A New Chance at Life

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A/N: Just a quick note. I read a great Pokémon fanfiction by ARCEUS-master called 'A New Chance at Life.' Greatest Pokémon story I've ever read and I decided to write one a little similar to his. It probably won't be as good as his story, but I want to try and make my own story since once I read his story I felt inspiration to make my own. Just to say right now if you've read his story already and in the future if mine sounds similar then just to let you know I'm not copying his story, but I did get permission from him to borrow parts of his story to help get mine started. That's all I want to say so people who end up reading my story don't end up sending me a nasty comment saying that I copied his story.

Altomare was an incredibly beautiful city in the Johto region near Azalea Town, but not tonight it wasn't. A giant Tsunami was heading towards the city threatening to crush the whole city and swallow up hundreds of lives.

Among the many lives that were in the city during the time was an aspiring Pokémon trainer named Ash Ketchum. He was travelling the Johto Region with his two best friends Misty and Brock along with his trustworthy Pokémon companion Pikachu.

Ash had already possesses seven of the eight badges needed to compete in the Johto League Silver Conference and they decided to stop and take a break in Altomare because of the beauty of the city as well as to compete in the Tour De Altomare, a water chariot race. Ash and Misty competed against each other with Ash using his Totodile and Misty using her Corsola. It was a tough race but in the end Ash had lost the race and Misty had won the race. Though Ash lost the race because of some mysterious circumstances he didn't know at the time and never did figure out.

After the race they were going to go and get some ice cream, but Pikachu had ended up wandering off and got some water from a machine that a kind girl turned on for him. Ash had come back to pick up Pikachu and then the girl began looking all over Ash taking in every detail making Ash feel uncomfortable since no girl had ever looked at him like she was or had ever gotten that close to him before. After that the girl ran off leaving a stunned Ash and a confused Pikachu, but when they looked at each other ash only shrugged. Pikachu went back to running his head under the water making Ash smile at Pikachu's happy coos.

Not long after that though Pikachu looked up and in the direction the girl ran off in with a serious look. Pikachu immediately ran off in the direction. A concerned and still slightly confused Ash followed Pikachu. Soon they got into an area by the canal to see the girl being attacked by an Espeon and an Ariados controlled by two girls. Because of Ash's heroic nature he ran up and pulled the girl loose from the strings and responded in kind when the two girls sent their Pokémon after Ash and the girl.

Introduce them to Pikachu's paralyzing Thunderbolt.

Quickly Ash grabbed the girl by the arm and ran out of the area before they could attack again. They ran all throughout the alleys in the city to avoid the pursuing Ariados and Espeon and soon they had gotten away for a bit. Then the girl led Ash to another area and found out that they were right back where they started. When Ash turned back to ask the girl who the other two were he found that she was gone.

Putting it in the back of his mind Ash continued on with his friends into the museum of Altomare. The museum was absolutely stunning and amazing and looked more like a mansion. They saw old fossils of extinct Pokémon and even got a small lecture about the importance of them by the owner of the museum Lorenzo. During the tour Ash saw the same girl he helped on the second floor. After staring for a few seconds Ash gave a pursuit of the girl to find out some answers and ended up chasing her all throughout Altomare. When Ash finally caught up to her for a brief moment she said that she had never seen him before. Not convinced ash kept going in pursuit, but had lost her for a few seconds, but soon he found her again and this time she seemed more playful and ran off with Ash still chasing her. She seemed to have a playful spring in her step as Ash kept chasing her as she was smiling the whole way. After turning down an alley Ash eventually came upon a garden arc. He stared in awe for a few seconds before venturing inside the arc. After stopping at the end he saw the girl standing at the side of the building just grinning at him before she disappeared into the darkness. Ash followed, but stopped hesitantly when he saw the dark part. Pikachu followed inside the area without hesitation so Ash followed after as well and after walking tentatively through the darkness and soon stopped and ended up inside another building. Following Pikachu Ash ended up outside and in a beautiful garden area.

After marveling the site for a while and the amount of Pokémon in the area Ash spotted the girl as she turned a corner and Ash followed and soon he spotted her just sitting on the swing enjoying herself. Ash was about to go over and ask her what was going on when something came at them at a fast speed. Eager to defend his trainer Pikachu launched a thunderbolt at the mysterious thing coming towards him, but the creature merely dodged it and slammed into Pikachu knocking Pikachu back.

The mysterious creature was about to attack again, but then the girl appeared in front of Ash to block the attack and by the sudden rush of wind the creature stopped and became visible. Ash recognized the mighty creature as its red eyes glared into Ash's and it's blue and white features rippled. It was the Legendary Pokémon Latios. Then an exact copy of the girl who defended Ash appeared. Now Ash was confused beyond all comprehension and didn't know what to think. The girl's only difference was that she wore a white hat on top of her head. She didn't trust Ash at all and got ready to sick Latios on him when the same old man from the museum came and stopped her.

Then Ash found out that the girl was the other Legendary Pokémon Latias. Latias had led him to the swing to play around with him and Ash found that Latias was very playful and fun to be around as she flew around in circles around Ash. She even took his hat and playfully flew away and Ash wasn't upset at all. In fact he also seemed to be playing around with her.

Latios saw that his sister was having fun and the human meant no harm so he bent down to Pikachu's level and apologized by licking Pikachu's cheek and Pikachu responded saying that all was well and together they all seemed to play around a bit. Unfortunately Ash had to leave to Latias' disappointment. She had grown rather attached to Ash in a short amount of time because of him saving her from those two girls.

Lorenzo's granddaughter, Bianca, led ash back to his room on a boat. Ashe asked her why the two girls were chasing her. Bianca didn't know what he was talking about so Ash deduced that they were chasing Latias and Bianca seemed worried that someone would be chasing Latias. Once Ash got back he didn't give an explanation as to why he was gone since he swore to Bianca and Lorenzo that he would keep it all a secret and not tell anyone what he saw today.

After dinner Ash and the others went to sleep. As Ash was dreaming he had a bad dream as the two girls from earlier were attacking Latios and Latias. He saw them capture Latios and Latios looked like he was in pain, but he still had enough strength to tell his little sister to run. A tearful Latias managed to get away in time before the other two could capture her. Ash woke up with a gasp in cold sweat and panted slightly. He looked around and saw the other people in the room and Pokémon were still asleep. Putting the bad dream out of his mind Ash went back to sleep.

Next thing Ash knew he was being woken up by Pikachu's cries. Ash woke up and rubbed his eyes slightly and he looked over to see Latias in her human form standing there shaking. Ash hopped out of bed and went over to Latias to ask what was wrong when she grabbed onto him and began sobbing. Everyone else also began waking up as well and Ash had to start explaining. First he introduced them and when he told his friends that this was Latias they had a hard time believing him because of Latias' human form, but once ash nodded to her Latias transformed back to her original form making them shocked to the core and also making them believe Ash. Latias had then showed them her sightseeing ability and they all saw that the two girls Ash had rescued Latias from earlier had kidnapped Latios and the Soul Dew and began doing something on the defense mechanism. They also saw a tied up Bianca and Lorenzo with Lorenzo begging them to stop what they were doing as it would destroy the city. Then the two girls resurrected Aerodactyl and a Kabutops. As the vision ended it showed Latios as a prisoner as well. The sightseeing ended and Latias fell to the ground sobbing again. Ash comforted the distressed Legendary as the other two tried to comprehend what they had just witnessed. Ash and Latias quickly started to make their way to the museum, but they were attacked by the Aerodactyl as it grabbed Latias. Ash grabbed on as well trying to get Aerodactyl to let go of Latias. Seeing that nothing was working he ordered Pikachu to use a thunderbolt on the Aerodactyl. It worked as they both fell into the water.

Ash had almost drowned from the Aerodactyl's attack, but Latias managed to pull Ash out of the water in time and they continued on until Ash stopped Latias when he noticed the same water chariots used in the race earlier that day. Ash hooked Latias onto the end and they took off down the canal at super fast speeds. After escaping the Aerodactyl and a Kabutops thanks to the help of Brock and Misty's Pokémon they continued on their way when they were attacked by a possessed wave that came out of nowhere. Ash almost drowned again, but the wave suddenly stopped and died down leaving a winded Ash, Pikachu and Latias.

They soon got to the museum where all the mishap was taking place. The defense mechanism seemed to be going haywire and it was causing Latios extreme amounts of pain as it was evident by his cries. Latias tried to free her brother while ash cut Bianca and Lorenzo free with Pikachu's thunderbolt. Latias was trying to free Latios, but whatever he was trapped in was really strong. Not even a full power thunderbolt from Pikachu could break the thing lose. Ash and Pikachu tried charging at it themselves to try and break it lose, but once again nothing worked. Latias couldn't stand to see her brother in any more pain so she charged up all of her psychic power and charged forward. She intercepted the barrier and barely managed to touch Latios as she held it open. Ash took this chance to grab Latios by the arm and pull him out of the barrier while it broke and it and Latias fell to the ground. Crawling over to her brother she nuzzled his face lightly to see if he was okay. After a few seconds Latios awoke and smiled at his sister. Latias cooed in happiness and nuzzled her brother's face smiling.

Then things went bad as the Soul Dew was starting to die and a giant tidal wave had formed with there being no control over the waters at this moment. That leads to where we are now with Latios and Latias going over to the Tidal wave and began using their powers to try and stop it. In the end it showed Latios using too much power and his body started becoming transparent while glowing a bright blue color.


"Brother" Latias cried. Though to human ears it sounded like her usual cry. "Why did you do this brother?"

Latios looked at his sister and smiled lovingly, "I was already weakened from the effects of the DMA. I no longer had the power required to stop the tidal wave and father's soul has now separated from the Soul Dew and there must be a Soul Dew for Altomare will not survive."

"But what about you" Latias cried out. "I don't know what to do without you. I can't go on without you."

"I'm sorry sister" Latios said sadly and winced slightly, "But I only have a few more minutes of life left in me before I become the new Soul Dew."

Latias shook her head violently. She couldn't lose the only remaining family she had left and could surely not stand the horrible feeling of loneliness that would surely follow. Then she got an idea "Wait a minute. Is it possible to restore father's soul back into the Soul Dew?"

Latios had a surprised look on his face as he thought for a moment, "That could work… but I don't think that you're experienced enough to perform the task. I could probably do it, but I don't have a lot of time left to perform the task." It truly was a good idea, but they had no way of performing the task.

"Wait, I think I know what I can do" Latias said and immediately took off leaving Latios confused and wondering.


Back on the ground Ash was staring up at the bright light in fascination. The others were beside him as well. They were all praying and hoping that both Latios and Latias were okay and unharmed. Then a shadow appeared on the bright light and began racing towards them. Soon it got closer and they could make out the colors of red and white speeding towards them and stopping an inch from them picking up wind.

When it cleared it was Latias and she looked more distressed then she did ten minutes ago as she gave off her cries to Ash, but Ash couldn't understand her that well, but he seemed to understand what she was indicating. "Latias, you want me to come with you" he asked. Latias nodded frantically.

"What is it Ash" Brock asked.

"Latias wants me to come with her for some reason" Ash answered. "Judging by the way she's acting it must be important." Latias gently lowered herself onto the ground for Ash to climb on top of.

"Ash, be careful" Misty said to him. Ash gave her a confident smile before he climbed on top of Latias' back and with newfound strength Latias hovered back off of the ground and flew back towards the bright light. Soon Ash could make out the form of a very transparent Latios who was looking more and more transparent by the second.

"Latios," Ash called making Latios look up tiredly. "What's wrong?"

Latias answered before Ash could, 'He doesn't have much time left Ash' she said to him though the voice sounded like it came from inside his head.

"Latias" Ash said looked down at the legendary eon Pokémon. "Are you talking to me in my mind?"

'My Psychic abilities allow me to communicate with those I strongly trust mentally' Latias said in Ash's mind. Latias did strongly trust Ash so she was able to communicate with Ash to where Ash could understand her. 'But let's talk about this later' she said urgently. 'If we don't act quickly then brother will die.'

"Latios will die" Ash said shocked as he looked at the tired looking Latios becoming more tired by the second. "How can I help? I'll do anything I can to help out."

'Sis' Latios said weakly. 'Are sure that this is a good idea? I will admit that for a human Ash has a strong aura, but this is risky. If one thing goes wrong then his soul will be shredded and beyond repair. He's not a Legendary Pokémon like the two of us and the odds that he'll survive are very slim.'

"I don't care" Ash said surprising the two legendaries. Ash smiled brightly at the two legendaries "I've only known you two for one day, but to me you two have become friends to me and I'll do anything for a friend… even if it means giving up my own life."

Latios couldn't believe what he just heard. He had never heard of a human willing to sacrifice everything just to save another. Latios smiled at Ash, 'Very well Ash' Latios said. 'If your mind is truly set on this then I will not try to change it.'

Ash nodded, "So what do I have to do?"

Latias moved ash closer to Latias, 'You must transfer part of your aura and part of your Soul into Latios for him to be able to restore the Soul Dew to its previous form and reseal father's soul inside of the Soul Dew.'

"Okay" Ash said "But how do I focus my soul or my aura?"

'Just place your hands over me' Latios said. 'Latias and I will do the rest.' Ash nodded as Latias moved ash closer to Latios and Ash placed his hands over Latios' transparent form. Latias lowered herself, but Ash still remained floating in mid-air. Latias then appeared behind Ash and put her paws on his back. Then a blue glow emitted from Ash's hands and began enveloping Latios after a few seconds Latios' form was becoming more solid. Latios' eyes widened as he felt life flowing through him again. Latios then began focusing on restoring the Soul Dew as Ash's aura and soul began to reform his own. Ash gritted his teeth as he felt his body began to ache in pain as his aura left him. Latias looked at him worried and her concentration began to slip.

"No don't stop" Ash groaned out. Latias looked at Ash in surprise. "We're so close to restoring Latios back to normal. Just a little bit longer. Don't worry about me I'll be fine." Latias looked worried, but complied and resumed her concentration. Latios soon glowed a bright blue color and a small orb appeared and then the white light surrounding them glowed even brighter and exploded outwards.

Everyone on the ground was beyond worried especially when the light exploded outwards making them all shield their eyes from the brightness. Soon the light cleared and they looked into the air to see both Latias and Latios flying down towards them. A small orbed was resting on Latias' back while an unconscious Ash was on top of Latios' back since Latios was a lot bigger and stronger.

"Latios, Latias" Bianca and Lorenzo cried as they raced towards the Eon dragons.

"Ash" Misty and Brock shouted seeing their unconscious friend on Latios' back.

"Pikapi" Pikachu cried as he raced forward towards Ash and jumped on top of Latios before he could even touch the ground. Pikachu looked at his unconscious friend smacked him in the face slightly with his paw to try and wake him up, but it didn't work.

"Is he okay" Misty asked as they hovered in front of them. Brock raced forward and grabbed Ash and gently pulled Ash off of Latios and lowered him to the ground.

'He will be fine' Latios said in their mind. Misty and Brock looked up shocked. 'I can communicate inside of your minds' Latios clarified. Latios looked down at Ash and smiled slightly 'A human was willing to sacrifice himself to save me' Latios thought to himself. 'I have never seen a human with such a pure heart. Not since Sir Aaron of the Ancient times long ago.' Latias stared at Ash and smiled the biggest smile she could. She could never thank him enough for saving her from the Team Rocket grunts, being her friend and saving her beloved brother from death.

"What happened Latios" Lorenzo asked.

'When the tidal wave came I knew that I didn't have enough power to stop it together with Latias so I was prepared to sacrifice myself to save Altomare' Latios said. Bianca gasped out loud. She couldn't stand the very thought of losing one of her best friends. 'Then Latias came up with the brilliant idea of using another to try and help me bring myself back to life.'

"Aw Latias, you're so smart" Bianca said as she petted Latias. Latias cooed happily.

'After that she came back and got Ash' Latios continued. 'After I told Ash of what could happen he still volunteered to help me at the risk of his own life. He transferred some of his aura and part of his soul into my body to help bring me back to life and to help reform the Soul Dew.'

Latias presented Lorenzo with the Soul Dew. "Thank goodness" Lorenzo said. "We had better get this back to the Secret Garden on the double." Lorenzo and Bianca quickly took off back to the Secret Garden with the Soul Dew.

"Brother," Latias said to him, thought it came out in her usual coo. "We should get Ash back as well so he can fully rest and recover."

"I agree" Latios nodded. "Being a human it will take him some time for his aura and soul to recover enough." Speaking to Brock and Misty telepathically Latios said 'We will take Ash back to the Secret Garden to rest and recover. Would you two please load him onto my back?'

Brock nodded and heaved ash up onto his shoulder. Ash was surprisingly light considering that he ate almost as much as a Snorelax. Gently Brock loaded Ash on top of Latios and as soon as he did both Latios and Latias took off into the air with Ash resting securely on his back. While flying through the air they didn't bother turning invisible since it was the middle of the night and no one was out this early anyway. Latios saw his sister keep sending glances at Ash and Latios sneaked a glance as well and smiled.

Soon they got back to the house and Latias changed into her human form and helped Ash off of Latios and put him into bed and made sure he was tucked in. Latios chuckled silently over his sister fretting over Ash like a mother or older sister.

After making sure, for the fifth time, that Ash was okay Latias transformed back and the two of them left the house and went in the back to the garden. "It feels good to be back in the garden" Latios said. "After the events of tonight it really feels good to be back."

"Yeah it does" Latias said quietly as she looked back at the house. Latios followed her line of sight and without using any kind of psychic power Latios could tell what she was thinking.

"Is there something you want to say" Latios asked.

"Well… I…" Latias started nervously.

Latios smiled gently, "its okay sis, you can tell me anything." 'Though I can already hazard a guess as to what you want to say' he thought silently to himself.

Latias looked more nervous than ever, "Well brother you see… I want to…" Latias just couldn't form the words as she didn't know what her brother's reaction would be.

"Let me take a guess sis" Latios said. "You want to go with Ash when he leaves Altomare? Am I correct in my assumption?"

Latias froze in place, "Am I that obvious" she asked sheepishly.

"Do you REALLY want me to answer that" Latios said stressing the 'really.'

"No" Latias answered quietly. She continued in a more hopeful voice, "So is it okay" she asked. She gave him her famous cute look with her bright amber colored eyes sparkling, "Please" she begged.

Latios gave Latias the most serious look he could muster, "Latias" he said and Latias could tell this was his most serious voice since that's the only time he uses her name. "First I want to know… do you know what you are involving with what you want to do."

Latias replied just as serious, "Yes I do brother" she said.

Latios stared at his sister for a few seconds. 'Her eyes are unwavering with determination. She's dead set on going with Ash.' Latios smiled slightly, "Normally I would never allow this to transpire… but Ash has proven himself to me as well as he has to you. In just a short amount of time he has become as much of a friend as Lorenzo and Bianca are to me. I will allow you to go with him and I will be accompanying you on the journey as well."

Latias smiled the biggest smile ever and tackled her brother in a massive hug, "Oh thank you big brother. Thank you so much" she gushed as she nuzzled his face. Latios smiled and let his sister hug him to near death… again. "But wait…" she said suddenly. "If you're coming too then who'll look after the Soul Dew?"

"That's the main reason I'm letting you go in the first place" Latios said. "Come with me" she said. Latias followed Latios with a confused expression on her face as they approached the area where the Soul Dew was placed by Lorenzo and Bianca earlier. Both were now asleep along with everyone else except the two Pokémon outside right now.

Latios indicated to the jewel, "What about it" Latias asked.

"I saw what happened when Lorenzo put it back in the pool" Latios said. He stuck his paw into the water and the water shocked him and sizzled slightly making Latios pull his paw back with a hiss.

"What was that" Latias asked shocked as she looked at Latios' slightly smoked paw.

"Apparently" Latios began. "With the special enhancement that Ash gave me to help me reform the Soul Dew it must have strengthened it to where it will be impossible to pick it up or even attempt to penetrate the water surrounding it."

"So meaning that we no longer have to stay and guard the Soul Dew" Latias said and flew around in circles in joy. Latios chuckled at his sister's enthusiasm. "Wait why do you want to come with me?"

"Well there are a variety of reasons" Latios said. "Reason #1: I'm probably the only one besides Bianca and Lorenzo that can control your crazy personality." Latias smiled sheepishly while blushing slightly. "Reason #2: Although this place is nice I've kind of wanted to see the outside world as well. And Reason #3: I want to see Ash's dream come true. He saved my life and I want to repay him the best way I can. I figured that the best way is to help him achieve his dreams of becoming a Master."

"Aw, you're such a softy big brother" Latias cooed nuzzling his head.

"Am not" Latios said huffing making Latias laugh. Eventually Latios laughed a little as well and then the two Eon Dragons went to sleep in preparation to deliver the news to the others tomorrow.

The next morning or should I say afternoon came when everyone finally woke up. Ash was still sleeping in his room, but not for long as his eyelids twitched a bit before opening up. Ash rubbed his eyes tiredly and sat up. "Pikapi" As heard and the next thing he knew Pikachu had jumped on him and nuzzled his face. Ash laughed and hugged Pikachu back "Hey Pikachu" Ash said.

"Pikapi pipi chu pika pi chu Pikachu" (Hey Ash, are you okay?) Pikachu asked.

Ash could always tell what Pikachu said so he responded as though Pikachu spoke English, "I'm fine Pikachu don't worry." Then Ash's stomach gave off a violent rumble "Though I'm starving." Pikachu laughed. If Ash was thinking about food then it was obvious that he was feeling fine. Ash got up and after putting his hat on he went downstairs and into the backyard to see everyone sitting around talking amongst themselves with Latias and Latios hovering around enjoying the company the others brought.

"Pikachu" the small yellow rodent called out making everyone look over. When they saw Ash standing there as good as new they all rushed to greet him, but Latias was the fastest as she got there first and nuzzled his cheek with a lot of affection making him laugh.

"I missed you to Latias" Ash joked as he petted Latias on the neck making her coo. Ash turned to Latios as he descended in front of Ash as well. "You too Latios" Ash said as he petted Latios as well and Latios smiled.

"Hey Ash" Brock called "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling pretty good" Ash said. "The more important thing is… how are you feeling Latios?"

'I am doing just fine Ash, thanks to you' Latios said projecting his thoughts telepathically so everyone heard. 'If it wasn't for you and your selflessness then I would not be here right now.'

"Aw, it was nothing" Ash said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

"What do you mean nothing" Bianca said. "You help save Altomare from a giant Tidal Wave and more importantly you saved Latios' life. That doesn't sound like nothing to me." Ash blushed from all the praise.

"And once again you put your life at risk" Misty said bluntly. Ah, there went the little firecracker that always had something negative to say about him. "I swear you end up doing it too much."

"Can't help it" Ash said simply "It's in my nature." Ash's stomach gave off another loud rumble "Is there anything to eat? I'm starving" Ash whined. The others laughed at Ash as he rubbed his stomach. Soon a good meal was cooked up for Ash since everyone else had already eaten. Ash was whooping down it all so fast you'd think that he had been starved all of his life. Only Pikachu, Brock and Misty were use to this since they didn't have a reaction while the others nearly had their jaws on the ground.

Five minutes later Ash finished and he held his stomach and a sigh of content left his mouth, "Oh that was good" he said.

"Glad you enjoyed it" Lorenzo said snapping out of it. Latios decided this was as good a time as any so he gently nudged Latias in the side and nodded to her and she nodded back looking nervous.

'Everyone' Latios said telepathically in their minds making them look towards Latios. 'Latias has something she wants to tell you all.' Latias blushed in slight embarrassment as everyone's eyes were now on her. Latios took pity on his sister, 'But, unfortunately, she can't seem to communicate words in her mouth at the moment yet so I'll tell you all instead.' Latias glared at her smirking brother for the little jab. 'Latias has decided that she wants to travel with Ash and I shall be going along as well to keep her safe and help Ash accomplish his dreams.'

The entire garden was completely silent. Everyone could not believe what they had just heard. Especially Ash couldn't believe it. Not one, but TWO legendaries wanted to come with him on his journey. He felt pure joy building up inside of his body as what Latios had just said sunk its ways into his mind. Plus another thing that made it awesome was that Ash didn't have to battle them to catch them since they wanted to come with him in the first place.

Lorenzo didn't know what to think anymore. A lot of things had happened in the last few days that have drastically changed his life. "Are you sure this is a wise choice of action Latios. What about the Soul Dew? Who will be around to protect it?"

Bianca was shaking and tears were leaking from her eyes, "Why Latias, why do you want to leave us behind?" Latias looked saddened and flew over to Bianca and nuzzled her face while cooing softly and wrapping her paws around her.

'The Soul Dew is perfectly well protected now' Latios said to them answering Lorenzo's concern. 'When you put it back into the pool last night I saw it glow brighter than usual. I tested it out last night by dipping my paw into the pool. It smoked and sizzled my paw a bit and by doing that it would seem that by reforming the Soul Dew with Ash's Aura and Soul he made it stronger with a better defense making it so it would be impossible to remove it from the pool.'

Lorenzo still had a doubtful look on his face, "If you say so Latios. I will trust your judgment on this. I just hope that you know what you're doing."

Bianca pulled back from Latias and wiped her eyes before rounding on Ash, "You had better take care of them or else." Ash gulped slightly and nodded still half stunned that legendary Pokémon actually wanted to come with him.

"Well" Lorenzo said clapping his hands together. "I think we should give these three sometime alone to get to know each other better." The rest of them nodded and got up and left the garden leaving only Ash, Pikachu, Latios and Latias in the area. Ash still looked too stunned to speak so Latias went up and nudged him slightly to wake him up. Ash jumped a bit, but when he saw Latias' cute face near his he smiled and petted her slightly on the head making her coo happily.

"Hey Latios" Ash said getting the magnificent dragon's attention. "Not that I'm complaining, but what made you decide to come with me?"

"It was mostly Latias' idea" Latios admitted. "She wanted to get out of the area and see the world and she wanted to spend more time with you." Latias took this moment to nuzzle her head against Ash making him laugh and pet her more. Latios smiled at his sister's affection towards Ash. "But I also have my own reasons. One of them is that you probably would barely be able to keep up with Latias' mischievous ways." Latias pretended she hadn't heard him and continued to nuzzle Ash affectionately. "And another reason is that I owe you Ash. In a short amount of time you have become as much of a friend to me as Lorenzo and Bianca. And despite only knowing me for a day you risked your life to save mine. I want to help you accomplish your dreams of becoming a Pokémon master."

"Thanks Latios" Ash said as he hugged Latios and Latios hugged him back smiling.

'Okay this will work simply' Latios said as he and Ash separated. 'When you're ready to leave we shall let you capture us. I don't know if Latias is the combat type, but I am ready to start training.'

"Brother" Latias called though only Latios understood. "I… I want to learn how to fight."

Latios' eyes widened, "Are you sure" he asked in POKESPEECH. "You don't have to learn to fight if you don't want to."

"I do want to though" Latias said. "When I saw you trapped inside of that prison as those two controlled the city it was causing you so much pain and it took all of my Psychic power to break it when you could have broken it easily if you were at full strength. I don't want anything like that to happen again; especially if I have the power to stop it."

"Sis" Latios said impressed. Smiling he turned to Ash and communicated with him, 'Looks like Latias wants to battle and train with us in the future.'

Ash nodded, "Alright. I promise I'll help both of you get stronger."

Later that day Ash went over to the Altomare Pokémon center to make a call to Professor Oak, "Hello Professor Oak" Ash greeted as the old Professor answered the phone.

"Hello Ash" Oak greeted kindly. "How are you doing? It's been ages since you called."

"I'm doing good Professor" Ash said. "Sorry that I hadn't called in a while I've just been pretty busy for a while and don't even get me started on what I've been through the last couple days."

Professor Oak laughed, "Well it definitely sounds like you haven't been slacking. Oh yes I must ask, how many badges have you earned so far?"

"I've got seven so far" Ash answered. "I'm on my way to Blackthorn city to earn my final badge soon."

"Well then I must say you have quite a bit of catching up to do" Professor Oak said. "Gary has had all eight of his badges for a couple weeks now and is training his Pokémon for the Silver Conference." Ash cursed Gary in his mind. "By the way I hope you get that last badge soon since the deadline for registration to the Silver conference is only one month away."

"One month" Ash cried out in shock. "I need to get to Blackthorn city and quick." Remembering why he called in the first place Ash turned back to Professor Oak, "Oh yeah Professor I need to switch out two Pokémon now."

"Alright, which ones do you want back" Professor Oak asked.

"None" Ash said surprising Professor Oak. "It's in preparation for the new recruits I'm catching later today."

"Why don't you want them to transfer back to my lab" Professor Oak asked.

Ash merely smirked, "You'll have to wait and find out." Professor Oak merely sighed, but relented and decided to wait until Ash caught the two new Pokémon since they automatically appeared on his database computer every time a trainer in Kanto caught a new Pokémon.

"So which Pokémon do you want to switch out" Professor Oak asked.

Ash thought for a few seconds, "I think I'll switch out my Heracross and my Totodile." Ash pulled out the two Pokeballs and placed them in the transfer and they were gone in a flash. "Alright Professor see you later."

"Goodbye Ash" Professor Oak said before he and Ash hung up.

It was now about five o' clock and the sun was beginning to set and Ash, Misty and Brock were about to go and catch the last Ferry out of Altomare that led to Blackthorn city. Lorenzo and Bianca were saying their last goodbye's to the two Pokémon since this would be the last time they saw them in a while.

"Remember Ash take care of them" Bianca reminded him as she finished her hug with both of them.

"Don't worry" Ash said as he walked up to the both of them and pulled out two Pokeballs. "I promise to take care of the both of them." Ash opened up both of the Pokeballs and the two legendary Pokémon disappeared in a flash of red into the Pokeballs that closed with a snap. The Pokeballs didn't even shake as the center glowed red and then stopped signifying that they were officially caught.

"Alright" Ash cheered. "I caught a Latios… and a Latias."

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