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Just A Kiss on the Lips

Chapter Two

"No," Emily denied suddenly, then paused before she let out a deep sigh. "Except, yes. In a way, you have."

Clearing his throat, Reid cocked his head. "I'm confused. And I'm not confused very often, Em."

"Sorry," Emily mumbled, staring at the blunt nails on her hand, compliments of her rabid teeth. "Here's the thing, Reid. You and I have been spending a lot of time together over the past few months."

"Is that the problem?" Reid asked nervously, his shoulders bending forward as he winced. "Am I crowding you? Do you need me to give you your space?"

"No!" Emily said with an explosive release of breath, grabbing his arm when he would have risen from the sofa. "Reid, it's the opposite."

"The opposite?" Reid echoed, his gaze perplexed as he eased back down against the cushions. "I don't understand."

"We...I mean, I...have sort of developed these...feelings," she managed to choke out, uncomfortable with revealing this vulnerability to anyone...even if he was her best friend. It had never served her well in the past to make herself so open, and she was afraid that the future would only repeat what had become a well-recognized cycle. But, she told herself sternly, she had to continue forward now.

Cocking his head, Reid stared at Emily's flushed face. "What kind of feelings?" he asked carefully, his tone not wavering as he met her gaze.

"The kind that leave me wanting to spend even more time with you than we already do," Emily admitted truthfully, her words coming in one long rush. "The kind that make me wonder what it would be like if we..." she trailed off, dropping her gaze to the carpeted floor, wondering if a trap door could suddenly appear.

"What it would be like if what, Emily?" Reid inquired, his voice calm and soothing as he pushed a stray pillow over the edge of the sofa.

"I don't want to mess up what we already have, Spencer," Emily said, evading his question. "And if I keep talking, I'm going to mess it up."

"You don't know that," Reid contradicted gently, smiling softly. "Now, tell me what you wonder about," he said, nudging her arm as he scooted closer to her. "I'm not Morgan, you know. It's not as though I'll laugh or make a joke..."

"I know that," Emily said with a small smile. "You never hurt anyone, deliberately or not."

"Then tell me," Spencer urged, silently willing her to confide in him. "If we're nothing else, Em, we're friends. Friends that can tell each other anything. No judgments. No repercussions," he said, reminding her of their long ago pact of honesty that had been their code far longer than either could remember. "Just tell me the truth."

"If I say it out you...I can't take it back, Spencer," Emily breathed, becoming lost in his grayish-green eyes that seemed to engulf her completely. "Even without that brilliant memory of yours it would still always be between us."

Reaching for her slender hand, Reid shook his head as he laced their fingers together. "Whatever it is, Emily. It's already between us."

He had a point. Of course, that was nothing unusual. His logical mind had a unique way of cutting through all the bullshit. "I wonder what it would be like if we ever let ourselves explore what else we could have together?"

"Like a intimate relationship?" Reid queried softly, his fingers tightening around hers.

"Y-yes," Emily admitted tremulously, releasing the breath she'd been holding. "I know, you think it's stupid," she said, avoiding his eyes as she tried to pull her hand from his.

Sweeping his thumb against the pulse point in her wrist as he easily held her hand, Reid murmured, "You've never tried to put words in my mouth before, Em. Don't start doing it now. How do you know how I feel?" he asked in a hushed voice. "Has it ever occurred to you that I might feel the same way?"

Jerking her head up at that piece of information, Emily's jaw fell slightly.

"Now, that's attractive," Reid teased lightly, squeezing her hand. "I am a guy. Some might even call me a man. And I do notice beautiful women...especially ones I've spent practically every night with for the past three months," he added as he smiled shyly.

"You think I'm beautiful?" Emily asked self-consciously even as a small swell of hope rose within her. She was almost afraid to believe that this moment could even be happening….she was certain she was going to wake up at any moment now and realize it had all been a dream.

"I think you're gorgeous. Inside and out," Reid clarified, his thumb stroking the inside of Emily's palm.

"I am not," Emily denied with a snort, her dark hair bouncing against her should as she shook her head.

"Might I take the opportunity to remind you that there is only one certified genius inside this room. And it isn't you," he said, leaning forward to whisper against her ear, his breath lingering against her skin.

"Has Morgan been giving you tips on flirting again?" Emily laughed, lifting her eyes to his, a slight shiver floating down her spine at his words.

"No. That was all me," Reid said, wriggling his eyebrows almost comically as he tugged her closer.

Giggling, Emily rolled her eyes. "You're lucky you're adorable," she groaned, her shoulder pressing against his.

"Puppies are adorable," Reid chided with a roll of his eyes. "Babies are adorable. I'm hoping you can see me as a little something more than that."

"Such as?" Emily asked, arching an eyebrow heavenward as she felt herself leaning against his wiry frame.

" about was the term Garcia used the other day?" he asked himself, tapping his chin before snapping his fingers. "Ah, yes...I believe it was bootylicious."

"I think you're all those things, Spencer," Emily confided with a nervous smile, squeezing his hand. "And also adorable."

"I can live with that," Reid said as he shrugged.. Lapsing into silence for a moment, they simply stared at each other. "So...I guess this is where I ask for a kiss."

"Just a kiss?" Emily breathed, mesmerized by the longing she saw reflected in his expressive eyes.

"Just a kiss on the lips," Reid nodded. "According to many studies, a simple kiss can determine if there's any chemistry."

"Okay," she whispered as he leaned forward, his velvety lips covering hers, tentatively exploring her mouth. Parting her lips on a sigh, she gasped as Reid took advantage of the moment, sliding his tongue inside her mouth to dance erotically with hers.

Moments turned into minutes as they explored each other, learning what made each other gasp...moan...sigh. The flame burning between them ignited as Reid tilted Emily's head, deepening his possession of her mouth. It was only Emily ardent moan that made him pull away to stare deeply into her shocked gaze.

"Definitive chemistry," he whispered huskily.

"Undeniably," she nodded slowly as she struggled to control her excitement. Resting her forehead against his, Emily murmured, "I want this. Between us. I've wanted it for a long time, but I don't want to push too far, too fast and lose it before we even know what we have."

Still cupping her cheek, Reid nodded against her forehead. "Agreed," he whispered. "But, Emily?"

"Hmmmm," she hummed contentedly as Reid's slender, surprisingly strong arms surrounded her. "Just a kiss on the lips is only the beginning," he rumbled against her ear.

And smiling against his neck, Emily Prentiss couldn't wait for what came next.