Andy's POV

My alarm woke me up at 7:30 am. I shut it off and heaved myself out of bed. Today was the first day of the new school year. Year 11, yay. Months of boring coursework and exhausting GCSE's. Great. My phone beeped as I was brushing my teeth. I unlocked it and read the text message from Jake.

Hurry up...

Of course, he would be referring to me meeting him at his house so we could walk to school together. Sighing, I threw on some jeans and a shirt and ruffled my black hair. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mum sat at the table reading the newspaper.

"You're keen" she laughed.

I smiled in reply, picked up my bag and left the house. This morning, Jake was standing impatiently on the corner of my street instead of waiting for me to arrive at his house.

We bumped fists, and I started walking in the general direction of school. Jake grabbed my elbow and shook his head.

"This way!" he said excitedly, before giving me his mobile. He watched me read the message from our friend Ashley.

New family moved in next door yesterday; seriously hot girl!

I rolled my eyes as Jake pulled me towards Ashley's house.

The other two guys in our group waited on Ashley's wall.

"You got the message then?" Jinxx asked me.

"Yep, this had better be good!" I said.

"10 bucks this is gonna be another cheerleader" CC laughed.

Although we were labelled as the 'emos' at school, Ashley preferred preppy blonde girls, whereas the rest of us liked girls more like ourselves.

Ashley opened the front door. He strutted down the path while glancing towards next door's drive. We laughed at him, knowing he was trying to act cool in case the girl happened to be walking out of her house at the same time. He dropped his act when he saw it was clear.

Jake yawned. "Are you sure about this, Ash?"

"Positive" he replied, eyes gleaming.

On cue, a girl exited the house next door. She was obviously pretty. Her eyes were chocolate brown and were framed by dark lashes coated in mascara. Blonde hair twisted across the shoulder of her blue jumper and she carried a Blackberry.

"God owes me ten bucks" whispered CC when the girl gave us all scathing looks as she passed.

"Good one, Ashley" Jinxx said.

"I thought so!" he retorted.

We began closing the distance to school. I jumped as a door slammed behind us. The guys carried on their conversation, oblivious to the noise. I turned to see the most beautiful girl I had ever set eyes on.

I was frozen. CC suddenly realised I wasn't next to him anymore, and stopped.

"Andy!" he called.

I ignored him and watched her come to the end of her driveway and start walking towards me. She had black hair streaked with blue, backcombed at the top of her head, with thin strands trailing past her shoulders. Her stormy grey eyes were emphasised by thick eyeliner. She wore a purple All Time Low shirt with denim shorts and black tights.

"Are you okay?" she asked. I suddenly realised she was standing next to me.

"Um, yeah..." I mumbled.

"I'm Scarlett" she said, beginning to walk.

"I'm Andy" I replied, smiling.

"So which centre of boredom and torture do you go to?" Scarlett enquired.

"Cooper's School. It's awesome"

"Really? It's my first day today. I'm actually so nervous!"

'Why had she confided in me?' I asked myself.

"No not really, it's shit. What year are you in?" I said.

"Oh, 11"

"Same here, maybe we'll be in the same classes" I replied hopefully.

"That'd be cool" she smiled.

We were far behind CC and the rest.

"Want to meet my mates?" I laughed


We ran to catch up, and Jake whistled as we reached them.

"Who's this?" he asked, raising his eyebrows at me.

"This is Scarlett. Scarlett, this is Jake, Jinxx, CC and Ashley"

"Cool" she smiled. "Finally, I'll be able to fit in"

Author's Note: This is my first fanfic, so I already know it's a bit crappy. PM me if you have any ideas that could be put into the story.

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