Sunday Bloody Sunday

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: clip.

Summary: There comes a point when you think of how life could've been … should've been. Before it trapped you.

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon in a shabby motel, sunlight filtering through threadbare curtains. Outside children are playing, crying with laughter. The scent of a BBQ sneaking in through the window. A dog howling, somewhere. Inside only the sound of busy tapping on a keyboard, the smell of gun oil, a clip clicking into place.


Thoughts drifting … to Sundays long gone, to warm lips and picnics under the stars, to throwing some balls with the kid and whispered words from your love.

Being part of life, not bound to the duty of protecting it.

A howling.

Another job.

A/N: Don't ask me ... it's a nice Sunday, sun shining, roast stewing – just the thoughts of my muse – drifting :-)