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Last time on Evil Queen: Suddenly the wall beside Roxanne suddenly exploded.

Megamind and Roxanne jump off the couch; Megamind pulls out his De-gun and Roxanne pulls out her wrench that she'd kept. *I really should have gotten My dear Roxanne her own de-gun by now.* Megamind thought grimly.

"Relax, I'm just here to talk." Metro Man didn't bother acknowledging their weapons.

"What about?" Megamind was scared, one word from Roxanne and Metro Man would happily reduce him to a bloody stain on the floor. Sure she had gone along with everything up to now in her standard must-make-Megamind-look-bad style. But now with help four feet away Megamind didn't know what she would do.

Roxanne felt Megamind stiffen next to her, and when she turned to him she could plainly see terror in his eyes. When she figured out why she couldn't help but feel a little hurt. *How could Megs believe that I would sic Metro Man on him?* Despite her resolve, the smart part of her mind still argued. *It would be so easy to make all of this go away. A few words and I have my life back. No longer public enemy number 2.*

"I'm here to make sure your evil queen is ok." Metro Man stated simply.

"M- Roxanne is fine." Megamind said tensely. *Please just buy that and leave.*

Metro Man wasn't keen on taking the villain's word for it. "Well I need to verify that for myself. Privately."

The yelled "NO!" was out of Megamind's mouth immediately. There was no way in a million years that he would leave his dear Roxanne alone with the hero, not that he would be able to stop him if Metro Man decided to arrest his ex-girlfriend. *But I could always threaten Metro Tower again.*

If Metro Man wasn't indestructible Roxanne would have feared for his safety. "Maybe it would be better if we talked here." She hinted, hoping Metro Man would understand. During the years Roxanne spent as Megamind's favorite kidnapee she had gradually adopted the villain's opinion of Metro Man's intelligence.

Metro Man saw the potential fire fight in the situation, and even though being shot by a de-stroy beam didn't hurt him it still wasn't pleasant. "Fine, let's talk here."

Megamind practically walked backwards as he left. Panic had rendered him incapable of forming complex sentences. *Roxanne knows her ex-boyfriend. Roxanne is smart. Roxanne wouldn't stay alone with him if she thought he would hurt her.*

Shortly afterwards a swarm of Brain Bots "discreetly" slipped into the room, ready to whisk Roxanne away on a moments notice.

"Thanks for understanding. Megs is a bit overprotective." She deliberately used the nickname in a bid to put Metro Man more at ease.

Metro Man put a hand over his face while he tried to gather his thoughts into a coherent sentence. "I'm gone for a few weeks and you and Megamind turn half of the citizens of Metro City into goo." He stated flatly.

"Don't worry Metro Man, unfortunately enough the effects aren't permanent." Roxanne was unable to completely hide the traces of resentment in her tone.

Metro Man gave her a long look, like he was trying to use his laser vision. And considering what she and Megamind did to Metrocity earlier Roxanne wouldn't have been too surprised if that were the case. *It's a good thing Megamind had some Brain Bots come in here. And that they, unlike almost everything else Megs has invented, don't need to warm up.*

"Megamind has offered you the position of evil queen many times. What changed that made you accept this time?" He asked.

*Hmm, that's a tough question to answer without Metro Man annihilating Megs.*

The Brain Bots took Roxanne's nervousness as a sign that she was in danger. Metro Man fought the impulse to zap the Brain Bots, which were currently firing every weapon they had at him while others whisked Roxanne out of the room.

Apparently his rival considered the Brain Bots to be some sort of pets. Metro Man didn't really understand it, to him the annoying things were machines with advanced AI, nothing more. But destroying them caused Megamind to act more like the serious, lethal villain Metro Man knew he could be if he wanted, and Megamind was plenty erratic without his help, especially now.

Roxanne, for the first time in a long time, was in a true panic. *Metro Man is a few minutes from finding out about what Megs did concerning a certain piece of metal and my brain. Not good.* By now the Brain Bots had dropped her in front of Megamind. "Megs, Metro Man wants to know what happened to bring us to this point. What should I say?" *I'm going to have to work on his ego after this.*

Megamind stared at Roxanne panicked. *That's what I was planning on asking you dear.* Despite their dire situation he couldn't help his mind from adding the habitual affectionate adjective at the end.

"The truth would be a good place to start." Metro Man said from the doorway. "Aw come on guys, you look like just said that I was about to cut Evil Lair off it's foundation, lift it a hundred feet in the air, and put it back upside down."

Roxanne closed some of the distance between her and Megamind to try to reassure him before his eyes fell out. "That's a pretty specific plan." She said to Metro Man, hoping to distract him long enough to come up with a plan.

"I was thinking about doing just that when your boyfriend in capes threatened to blow up Metro Tower."

Roxanne turned and looked at Megamind in a mixture of incredulity and horror.

Megamind scrambled to explain himself while the back of his mind was working furiously to come up with a plan to avoid being massively over-killed. "One of my brilliant plans to destroy Metro Man failed,"

"No!" Roxanne interjected with a look of mock disbelief. If asked by anyone whose opinion she truly cared about, which was starting to be in short supply these days, Roxanne would have said that that was a strategic move to buy more time. In reality, verbal warfare with Megamind was a reflex.

*Nice one Roxanne.* "Minion and I were sent back to prison via Metro Man air, someone had the genius idea to try and cut open Minion's bowl, so I broke out, saved Minion, and insured that he would never be in that situation again." Megamind stated simply, but Roxanne could hear the underlying emotion in his words. *I shouldn't think that Megs threatening to blow up a couple thousand people to save Minion is adorable. Either there is something really wrong with me or Megs knew what he was talking about when he said that I'd make a good evil queen.*

"This is the part where I say that that is no excuse and some other justicy stuff, but I'm not feeling it today. Now are you going to tell me what you've been up to during the past month, or are you going to keep changing the subject." Metro Man could partially understand their reaction to him, after all he was the hero of the city that they had just gooified. Despite this he wasn't angry; ok maybe a little irritated, between damage control, averting mass panic, and trying to justify not killing the villain before he did something worse, he was going to have a long couple of weeks. But he was still here purely to get a grasp on the situation and make sure Roxanne was ok. *Come on Roxy, I've been 'rescuing' you from my little buddy several times a week for almost two decades. And Megamind, sure you've been trying to kill me for as long as I can remember and I've been thwarting you're creative plans to take over Metro City for just as long, but I've always kind've looked past all that to see the weird little friendship we got going on. I'm not going to throw that away for some good PR.*

Minion conveniently walked in just then. "Sir, Miss. Ritchi, I thought you might like some cookies with your movie." He looked up from his precariously balanced tray of cookies and noticed his master's arch rival. "Oh, hello Metro Man. Would you like some cookies," Minion then felt the tension in the room. *Great, looks like there's going to be more slipping away quietly in my future.* "if that's ok?"

Roxanne looked at Megamind, who still looked like he was two seconds away from a panic attack. "Yes, I believe this conversation is definitely going to require some cookies."

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