Abbey smiled at the memory of the proposal before turning to Emilia and Puck.

"So here I am on the most beautiful, amazing day of my life, going into a wedding that I didn't even plan." Abbey said and Puck could only grin.

"Thanks for letting us plan it by the way." The Jewish boy said and Abbey could only grin.

"I have to admit, I was worried but Mercedes, Francesca and Lauren did an amazing job with choosing the church. And Brittany, Michelle and Tina for the flowers. The combination between the roses and the lilies were genius." Abbey said and Puck grinned.

"And don't forget Quinn doing the make-up, Artie doing your wedding video, Adam doing the photography, the rest of the guys doing the food except for Jack and Rachel who are doing the music." Puck then said before Abbey grinned before there was a knock at the door.

"It's time. Santana's just about to walk up the aisle with her father." Rachel then said, opening the door. She stepped in and saw Abbey now stood up in her ivory colored simple yet flowing dress. Rachel smiled and put a hand over her heart.

"You look…stunning." She said and Abbey smiled.

"Thanks, Rach. Where's Jack?" the redhead asked.

"He's sat down waiting for it to start." Rachel replied and Abbey smiled before sighing.

"What's wrong?" Puck asked.

"Santana is walking up the aisle with her father and I haven't spoken or even seen my parents since high school. I have no one to give me away because my family thinks I'm a walking sin." Abbey said. Rachel just smiled.

"Not everybody." She said before stepping aside as a tall skinny boy who looked about 16 or 17 with short, flaming ginger hair walked in. He wore a simple black tuxedo with a shirt that matched his bright smile. Abbey could only turn her head to the side in confusion.

"Rachel, who is this?" Abbey asked. The boys smile only grew larger.

"What? You don't recognize your own brother?" the boy asked and Abbey's eyes widened.

"C-C-Caleb?" she stuttered. Caleb could only keep his smile before he went up to his older sister and hugged her tightly.

"How did you find me?" Abbey asked after the long embrace was broken.

"I left Mom and Dad after I found out how they treated you. I couldn't live with them, Abs. So I moved in with my best friend. I've been trying to find you for years and then I get a call from these two guys called Kurt and Blaine saying that they know my older sister. We chatted for a while before they invited me to your wedding. I was so proud to know that my older sis was getting married to someone she loves. And they asked if I wanted to give her away and I couldn't say no." Caleb said and Abbey showed a wobbly smile, tears threatening to fall.

"No, don't cry! You'll ruin the mascara!" a voice called and Quinn Fabray came running in, make-up bag in hand. Abbey could only laugh before letting Quinn do little modifications with the make-up. Once she was finished, Brittany came in with a little bouquet of lilies and smiled.

"You ready?" she asked. Abbey took a deep breath and showed a huge grin.

"Let's kick some ass, Here Comes The Bride style." Abbey said, gaining giggles from the others before the room cleared out save for Rachel and Brittany, the bridesmaids and Caleb.

They headed towards the big doors and the second Abbey linked arms with Caleb, the doors opened and everyone stood up to watch Santana's little sister Reina lead the way while gently sprinkling white lily petals and red rose petals along the aisle, followed by a proud looking Brittany and Santana and once they sat down, brown eyes met green and everything else in the room completely froze as the brides-to-be took in each other's appearance. Abbey just stared at Santana who was the epitome of beauty. She wore a silver dress with a gem encrusted bodice that complemented her tanned skin. Her long, flowing ebony locks cascaded down past her shoulders, contrasting to Abbey's which was tied up into a tight bun. They both wore simple diamond pendants that sat delicately around their necks and they also wore matching diamond bracelets. Of course, half of the girls went with Abbey to pick the outfits (Rachel, Lauren and Tina) while the rest went with Santana (Brittany, Mercedes, Francesca and Quinn) but damn do they know how to pick the wedding equipment.

Caleb smiled to his sister, gently kissing her hand before gently giving the hand to Santana, which she took without hesitation. Everyone sat down before the justice began to speak.

"Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Abigail Hawkins and Santana Lopez in marriage. Through their time together, they have come to realize that their personal dreams, hopes, and goals are more attainable and more meaningful through the combined effort and mutual support provided in love, commitment, and family; and so they have decided to live together as wife and wife." the justice said, addressing the guests before pausing.
"Who here gives these women to each other?" he then asked and Alfonso stepped up beside Santana while Caleb stood beside Abbey.
"We do." they say, kissing the girls on the cheek before sitting down. The justice then turned to the 2 girls.
"Abigail and Santana, the time has come to forget all the stress of planning this day and simply enjoy your friends and family who have gathered to spend this day with you. This group of loved ones will, likely, never be together in the same place again. Through quiet reflection and nostalgia, think about how each person has touched your life and why they are here with you today." he then said to the smiling girls as he then turned back to the guests.
"Abigail and Santana have decided to let their friend Brittany S Pierce choose a poem to represent their blessing." the justice said and the guests looked to each other with worried and surprised looks while Abbey and Santana just smiled as Brittany made her way up to the podium.
"This is called 'Dear Heart'." she said into the microphone before reading.

"Dear Heart,

I'd like it if you'd tell me
How you measure love.
Do you deal in ounces and quarters?
Or stroke it with kid gloves?

How do you pick who gets it
Because I'd really like a say
And why is it that some people
Get more and more each day?

Another thing I'd like to know
Is how love measures time?
Is it founded in an instant?
Then lasts a whole lifetime?

Does it grow and grow your whole life through
So I have more and more
Or is there just a set amount
You get at birth then store?

What happens if it's stolen?
Or if I cease to love
Does it all come back untarnished?
With interest on the above.

How can I know its importance?
Do you give it certain ranks?
Could I say that's 1st or 2nd class?
Like I do with postage stamps.

Is true love like in stories?
Like old fashioned fairy tales
Cinderella meets Prince Charming
And only love prevails

Why is it then that nowadays?
Love sometimes takes the course
Of starting off with marriage
But ending in divorce

Is love equal in proportions?
For families and for friends
For husbands, wives and children
Where does it ever end?

To let me know what's going on
Lets strike a little deal
Beat slowly for the phoneys
And fast if it's for real."

There was silence as Brittany grinned at the girls before heading back to her seat. Abbey and Santana can only smile at the bubbly blonde before they looked to each other.
"Marriage represents the intimate, whole-hearted sharing of two lives. Thus, it is not to be entered into lightly, but with certainty, with mutual respect, and with a sense of reverence. For marriage is more than just the sentimental formalizing of a feeling; it is a vote of confidence, indeed of conviction, that your relationship will be enlarged to encompass much more than itself, that it will serve as a source of common energy and give you strength to live your lives with courage.
I now ask you, Santana and Abigail, do you choose to join together in marriage?" the justice asked.
"We do." the two brides replied. The justice then looked back to the guests.
"Santana and Abigail have decided to read their own vows with Abigail reading hers first." the justice then said and Abbey smiled, let out a shaky breath before looking into Santana's warm brown eyes as she spoke.

"I love you. You are my best friend. Our love is so strong. I believe our love can do anything. So today I commit to give my life to you in marriage. You have taught me what it is to truly love something more than my own self.
I commit to you that I will love you forever. I will give my life for you and I promise to always protect your life with mine. I will celebrate with you in times of great happiness and I will not just stand by you, but carry you during times of lifes greatest sorrows. I will charish your health, but one day when it fades I will be with you in any sickness or weakness you face, from now untill the day that I die. One day we will celebrate great riches, but even if those perish and we are left with nothing, I will always stand by you, and you will always be taken care of." Abbey said as Santana's eyes began to fill with tears.
"I will never give up on our love. I prayed for you before I ever met you. your the answer to every prayer I have ever prayed. You are the only one for me, and from this day fourth I will forsake all others and be bound only to you. I love you, and now I get to spend the rest of my life proving it to you." Abbey said as Santana wiped her tears away, smiling to her soul mate.

"And now, Santana will read her vows." the justice then said before Santana looked down, taking a deep breath before looking up as her eyes met Abbey's before she began to speak.

"I was lost and alone. No sense of purpose or being, no comprehension of family, love, friendship or honor. And then I met you.
Where there has been cold, you have brought warmth. Where my life was very dark, you have brought light. You invited me into your world and asked for nothing in return. So what can I say to you that I haven't already said? What can I give you that I haven't already given? Is there anything of me that isn't yours already? My body, my mind, my heart, even my soul. Everything that is me belonged to you long before this and it shall be yours long after this. I will go wherever you will go. Hand in hand and heart in heart." Santana said as Abbey began to mimic Santana during her own vows, tears blurring her vision as she let the Latina's words run through her ears.
"Whatever may lay ahead, good or bad, we will face together. Distance may test us for a time, and time may try us. But if we look to each other first, we will always see light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it may be. Abbey, look to me for all the days to come; I will always be here by your side. I will always listen, be truthful and today I take my place as your wife." Santana said before Abbey wiped her tears away.
"I love you so much." she whispered.
"I love you too." Santana replied with a gleeful smile.

The justice then smiled before presenting the rings.
"These rings, circles of wholeness, perfect in form, are symbols of the vows made here today." he then said before the girls repeated the ring vow to each other: "I marry you with this ring, with my heart, with my body, and with my soul. It is you whom I love, and it is you whom I am choosing always to encircle with my love."
"These two lives are now joined in one unbroken circle. Wherever they go, may they always return to one another. May they find in each other the love for which all men and women long. May they grow in understanding and compassion. And may these two rings symbolize the undying love in the hearts of both of them. May the years deal gently with you. Walking together, may you find far more in life than either of you would have found alone. May your house be a place of happiness for all who enter it, a place where the old and the young are renewed in each other's company, a place for growing, a place for music, a place for laughter. And when shadows and darkness fall within its rooms, may it still be a place of hope and strength for all who enter it. May no person be alien to your compassion. May your larger family be the family of all human kind. And may those who are nearest to you and dearest to you be constantly enriched by the beauty and the bounty of your love for each other."

"In accordance with the law of New York and by the authority vested in me by the state of New York, I do pronounce you wife and wife." he said and you could never see bigger smiles at that moment than on the faces of the girls.
"You may now kiss your bride." he finished before Santana gently cupped Abbey's face and pulled her into a light yet searing peck to applause from every guest that attended the glorious ceremony.
"Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Abigail Hawkins-Lopez and Santana Lopez-Hawkins." the minister said before Abbey looked to Santana.
"I told you not to change the name!" Abbey said playfully and Santana could only grin before taking her wife's hand and walking down the aisle.


"And just remember, a great man once said: Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin…it's the triumphant twang of a bedspring." Puck said, finishing his best man speech while gaining laughs from all of the guests, and a slap to the stomach from Santana.

"To S.J. Perelman!" Puck said raising his glass and everyone replied with a joyous cheer. He then grinned his trademark smile before sitting down. Rory then stood up with his usual gleaming smile.

"And now, the bride would like to say a few words. The redhead one that is." Rory then said, gaining more laughs while Abbey stood up, grinning at Rory before addressing the guests.

"First of all, I would like to thank you all for coming today. Today has been the most amazing day of my life as I finally get to show my everlasting love for my…for my wife, damn, that sounds good!" Abbey said, gaining laughs from the crowd.

"And I get to show everyone walks past me or her or the both of us that we are in love and we are soul mates and we will stand by each other through thick or thin." Abbey then said, before looking to Santana, smiling and then turning to the guests again.

"I met Santana in my junior year in high school when I transferred from Castle Rock, Colorado. And I remember the exact place I met her…it was in the William McKinley High School girls' toilets after we were both slushied." Abbey then said, which gained more laughs.

"But if it wasn't for those Neanderthals, whoever they may be, I probably wouldn't have laid eyes on this beautiful woman next to me. I mean, I was a kid who wouldn't talk to anyone. I was snappy, I was closed off and I felt alone before I met Santana. And then she convinced me to join the glee club where I met…so many amazing people and they are here today. It's nice to see familiar faces, some romances that have stayed on since high school," Abbey said, referring to Mike and Tina, Jack and Rachel, Kurt and Blaine, Lauren and Puck, Sam and Mercedes, Rory and Francesca and even Mr. Schuester and Miss Pillsbury and Coach Beiste and Cooter the football recruiter.

"Some that found love in college," Abbey continued, referring to Brittany who met her now fiancée Dylan Armstrong on her dance course and started dating him just before graduation. Mitchell who met his now wife Michelle Grayson in the art club he started at Ohio State. Maxwell who met his girlfriend Peyton Marlowe on his music course. Alex who met fellow pianist Ethan Pressman in his after school class, now his husband. And Finn who met his girlfriend Ava Montgomery who was a cheerleader for the sports teams.

"Some old rivals who just met by chance." Abbey then said, looking to one couple who nobody expected to together, let alone invited to the wedding. Traveling to New York, Jesse St. James launched his Broadway career before meeting and falling in love with one of the swing and understudies during his stint as Lucas Beineke in The Addams Family: Sebastian Smythe, former Dalton Academy Warbler. Abbey was invited to film the farewell performance of The Addams Family and saw Jesse. They chatted before Jesse gushed about Sebastian and Abbey knew that although he was still the snarky SOB he was in high school, they weren't in show choir anymore and they agreed to put it behind them before Abbey invited him and Sebastian to the wedding.

"And some high school faces who we'd never expect to be together." Abbey finished, looking to Quinn who was smiling at the bride before looking at the interlocked hands of her and her boyfriend: Artie Abrams. The last time anyone saw of them before she was informed of the proposal was when she showed a graduation picture of her on Artie's lap, looking lovingly at each other. But hey, they were engaged now and they did seem to suit each other. And Artie does like his women independent.

"And even the two singletons we've got here are making themselves comfortable…with each other." Abbey said, pointing to a table just to the right of her eyesight where Adam McDough and Steph Beckett sat, smiling before looking to each other.

"But anyway, ever since I first saw Santana I was in love. It's a simple as that and yet it wasn't. I had just gotten out of a 2 and a half year relationship and to fall in love with somebody else as quick as I did, I thought it wasn't right. But as days, weeks, months went by…I realized it must be right. It must be something. And it was just after a year after we met when I told her I loved her. And I will never stop loving her. Even after I die, I will keep on loving this woman. Nothing and nobody in the entire world can change the way I feel about her." Abbey then said before looking to Santana, who had teary eyes and a huge grin on her face. Abbey grinned before looking out to the smiling guests.

"To the love of your life." Abbey then said before everyone raised their glasses, except Santana who stood up and brought Abbey's face towards her own in a loving kiss. The girls could hear 'Awws' in the background as it broke and they shared a smile.

"Alright, everyone…" Santana then said before looking to the guests and smiling.

"Let's DANCE!"


It was about 45 minutes into guests choosing whatever song they want and belting it into the ballroom. But then again whoever went up turned out to sound amazing considering Rachel's, Jack's and Blaine's families were all singers. The most surprising number had to be when Blaine's dad George asked for a male duet partner and of all people, Jack was the one to get up there. They ended up singing 'Butter Outta Cream' from Catch Me If You Can and although George looked more suited for the role of Hanratty, the two men actually sounded pretty good together. When they finished, everyone applauded before the DJ took to the microphones.

"Alright, next up we have a special guest. We've got 6 year old Jamie Harmon-Puckerman singing a song that he says his older brother taught him." Sam, the DJ said. The guests sat on the Harmon-Puckerman-Rhodes-Murrow-Zizes table looked to each other with wide eyes, except for one who just looked to his little brother with a smile as he made his way to the stage. Everyone then looked to him.
"Puck, what the hell did you do?" Jack asked.
"Look, he saw some eye candy and he wants to go for it so I taught him this song to sing for today as I knew his crush was going to be here." Puck replied.
"And who is this crush?" Kristopher asked and Puck just smiled before signalling to the Lopez table. Kristopher, Lisa and Lauren showed slightly amused smiles, Jack just looked horrified while April and Wilson each quirked an eyebrow.
"Damn, the boy knows how to pick 'em." April said.
"I think he's picked up on Noah's attractions to older women." Lisa then quipped before Puck turned to his mother.
"Mom." he groaned before Lauren smirked.
"Makes sense. I am 2 months older than him." the Jewish boy's girlfriend said and the table, save for Puck who was still embarrassed and Jack who was still looking to Jamie with terror as he finally made it to the stage.
"Alright, Jamie. Who is this special song for?" Sam asked before lowering the microphone to Jamie's level.
"It's for Reina." he said and the youngest Lopez girl smiled at her name.
"Alright, this is 'All Day' in the style of Jamie H-P. Take it away, little dude." Sam said before starting up the track. As soon as it started, Jamie wore a smirk that was strikingly similar to Jack whenever he performed, a sign of confidence as he began to sing.

I like this right here

Uh oh oh ohhhhhhh

Thi-this young girl, she's so cute
Every time I see her, wear a fresh pair of shoes
'Cause this young girl, she's such a killer
Can't wait til I have it, I'm a spend half a milla

I can see us together on the top
We livin' like we hit the jackpot
Cha-ching, like money in the bank
You should be with me'

You're like my favorite song
On the radio, radio, radio, radio
I could listen to you all day
You're like a music video, video vi-vi-video
I could look at you all day
You make me do my two-step all day
You keep me lookin' fly for ya all day
So you should be my girlfriend all day
Well, like a hit on my radio, radio

Everyone was clapping as the young boy continued to sing with quite a smooth voice and a large vocabulary for a 6 year old. But then again with the tuition he's getting at Dalton Elementary School, where he is also a member of the Dalton Academy Finches which is a younger version of the Warblers. Believe it or not, they are actually nationally acclaimed in the Junior Show Choir Championships and during this years Nationals in Hawaii, it was actually a Showcase solo from Jamie of 'Corner Of The Sky' from Pippin that took the crown home to Ohio. And he had become the latest musical maestro to come out of the Harmon-Puckerman family.

You got this young boy, racking his brains
Trying to make you mine, but I don't got a ring
You got this young boy, going insane
Tell me that you're single and you're waiting for me

I can see us together on top
We livin' like we hit the jackpot
Cha-ching, like money in the bank
You should be with me

You're like my favorite song
On the radio, radio, radio, radio
I could listen to you all day
You're like a music video, video vi-vi-video
I could look at you all day
You make do my two-step all day
You keep me lookin' fly for ya all day
So you should be my girlfriend all day
Well, like a hit on my radio, radio

Singing to this song all day-ay-yay-yay, -yay-yay-yay
Day-ay-yay-yay, singing to this song
All day-ay-yay-yay, -yay-yay-yay
Day-ay-yay-yay, yeah...

Jamie then jumped off the stage and started making his way to Reina Lopez, singing every word with a smile.

Stopped me in my tracks I have to know your name, know your name
(Nik nak patty gotta find your swag, you and me together is a match)
Tell me baby why you making me wait all day, all day
(Nik nak patty gotta find your swag, you and me together girl we got it in the bag)

You're like my favorite song
On the radio, radio, radio, radio
I could listen to you all day
You're like a music video, video vi-vi-video
I could look at you all day
You make do my two-step all day
You keep me lookin' fly for ya all day
So you should be my girlfriend all day
Well, like a hit on my radio, radio

Singing to this song all day-ay-yay-yay, -yay-yay-yay
Day-ay-yay-yay, singing to this song
All day-ay-yay-yay, -yay-yay-yay
Day-ay-yay-yay, yeah

The song ended with Jamie pulling out a daisy from his tuxedo front pocket and handing it to Reina, who took it with a beaming smile before placing a kiss on Jamie's cheek. Jamie just grinned before they started talking as a 6 year old boy does with an 8 year old girl. Everyone else, even Jack, could only smile before more performances continued.

When Caleb got up and sung (and rapped) 'And The Crowd Goes' from the movie Lemonade Mouth, Abbey could only watch with pride as people jumped around to her baby brother's song. When it ended, Abbey applauded wildly for her brother, who smiled in reply.

"Alright, and now I would like to invite the performers for what is known as 'J&R Genius' to the stage." He said and nearly all of the guests went onstage save for the parents, the teachers, Caleb, Adam and Steph, and Jesse and Sebastian. Jack and Rachel were then stood at the front with microphones in hand.

"Alright, Shore Leave and Orangutan." Jack said with a smile. The two girls smirked before Rachel took over.

"You both are amazing women and we thank you so much for planning your big day. We all love you both so much so we put this little number together for you. So sit back, relax and enjoy." Rachel said before a small piano introduction begun and Rory and Francesca took the microphones, Rory crooning the beginning lines.

'Cesca, I'd like to propose a toast

To the topic I dig the most

Francesca grinned before singing the reply.

Ror, let me dust off my loving cup

Rory grinned at his girlfriend before they sung the last line together.

Hey, bartender, fill 'er up

Rory then offered out his hand, which Francesca took and he led her onto the dancefloor before they danced together. Meanwhile, Jack and Rachel took their place onstage as they gently swayed together, side by side with Rachel singing first.

Look how the neon stars to flicker

Jack then took over, showing his signature grin as he straightened out his black tie.

Love's like a shot but works much quicker

Rachel then pointed to Jack as she sung her next line.

And you're a man who can't hold his liquor

Jack smiled to them before they harmonized together.

Cheers, here's to love

They then joined Rory and Francesca on the dancefloor as Mike and Tina spun to centre stage with Tina getting the first line.

I'm an old fashioned and you're the cherry

The two Asians smiled to each other before Mike smirked as he sung the next line.

I've got a thirst that's legendary

Tina then looked to Mike with mock anger.

That's why I fired your secretary

Mike just shrugged before they both started singing.

Cheers, here's to love

The couple then took to the floor before Kurt and Blaine took over.

Life's a martini

And you're the shaker

And baby, I sure packed a punch

The two boys smiled to each other as Klaine joined O'Hale, Jachel and Tike on the floor while Pizes took their place as Lauren shouted 'Hey!'

Ya' make Dean Martin look like a quaker

But now it's only you for dinner


And lunch

Puck showed his cheeky smile before linking arms with Lauren as M&M then had their moment.

I hear the march that's calling for us

We'll walk down the aisle to an angel's chorus

I'll be your Rock if you'll be my Doris

They then tried to walk towards the dancefloor, but tripped over each other in the process.

Sweet heavens above

They just smiled at each other before standing up as Alex and Ethan looked to a very conveniently placed waiter as Alex sang the question weighing on everyone's mind.

Why is the waiter smilin' at us?

Ethan grinned to his husband before belting the replying line.

He knows what we're thinkin' of

The two men then smiled to each other before singing together.

Oh, can't be cheers

Cheers, baby here's to love

Finn and Ava then took to the floor.

You've got the lips to wet my whistle

If that doesn't catch ya', maybe this'll

Cupid just launched a guided missile

Cheers, here's to love

As the former McKinley quarterback took his girlfriend's hand and led her to the floor where the dancing couples swayed, Sam and Mercedes took to the stage.

Your eyes are so intoxicating

Bottoms up, babe, let's get to mating

I bet it bears reiterating

Cheers, here's to love

As the high school sweethearts finished, Brittany and Dylan took over, harmonizing with ease.

Though it ain't new years pop the champagne

And let's take a spin on the floor

Your moves are good

I'm feelin' no pain

So let's pay the check and slip out the back door

The two blondes then stepped on the dancefloor as Maxwell and Peyton belted out the penultimate verse.

We took Manhattan without the bitters

We're stayin' put last call for quitters

Soon it will be just babysitters

'Cause this hawk's now a dove

Quinn and Artie then made their way to the dancefloor as all of the couples now had champagne glasses in their hands, all facing Abbey and Santana.

Baby the cab is blowin' its horn

But I can't find my hat and my gloves

Oh, can't be, cheers

Cheers, baby here's to love

Jack and Rachel were about to step forward and finish the song off before being the rebellious people that they are, Adam and Steph went over to stand beside Santana and Abbey as they spoke the last verse.

Here's mud in your eye

Here's lookin' at you kid

Here is to put hairs on your chest

Not that I would want that

They then winked to the brides before raising their glasses.

Here's to love

Everyone then cheered before Santana and Abbey made their way around everyone, embracing them for their contribution in both the song and the wedding.

"And now it's time for the couple's first dance." The temporary DJ that was Alfonso Lopez said into the microphone and the two women just smiled to each other before taking to the floor. While they did this, several members of the old New Directions (and friends) took their places behind instruments that were swiftly brought in by the men of the wedding while 'Here's To Love' came to a close. Mitchell and Rachel stood behind two microphones, Blaine behind a piano, Jack threw the strap of an acoustic guitar over his shoulder while Puck and Dylan did the same with two electric guitars and Artie with a bass. Finn also went behind a drum kit and counted in Jack, who played the introduction of Jason Aldean's and Kelly Clarkson's 'Don't You Wanna Stay'. Mitchell counted the beats carefully before he started singing.

I really hate to let this moment go

Touching your skin, and your hair falling slow

When a goodbye kiss, feels like this

As Abbey and Santana swayed to the music, Rachel joined in with the higher harmony as the two singers went into the chorus.

Don't you wanna stay here a little while?

Don't you wanna hold each other tight?

Don't you wanna fall asleep with me tonight?

Don't you wanna stay here a little while?

We can make forever feel this way

Don't you wanna stay?

Santana held Abbey as tight as she could, not wanting this night to end. It could not have been more perfect for her. She could only listen to the song, handpicked by Abbey as Rachel sang Kelly Clarkson's verse.

Let's take it slow, I don't wanna move too fast

I don't wanna just make love, I wanna make love last

When you're up this high, it's a sad goodbye

Mitchell then joined back in as the guests watched the girls in awe, happiness and pride.

Don't you wanna stay here a little while?

Don't you wanna hold each other tight?

Don't you wanna fall asleep with me tonight?

Don't you wanna stay here a little while?

We can make forever feel this way

Don't you wanna stay?

Abbey could only smile giddily during this moment. Her and Santana had gone through so much together and this feels like it's every positive moment they have shared, combined and then multiplied the happiness by 10.

Oh yeah

Oh, you feel so perfect, baby

Yeah, you feel so perfect, baby

Don't you wanna stay here a little while?

Don't you wanna stay here a little while?

Don't you wanna hold each other tight?

Don't you wanna fall asleep with me tonight?

Don't you wanna stay here a little while?

We can make forever feel this way

Don't you wanna stay?

The two girls then looked into each other's eyes, slowly inching in until their foreheads were touching. Their faces then inched closer until their lips met in an explosion like never before.


2 weeks later. The Maldives.

Looking out at the sight in front of her, Santana Maria Lopez-Hawkins could only smile. A calm breeze made her long ebony locks almost float behind her as she watched the gentle blue waves crash along the white sand. After the wedding, they flew out the next day and have stayed on this beach resort of 2 of their 3 week long honeymoon. Santana gently closed her eyes as the breeze enveloped her body, making her shudder. Just then, she heard a door close behind her.

"I thought you'd be out here." A voice said and Santana grinned before looking back to her wife.

"Were you expecting anything less?" she asked. Abbey grinned before sitting directly beside her wife, Santana snuggling into the shoulder of her best friend, lover, soulmate, wife and rock. They both just embraced each other's presence as they watched the sun in front of them fall slowly beyond the sea line.

"What are you thinking about?" Abbey asked as Santana reached out to fiddle with her wife's long auburn shaded hair.

"You. How I am the luckiest woman in the world just to be breathing the same air as you, let alone be married to you." Santana smiled and Abbey blushed. Santana then grinned.

"I think that's the first time I've seen you blush. And you look…wow, me gusta." Santana said and Abbey grinned before placing a kiss upon Santana's nose, which the Latina giggled at.

"Basically the epicness that it is Abigail Scarlett Hawkins-Lopez?" Abbey asked and Santana let out a big grin, nodding.

"Well if you ask me, she's pretty epic." The darker girl then replied to which Abbey smiled at before taking Santana's hand, interlocking the mocha shaded fingers with her own, bringing them to her mouth and placing her wife's hand to her lips, placing a gentle kiss upon them.

"I love you so much." Abbey said and the girls grinned before Santana rested her head in the crook of Santana's shoulder. Abbey just gently rested her head upon Santana's before gently singing a line from one song that could only fit the situation right now as they both took in the fact that after so much pain, comes such a great reward: each other.

Go to the end of the earth for you

To make you feel my love


Songs used are 'All Day' by Cody Simpson, 'Here's To Love' from Down With Love, 'Don't You Wanna Stay' by Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson and 'To Make You Feel My Love' by Adele.

I know I didn't post on Friday and I am reeeeeeeally sorry for not posting it but something happened that was so bad: it made me step back and rethink my priorities, it was that bad (and yes when you're a young adult, that is also scary). But, a little dosage of my favourite medicine: music and I'm back in gear.

Alright! So that's it! The Abitana Story has closed its final chapter. I loved writing this couple and I hope to write about them again. But the 'Heart' spoilers made my heart stop and then beat as fast as a Formula 1 race car.

So, now to turn to 'The Benefit Of The Doubt'. And considering you guys are just so amazing, I'll give you a clue for the next 3 chapters :) And remember, no person performs twice.

Upcoming Chapter One: A canon couple who is still together as of 'Yes/No'.

Upcoming Chapter Two: One of my favourite all-time Glee couples, one half of which is an OC.

Upcoming Chapter Three: The adults take to the stage, in which there is a duet as well as a solo.

Until then, gesundheit!

P.S. A cast list for all of the wedding guests is just below. Apart from the people already cast on the show, the others are a what I like to call 'Cola Remix' aka, who I think would be good playing who.

Santana Lopez - Naya Rivera
Stephanie Lopez - Paz Vega
Alfonso Lopez - Benjamin Bratt
Reina Lopez - Chloe Noelle

Abigail Hawkins - Marissa von Bleicken
Caleb Hawkins - Adam Hicks

Rachel Berry - Lea Michele
Hiram Berry - Jeff Goldblum
Leroy Berry - Brian Stokes Mitchell
Shelby Corcoran - Idina Menzel

Jonathan Harmon - Aaron Tveit
Noah Puckerman - Mark Salling
Lauren Zizes - Ashley Fink
Kristopher Harmon - Ron Raimes
Lisa Harmon-Puckerman - Lucy Lawless
Sarah Puckerman - Naomi Scott
Jamie Harmon-Puckerman - Benjamin Goodall
April Rhodes - Kristin Chenoweth
Wilson Murrow - Nathan Lane

Kurt Hummel - Chris Colfer
Burt Hummel - Mike O'Malley
Carole Hudson-Hummel - Romy Rosemont
Finn Hudson - Cory Monteith
Ava Montgomery - Taylor Swift

Blaine Anderson - Darren Criss
Calvin Anderson - Matt Bomer
George Anderson - Norbert Leo Butz
Amy Anderson - Allison Janney

Brittany Pierce - Heather Morris
Dylan Armstrong - Neil Haskell

Mitchell Mason - Jonathan B Wright
Michelle Grayson - Vanessa Hudgens

Tina Cohen-Chang - Jenna Ushkowitz
Mike Chang - Harry Shum Jr

Francesca Hale - Lindsay Pearce
Rory O'Hare - Damian McGinty

Maxwell Clearwater - Cameron Mitchell
Peyton Marlowe - Savannah Outen

Adam McDough - Samuel Larsen
Steph Beckett - Christina Grimmie

Quinn Fabray - Dianna Agron
Artie Abrams - Kevin McHale

Mercedes Jones - Amber Riley
Sam Evans - Chord Overstreet

Alex Hawthorne - Sam Tsui
Ethan Pressman - Matt Doyle

Jesse St James - Jonathan Groff
Sebastian Smythe - Grant Gustin

William Schuester - Matthew Morrison
Emma Pillsbury - Jayma Mays

Shannon Beiste - Dot Marie Jones
Cooter Menkins - Eric Bruskotter