In this story Megamind is emotionally at the same point as in the movie just before he starts dating Roxanne as Bernard. But it's pre-movie so he does what any self-respecting super villain does, he kidnaps her and implants her with a mind control chip. Nothing disturbing exept the shopping list. I wish I owned Megamind so I could make some sequels but I don't.

Megamind was looking dreamily Roxanne. It was a growing tendency that he, though it disturbed Roxanne greatly when she woke up, couldn't quite bring himself to even attempt to stop. She was unconscious but the bag had been removed prematurely. He was deep in thought. *My dear Roxanne could be such an evil queen,* He thought dreamily *she's smart for a human and she sees how my plans are going to fail ahead of time.* Megamind had long had an obsession for Roxanne and would've liked for her to be with him longer than the duration of a kidnapping.

The brilliant plan that he formulated a few years ago once again floats into his mind. If successful, it would give him everything he wanted, except for Metro Man dead of course. This plan would keep her around, Destroy her relationship with Metro Man, show her the joys of being evil, give him the chance to show her how he feels about her, and possibly, but unlikely, convince her to feel the same way. But at the same time, it would completely destroy her life. That was the only reason he had been able to refrain from acting on it, until now.

By this time Roxanne woke up to the more than slightly disturbing sight of Megamind, once again, watching her from the Evil Swivel Chair. "Shouldn't you be turned the other way so you can do your dramatic entrance?" She was annoyed and unimpressed as usual. *Give it up Megamind, your plans never work.*

*My dear Roxanne, have I ever told you that you're pretty when your not impressed?* "Sorry Miss. Ritchi but I have far more horrible plans for you than the usual. See you soon."

*He looks happy, this can't be good...*

"Minion get the spray and take Miss. Ritchi home."

"Yes Sir." *What just happened?* When Minion sprays her Roxanne's world goes black.

When Roxanne wakes up she's still in the invisible car. "Minion?"

"Oh Miss. Richi you're awake, we're almost to your home. I'm sorry about the inconvenience of the unnecessary kidnapping today."

Roxanne sighed, for a super villain's sidekick Minion was awfully polite and all around adorable. "It's ok Minion, I wasn't very excited about that interview with Metro Man anyway."

"you had an interview with Metro Man?"

"Yes, he was going to talk about his new museum and probably say a few heroic one liners so I'm not missing much."

"May I tell Sir you said that?" Minion knew about Megamind's thing for Miss. Ritchi, and even something as small her not looking forward to an interview with her boyfriend would make him happy.

"Sure, just make sure he doesn't tell it to his crowd of hating fans." *Not that they'd believe it.*

"I will, you're home Miss. Ritchi."

"Oh, thank you Minion, so I'll be seeing you later this week?"

"Probably. Goodbye Miss. Ritchi."

"Goodbye Minion." As she walked away she wondered what 'far more horrible plans' Megamind had in store. *Whatever it is it'll fail miserably.* Roxanne was certain about that. It was the one thing that was most predicable about Megamind, besides the robots, lasers, and spikes, he always lost. It was an official part of the game he and Metro Man played, Megamind designs another plan to kill Metro Man, he kidnaps her and tries to scare her, he calls Metro Man, Metro Man rescues her, Megamind is sent back to prison, he eventually escapes and they do it all again.

When Minion returned to Evil Lair he found his master/friend/brother/thingy in a frenzy. Minion had seen Megamind in many frenzy's before but this was different. He was even more absorbed in this, so absorbed that he didn't hear Minion's footsteps. Minion didn't understand it so he looked at the new hanging wall Megamind was working on. He didn't understand most of it, but he saw Miss. Ritchi's name repeatedly. Minion was confused so he used the trick his master made for him. When Minion looked at a hanging wall from a distance a picture would form that showing the henchman the main idea without him having to interrupt his master's latest breakthrough.

When Minion uses the trick on this wall Miss. Ritchi's image appears, but that wasn't the shocking part, most of their plans did involve the reporter after all, the part that made Minion jump in suprise was that Miss. Ritchi was wearing something similar to his master's costume but it was purple. *This cannot be good.*

Megamind heard him jump. "Oh Minion good you're back. I need you to go run some errands."

"Does it have anything to do with... this?"

"Yes it's a very important part of this." Minion pulls out a notepad. "We need some anesthetic, furniture, an autopsy table, purple paint, an IV, material, a doctor, and some candles."

"I'm assuming the autopsy table is for Miss. Ritchi."

"Yes it is the unpleasant part of my very evil plan that I warned her about."

Minion didn't often worry about Miss. Ritchi, he knew Megamind would never purposely hurt Roxanne, it was part of the game, not to mention the thing Megamind had for her of which we do not speak; but it was also part of the game that his plans would always end in horrible failure. "Sir I think this is a bad idea, and I don't even know what the idea is!" *Unless it's that one basic idea for a plan. Please don't let it be that one!*

Megamind sighed, he knew his minion/friend/brother/thingy wouldn't approve of the plan, but he really wanted to do it; he really wanted it to work, more than he ever wanted his plans to kill Metro Man to work. "The idea is to implant a mind control chip into Miss. Ritchi to keep her here, together we'll turn her to the dark side, and we'll break Metro Man's heart in the process, simple." *Might as well give an argument as to how this will help kill Metro Man to make it sound a little more logical to Minion.*

"Sir there are so many ways that that plan could explode in your face the probability of failure is over one hundred!"

"And since when has that ever stopped me?" Megamind gave Minion a look that made it clear he wouldn't be persuaded by any reasonable argument.

Minion gave up, he'd just have to do damage control later. "Yes Sir." Minion left to gather the items and person on the grocery list. *This is going to go horribly wrong.*

Minion returned a few hours later to find his master jumping around and laughing hysterically. "This is going to work! MWAHAHAHA!"

"Of course it's going to work Sir." All of his master's plans were foolproof, unless they involved Metro Man, they were foolproof but they failed anyway. Minion believed the plan would work so he wasn't lying, but he just knew somehow it was going to blow up in his master's face. *Might as well be supportive.*

"Minion you get started with Miss. Ritchi's outfits, and her bedroom things, I'll take care of the doctor."

The doctor woke up in a dark room. The only light was a spotlight aimed at a chair in the center of the room similar to the one he was in. Also in the room was a high backed leather swivel chair, shortly it's occupant turned the chair to face him. "Hello doctor."

"Megamind!" The doctor was panicking, he'd seen the villain on TV before, but he never in a million years expected to meet him in person.

"Correct, let me explain your situation, because it's much worse than you know."

*How could it possibly be any worse.* "What do you want?"

"Have you noticed the very obvious chair in the middle of this room?" Megamind didn't bother giving him the chance to answer. "It for all intents and purposes belongs to Roxanne Ritchi. My evil henchman will be picking her up soon, she is going to be your patient."


"You are going to help me install a chip where her brain meets her spinal chord. If anything goes wrong, and Miss. Ritchi sustains any permanent harm your death will so hideous and painful you human mind cannot even begin to comprehend it. Any questions or comments?"

Roxanne woke up in evil lair, she was laying on her side on an autopsy table. When Minion had kidnapped her she was suprised and confused. *What's going on? They usually stop at one kidnapping a day.* She noticed that she was untied so she tried to move but couldn't. Megamind was watching her, though more intensely and less glazed over, again.

"Good evening Miss. Ritchi, I see you're awake."

"Tell me something that isn't blatantly obvious."

He laughed, not an evil or mocking laugh, but like he honestly found her comeback funny. He nodded at someone behind her. "Miss. Ritchi If you feel anything or if anything changes say so."

"Why? What is going on?"

"I'll answer your questions later, just please?"

Roxanne wasn't happy at being left in the dark, particularly by a super villain who always gloats about every detail of his latest evil plan to her, but because of the obvious concern on his and Minion's faces she agreed. *I'm sure they'll gloat about every detail later.* She heard power tools behind her head but wasn't particularly concerned. Despite what he'd like her to believe she knew that he would never hurt her, that was the one thing that made the game so comical.

Megamind disappeared behind her. He stood next to the shaking doctor, "Stop shaking, you'll hurt Roxanne and then..." Megamind didn't even need to finish, through sheer force of will the doctor stilled himself. Megamind picked the chip up out of the basin of alcohol and carefully pressed it to the base of Roxanne's brain. The little device sprouted tentacles that connected themselves to the rest of her brain. He couldn't help the little swell of satisfaction that came when his inventions worked, particularly this most important one.

He then walked back in front of Roxanne. *Almost done my dear.*

They waited a few minutes in silence until the doctor said "It's done." He said it like he'd just killed her.

"Goodnight Roxanne." Megamind said before he motioned for Minion to knock-out -spray her. *Have pleasant dreams.*

Roxanne was still semi-conscious when Megamind said, "Congratulations doctor, you get to live."

Megamind was relieved, the operation went well, he didn't have to come up with a horrible-death machine for the doctor, and soon he could start his plan to win over Roxanne. "Minion take the doctor home, I'll take care of Roxanne."

"Yes sir!" Minion was happy to get the doctor home, it had been years since they had a hostage that was actually afraid. And it was the absolute first time they had a hostage in actual danger, Minion didn't doubt his master would've found a horrible way to kill the doctor if anything had went wrong.

After Minion had left with the now unconscious doctor Megamind started an IV for Roxanne. He intended to keep her unconscious for a while so she could heal and would be in less pain when she woke up. Megamind wheeled the autopsy table Roxanne was on to his room. He dragged in her bed with the purple fitted sheet, black sheet, and purple blanket with black lightening bolts; and he dragged out his bed with a similar bed set only blue and black to the Idea room, *it's not like I sleep much anyway.* He returned to his room and put Roxanne in her bed carefully. Megamind looked at her sleeping form with a lovesick look on his face. He wondered if she knew she had the two most potentially dangerous people on the planet wrapped around her finger.

He reluctantly left her to go work on the other parts of the plan. He ordered some brain bots to start working on her room. He went to the idea room to plan his next move. So far things were going perfectly, for once, and the dangerous part of the plan was done. He reviewed some of her news reports he had recorded. After he finished her second interrogation he decided that he was going to be completely honest with her. That was his last coherent mental decision before he got lost in the reports.

He jumped when Minion returned. "AHHH! Minion you startled me!"

"Sorry Sir."

"It's ok Minion."

"How is Miss. Ritchi?"

"She's asleep. I want to keep it that way for a while, let her recover."

"Good idea Sir, by the way what's the plan?"

"I have no idea! But I do know what we need to do next."

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