was pretty angry to that Raphael had threatened his niece. "About half an hour ago. Vergil told Gabriel and Jo that Raphael would make his move when Natalie gave birth and considering that she's due to deliver any time now, we think it would be best for the both of you to come home."

"Isn't it safer for both of them here. Raphael doesn't know about this place." Castiel said.

"To be honest Cas, you need all the help you can get when she gives birth. You can't do it alone."

Castiel could see the logic in the decision but he refused to make a decision until he talked to Natalie about it. "Give me a moment and I will talk to Natalie about this."

Balthazar nods his head and heads downstairs. Castiel walks back into the bedroom. Natalie is still asleep. He sits on the bed and looks at her. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping and in her condition, she needs all the rest she can get. He doesn't want to wake her but has no other choice. "Natalie." He says shaking her shoulder slightly to wake her from her slumber.

Natalie slowly opens her eyes, rubbing them as she looked upon Castiel's face. "Cas, I'm really tired. What is it?"

"I'm sorry for waking you but something has happened."

This woke Natalie up. The way he said something was wrong made her think someone had been seriously hurt or worse killed. "What's happened babe? Is it Sam or Dean?"

He grabs her hands. "Nothing has happened to Sam or Dean. Raphael has made a threat against our daughter. He means to harm her when you give birth."

Natalie's eyes widened at hearing this. She became frozen in fear. "Natalie, I give you my word that nothing will happen to you or our daughter but I'm afraid we have to leave this place and return to Bobby's."

Natalie knew Castiel would protect them but she didn't understand why they had to leave the safety of the safe house. "Why do we have to leave? Raphael can't find us."

"You are due to give birth any day now and I will need help to help when you deliver our child. Balthazar is waiting downstairs."

Natalie agreed with going back to Bobby's so she could have help when she went into labour. Plus she missed seeing her family and friends. Natalie nods her head and with a click of his fingers, their bags are packed, transported to Bobby's and Natalie is dressed.

The couple went down to greet Balthazar. He gave Natalie a hug and together the three teleported onto Bobby's front yard. They walked through the front door and the couple was immediately greeted with many hugs. "Hi guys." Natalie said to the group.

Dean held on longer than the others. "I've missed you so much." He felt the baby kick. "I'm guessing my niece has missed her awesome Uncle Dean."

Natalie smiles. "She sure has." She sits down on the nearest chair. "I can't be on my feet for a long time. It hurts my back."

A few hours later, everyone was thinking up a strategy to deal with Raphael. Castiel had arranged for some members from his garrison to patrol outside the house. Natalie was sitting in the living room with Calla, Jess, Lisa and Ben. She was talking about her and Castiel's time in the safe house and they were telling her everything that happened in her absence.

Natalie sat there rubbing her stomach unable to believe that Raphael would stoop so low as to hurt an innocent child. Her daughter must have sensed her stress because she had started up her kicking again. She delivered a particularly hard kick causing Natalie to wince which didn't go unnoticed by the group. "You ok, Natalie?" Lisa asked.

Natalie's face remained pained. "I don't know. I had a pain like this a couple of hours before Balthazar showed up but it stopped when Cas talked to her. This time it just seems worse." She let out a whimper and some tears fell from her eyes.

The girls all shouted out to the rest of the group, who came running in. When Cas saw Natalie in tears and in pain, he immediately rushed to her side. "What's wrong?" He asked to anyone in general.

Lisa rested her hand on Natalie's knee. "Natalie, how often are you feeling these pains?"

Natalie grabbed Castiel's hand as another wave of pain hit her. After the pain went away, she replied to Lisa's question. "They happen every six minutes and they last for about a minute."

Castiel was worried. He was worried something was wrong with Natalie and their daughter. "What does that mean? What is going on?" He asked Lisa.

His question was answered when a rush of water came from between Natalie's legs. Everyone in the room was gob smacked when this happened. "It means the baby is coming." Lisa immediately began instructing everyone on what she needed to help Natalie and they scattered about following her orders.

"I must go and get Dr Visyak." Cas announced. He was about to teleport away when Natalie grabbed his hand.

"Don't you dare leave me. I need you here." She let out a cry of pain as another contraction hit her hard.

Gabriel volunteered to bring the doctor over to Bobby's.

They could hear voices coming from outside and one of them sounded too familiar. "I told you I would come now here I am." Came the voice of the archangel, Raphael.

Castiel moved to get up and face Raphael but Natalie kept an iron grip on his hand.

"We'll sort the son of a bitch out. Come on boys." John said going out the house with Dean, Sam, Bobby and Balthazar following him.

Bobby pointed his gun at Raphael. "You idjits had better get off my property before I blast your ass."

Raphael merely laughed at him. "You fool. That weapon won't kill me. You don't stand a chance."

Meanwhile, Gabriel had since arrived with Dr Visyak and he went outside to help the others. The good guys struck the first blow when Bobby shot at Raphael and thus the final fight began.

In the house, Natalie was still struggling to give birth to her daughter. Dr Visyak noticed she was fully dilated and that meant it was time to push. Natalie cried out in pain as she clutched Castiel's hand as she gave her first push. A few more pushes later, Dr Visyak announced she could see the baby's head.

Outside the battle went on. There were casualties on both sides. But Team Free will fought on. Balthazar was fighting Raphael. Raphael kept taunting Balthazar about how he killed Ariel and their child and how he would do the same thing to Natalie. From then on, Balthazar saw only red. He charged at Raphael but his technique was sloppy as he was angry and full of hatred. Raphael saw an opportunity and knocked Balthazar's blade out of his hand and grabbed him by the throat. "Tell Ariel I said hello when you get to Purgatory."

"He doesn't need to." A female voice spoke behind him. Raphael released his grip on Balthazar, turned around, only to be met with an angel blade piercing his chest. He looked into the eyes of Calla. Only it wasn't Calla. He could see her grace in her eyes. Ariel had returned. "Cause I'm right here." She pulled out the angel blade as Raphael yelled and burst into a bright white light. When the light faded, he was lay on the ground with his wings spread out before him. The fighting had ceased. Raphael's soldiers saw their leader had been killed and they immediately dropped their blades and surrendered.

Balthazar got up from the ground and approached Ariel. He caressed her cheek. He couldn't believe that his love was back after all this time. No words were needed to convey how happy he was so he leaned in and kissed her passionately.

After a few moments, they were interrupted by Sam. "We better get in and make sure that Natalie and the baby are ok."

They all head inside while the garrison clean up the mess from the fight. "Where's Natalie?" John asked.

"She's upstairs in her room with Cas, Mary and Dr Visyak." Jess replied.

They all eagerly head upstairs and knock on the door. Mary opens it and they Natalie sitting up in bed with Castiel by her side, holding a beautiful baby girl in her arms. Natalie tares her eyes away from her newborn daughter and looks at the group. "Hey guys." She smiles. "I want to introduce you to Hope Winchester."

One by one, Hope was introduced to her family. Dean passed his niece to his dad, who was beaming with pride at holding his firstborn granddaughter. "So what made you guys call her Hope?" Dean asked the new parents.

Castiel and Natalie kept their gaze on their daughter as she lay sleeping in John's arms. "It seemed fitting for her." Castiel replied.

One year later Natalie and Castiel were happily married with another baby on the way. Hope was growing up to be a very happy child.

Gabriel and Jo were finally an item and in a committed relationship.

Dean ended up plucking up the courage to ask Lisa to marry him and she accepted. Ben couldn't wait for the wedding.

Sam and Jess ended up having a baby boy they named Bobby John.

Mary and John decided to retire from the hunting business so they could spend the remainder of their time enjoying their grandchildren.

Bobby and Ellen remained friends and continued to hunt together.

As for Balthazar and Ariel, they kept in touch and divided their time between each other and spending it with their family and friends.

Overall, life was good so far for Team Free Will and they hoped it wouldn't change anytime soon.

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