Mating Fiasco

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques is tense, that's easy enough for anyone to see, but the fact that he's more on edge than usual is cause for concern. He represents destruction, so when he gets tense or on edge… he destroys things. Normally, no one would question such a thing… but Aizen is beginning to think there's an underlying reason that may benefit him. They're in a meeting when he finally brings it up, Grimmjow drumming his fingers on the table and shifting constantly in his seat.

"My dear Sexta, whatever has you so preoccupied?"

"… It's nothing, I'll handle it," he mutters.

"Please, share with us the reason for your increasingly bad mood," he presses. "I would hate to have to punish you for harming one of the other Espada in your fits. At least this way, they'll know which topics to avoid and how far you can be pressed."

"… That's reasonable, I suppose," he mumbles before sighing. "It's really nothing, just… I'm a feline type and… well… there are certain things we need at certain times…"

"Oh!" Nnoitra shouts grinning. "You're sexually frustrated, aren't you? You should've said something, Grimm-kitty, Hallibel can help you… Ouch! Stupid bitch!"

Hallibel pulls her fist back, glaring at the other for everything she's worth. Ulquiorra, however, knows exactly what's wrong with the Sexta. They may not get along, however Grimmjow and he are the only two that sit down and talk. That started three months ago, when Grimmjow first started having nightmares about his past. He didn't know where to go, his mood getting worse by the day. Eventually, Ulquiorra found him above Los Noches… crying. They sat down and talked, the two getting closer even if they didn't want to admit to it. The blue haired menace is the closest thing to a friend Ulquiorra has.

"I'm not sexually frustrated," Grimmjow growls. "Dumb ass! It's just… I don't know how to explain it without seeming totally out of character, okay?"

"Feline types go through periods in their lives, normally every few years, where they desire breeding," Ulquiorra remarks quietly. "They go out, locate a mate, and impregnate them… but the cubs never survive. Either killed by lesser minded mothers, or targeted by stronger Hollows. In essence, no matter how violent and bloodthirsty a feline type is… they're built for parenting."

"Gee, thanks, Ulquiorra. That didn't make me sound weak and pathetic at all," Grimmjow grumbles.

"I apologize, I was only trying to help," he murmurs with a light blush.

"Well, at least they know what's going on now," he sighs. "It would've taken me at least three days to spit it out… it's such a blow to my pride."

"So, you just need to go locate a female, I see nothing wrong with that," Aizen shrugs. "I'll give you a week's leave, go have fun."

"It's not like that," Grimmjow sighs in distress. "It can't be just any female, there are requirements to look for. Besides, it doesn't even have to be a female, just a Beta."

"Come again?" Gin gawks in shock.

"I'm an Alpha, I need a Beta. Not all Betas are female, some are male," he shrugs. "They can all get pregnant, you just have to catch them at the right time."

"What requirements are you speaking of?" the fox Shinigami asks curiously.

"They have to be powerful, have most of their mind about them, obviously they need to be attractive, and I don't take any mate unless they're feisty as hell… the submissive ones get killed faster," he points out. "They usually only last a month or two anyway… I don't even know why I bother."

"Surely not all of them lasted that long," Aizen waves off. "Besides, they're just to release stress and satisfy this annoying urge of yours. Just pick one. If they won't live long afterward, there's no sense in searching for the right one."

Grimmjow growls viciously, slamming his hands on the table before standing and stalking out of the room. Everyone is shocked… everyone but Ulquiorra. Since he's the one that knew about Grimmjow's problem, Aizen looks to him for an explanation of the outburst.

"I apologize, but it's not his fault," Ulquiorra sighs. "Grimmjow was a Hollow that kept his emotions, they're extremely rare. Every mate he ever took he loved on some level, but there was one he told me of… he loved her more than life itself. They were together when he was an Aduchas, she stayed with him for nearly an entire year. She was killed just before you turned him into an Arrancar."

"By who?" Hallibel wonders.

"… One of Aizen-sama's Arrancar," he mumbles. "She was only a month away from giving birth to triplets… they would've been Grimmjow's first surviving litter."

Grimmjow growls to himself, memories of his time spent with his last mate filling his head. She was so much more than just a means to satisfy himself, she was his everything. Their cubs would've been strong enough to survive the dangers of Hueco Mundo, if only he could've beaten that Arrancar that attacked them. He needs to clear his head, pacing and brooding getting him nowhere, so he opens a Garganta to the living world. He has a week off, he might as well get something done.

Ichigo Kurosaki is the happiest person in the entire world at the moment, as he's just been given time off from his Shinigami duties! He's nineteen now, the war with Aizen having stalled out near the end when the Hogyoku decided to vanish from it's pedestal in Hueco Mundo. Ichigo snickers to himself, as no one knows how that happened but him and Shiro… his inner Hollow. Aizen wanted him to become evolved, well… he damn well did and he was quick to use that evolution to get what he wanted. The Hogyoku is now safe within his inner world and though the threat of Aizen and his Espada still lingers, it's been nothing more than the occasional battle and thwarted scheme. To tell you the truth, Ichigo's actually found it to be more of a game than anything… one he's been enjoying these past years. He's about to head over to the river, when he feels a familiar reiatsu in the park. Without thinking, he runs toward it. This is the one person he just can't pass up fighting, the one that gets his blood singing and his spirit more untamed. When he finds Grimmjow, he's lounging around the small creek that cuts through the wooded area of the park. He grins, hurrying forward… and stops suddenly upon seeing the sullen expression on the other's face.

"… Grimmjow?" he calls hesitantly.

"I'm not in the mood for a fight today, Shinigami," he mumbles. "Besides, I'm on leave. I'm supposed to be relaxing, or some shit."

"Okay," he murmurs. "We don't have to fight. Do you mind if I sit with you?"

"Don't you have shit to do?" Grimmjow frowns.

"Nope, I'm on leave, too," he smiles brightly. "I haven't had a vacation in four years!"

Grimmjow is surprised by that, yet doesn't show it. He pats the ground beside him, an indication the other should sit, and then starts in disbelief at the scent that clings to the smaller male. While blue eyes take in Ichigo, the other's warm amber gazes out upon the flowing creek serenely.

"You're a Beta," Grimmjow gasps.

"I'm a what?" Ichigo frowns.

"Uh… nothing, never mind," he says quickly. "I'm just… thinking out loud."

"Okay," Ichigo says cautiously. "So… what has you looking so blue? Besides your hair, of course."

"Oh, ha, ha," Grimmjow frowns. "It's nothing, just… Aizen's being a prick."

"Isn't he always?"

"Yeah, but normally he doesn't bother me so much. You see, I'm having a problem with an urge that won't go away," he explains. "Aizen just doesn't understand how important it is."

"I see," Ichigo nods. "What urge?"

Grimmjow gives him a look filled with caution and curiosity, one that Ichigo has to wonder about, and then shrugs. He stands up, reaching down a hand to pull the orange head to his feet as well. Once Ichigo's standing, Grimmjow hesitates for only a moment and then pulls the other into a gentle kiss. Ichigo gasps in surprise, opening his mouth for Grimmjow to deepen the kiss. One hand is tangled in orange strands of silk, the free arm wrapped around a slim feminine waist to press their bodies together, and Grimmjow's tongue maps out Ichigo's warm mouth slowly. He knows Ichigo is a Beta, he also knows he's young… In his experience, young Betas rarely ever fight back when caught off guard. Ichigo is no exception, this being his first kiss and a foreign feeling at that. It isn't long before he's tentatively returning the kiss, shyly moving his lips against the taller man. His hands are pressed against the chiseled chest of his enemy, his mind so fogged with the foreign feeling of lust that he doesn't remember who's placing it there. Grimmjow slowly lowers Ichigo to the ground, running a hand beneath his shirt to trail across tan skin and lithe muscle. The orange haired teen moans and writhes in pleasure, whimpering as those sinful lips work on his neck. Slim fingers are pulling at blue locks, jean clad legs unconsciously spreading to allow the man between them, and Grimmjow can't help but roll his hips against his prey's. Ichigo cries out, mewling at the feeling and pressing Grimmjow closer to his throat. He could easily take the boy now, he'd just have to push a little harder and he'd be buried deep within the smaller male without difficulty… but this is his future mate, he has to be delicate with him. He slowly pulls away, the young Visored grumbling in irritation as he's pulled to sit up. His body is flush, his lips swollen, and his eyes are still half mast with lust.

"What was… why did you..?"

"My urge is to find a mate," Grimmjow smirks quietly. "And I'd like that mate to be you. I won't take you without permission, I won't even mark you… I just want you to accept this. I won't give up until you say yes, you know… I don't want any other."

"But… you're supposed to be my enemy!" Ichigo frowns. "I can't."

"No, Ichi," Grimmjow chuckles. "It's not what you can do, it's what you want to do. Hollows don't care about 'can' they care about 'want'. Find out what you want and take it, that's how it goes in Hueco Mundo."

"I'm not in Hueco Mundo," Ichigo frowns. "Here there's just common sense and responsibility. I have to weigh the pros and cons, choose the best path, and…"

Grimmjow shuts him up with another kiss, the smaller opening his mouth without question as the blue haired male's tongue slips past his lips. Once he breaks the kiss, he can tell Ichigo wants to kick himself to giving in so easily.

"This isn't a human matter, nor is it a Shinigami matter," he points out quietly while stroking orange locks and drawing an animalistic purr from his chosen. "This is a Hollow matter, an Arrancar and Visored matter. Trust your instincts, let them guide you."

"I can't," Ichigo sighs. "I'm sorry… I have others to think about before myself."

With that, he stands and starts to walk away. Grimmjow isn't worried, his last mate was the same way. It took him three months to finally mount her, so he's betting on another three to mount Ichigo. He smiles to himself, noting how the other looks back at him in confusion and want tinged with defiance. It doesn't matter, Ichigo is a Beta and every Beta needs an Alpha. He can complain and run all he wants, but he'll just run straight back to Grimmjow in the end… he's marked his Beta. Maybe not permanently, but temporarily works just as well. The reiatsu he pushed into that kiss will linger in Ichigo for those three months, slowly dwindling and forcing him to search out the owner of it constantly.

Ulquiorra is striding through the halls when he feels Grimmjow's return, adjusting his course to take him past the Sexta. Grimmjow has a large grin on his face, seeming almost triumphant with a bounce in his step. He sees Ulquiorra and nods a greeting, humming to himself as he continues on. Curious, the raven haired Espada turns and falls into step beside his friend.

"Did you find someone?" he asks.

"I sure did!" Grimmjow grins. "It'll take me a bit to catch them though, but I should be satisfied for the most part until then."

"Who was it? I mean… you went to the living world, right? Who could possibly be there when all the strong Hollows are here?"

"You know that Shinigami?" he asks.

"Kurosaki? Yes, what about him?"

"He's a Beta Visored," Grimmjow grins cheekily. "Guess who stole his first kiss… and laced it with reiatsu?"

"You didn't!" Ulquiorra gasps in shock. "How? How could you even get close enough?"

"He was on leave as well, but couldn't pass up a fight with me," he shrugs. "When I told him I didn't feel like fighting, he sat down next to me and we talked for a bit. He let his guard down, I kissed him, he gave in eventually. Young Betas like him never fight back when caught by surprise the first time. Thanks to that reiatsu I placed in his system, he'll keep looking for me until he finally gives in."

"… Are you going to tell Aizen-sama you chose the boy?"

"No," Grimmjow frowns. "Not yet, anyway. I don't want him to order me to bring him here… that's not what Ichigo needs and it certainly won't make catching him any easier. He has to want to do it, or he'll get pissed and start fighting back."

"How do you know that?"

"Because… he reminds me of her."

Ichigo is distracted, more so than usual, and everyone is beginning to wonder what's gotten him so out of character. He'll get lost in his thoughts and start blushing like mad, start speaking and drift off mid-sentence, and try to pay attention only to ask what was said a couple minutes later. Rukia can't stand it anymore, sitting down to discuss this change with her brother. Byakuya listens intently to his little sister, almost laughing at the end of the explanation. He's been alive much longer than Rukia has, so he knows the signs better than one that's too busy to feel them.

"It sounds to me like Kurosaki is in love," he chuckles. "He probably has a crush on someone and is having trouble deciding if that's the right person for him. It's perfectly natural, Rukia. It was bound to happen sometime."

"I don't know, Nii-sama," she sighs. "It certainly feels a lot worse than that. I just have this horrible feeling in my gut that it's something we should know about. I mean… what if this could get him in serious trouble with the Seireitei?"

"Love is nothing to punish, Rukia."

"… I felt him with Grimmjow yesterday, Nii-sama," she says quietly. "I was the only one that did, so I didn't say anything. It's not something uncommon for Ichigo to hurry to a fight with the teal haired Espada, but this time they didn't fight. What if that's the person he's in love with? Seireitei will surely punish him for that, won't they?"

"… Are you positive?" Byakuya frowns. "Was he with anyone else before he started acting strangely?"

"No, Nii-sama. Is it really that bad?"

"I will bring this up with So-Taicho immediately. Whatever Kurosaki is feeling might very well be implanted thoughts," he states.

The meeting is loud and everyone is curious why Byakuya would request one, yet they're all silenced once Yamamoto takes his seat. Once their done, Byakuya relays what he's been told and adds on a discussion Urahara and the Visoreds had with him during one of their poker nights. He's not one to participate often, but that night he was completely bored out of his mind. He tells them about a Hollow's ability to place faux thoughts within a chosen mate, bringing up a few rare cases of Shinigami being taken as Hollow mates and later killed, and everyone is seriously worried about Ichigo at the end.

Grimmjow strolls through the park, watching the creek quietly, when he feels the reiatsu he's come to love. Ichigo is standing close to him in no time, hands wringing the bottom of his shirt nervously and eyes downcast in a show of submission the other never thought he'd see on that constantly scowling face. Without a second thought, Grimmjow holds an arm out and Ichigo hurries to take up his spot beside the Espada. The arm wraps around him, holding him close as Grimmjow nuzzles his hair. Ichigo is young, someone that has too many expectations meant for Alphas pinned to his shoulders, and he needs protected and loved more than anything right now. Grimmjow chose a good time to pursue him, as the other is ready to give in.

"Grimmjow… I…"

He's silenced by a kiss, the gentle movement quick to turn more desperate with Ichigo joining in. Grimmjow purrs as Ichigo shyly moves his hand along the other's chest, allowing the experimentation and encouraging further. Slow hesitant hands reach for the half jacket, pulling away uncertainly afterward, and Grimmjow shrugs it off. He sits down and gently pulls Ichigo into his lap, stroking his soft hair and whispering assurances in his ear. He carefully pulls Ichigo's tee shirt off and sets it aside, holding the smaller close to his warm body as he presses their lips together. He runs his calloused hand down Ichigo's sides, stopping at the waist of his jeans before flicking he button open and unzipping the fly. His lips move along Ichigo's slender throat, his canines digging into the base harshly to mark the smaller. Ichigo whimpers at the bite, rolling his hips unconsciously to replace the pain with pleasure, and Grimm licks the spot apologetically afterward. Before he can do much of anything else, he can feel the reiatsu of Shinigami hurrying toward them and curses. Without thinking, caught up in the moment, he lifts Ichigo's body into his arms and opens the Garganta to Hueco Mundo after grabbing their discarded clothes. By the time the Taicho arrive, the rip is closing and Ichigo's distant drugged eyes are vanishing behind it.