Author's Note: Part of the E/O Challenge, the word is "clip". I don't know where my happy, care-free muse went to. Without her this is what comes out.

Warnings: Despair ahead.

Spoilers: Some for season 4.

Words: 100. If you're going to do something, do it properly.

Clipped short

Through the clipped sounds of the baby-monitor and the half-sleep of a young mother Mary heard Sam fussing. Propelled by maternal instincts she went to him. And as she bled to death on the ceiling, she knew that she was definitely not bound for Heaven; that destination was forever barred to her. First because she had tried to spare herself the nightmares by passing on her parents' names to new faces. Secondly because she'd cursed her parents every day since they'd died, for the legacy they'd left her. Now the sins of the mother would be visited on the sons.