For my normal readers: I got the game "Epic Mickey" a while ago, and after playing thru it I feel in love with the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. A summary: Mickey messes up a land called "Wasteland" that is home to the forgotten characters of old. Oswald is their king and Mickey's older half-brother. After a journey of rebuilding the place, you get trapped inside the blot and you then save the day. This scene is from the end of the game when Oswald is holding Mickey's heart (the only way to leave is if you have a heart).

For everyone else: Hope you enjoy this story.

Disclaimer: I own a copy of "Epic Mickey", and nothing else. Disney has the rest.

A Heart

A heart.

Not just any heart, but his heart. Mickey Mouse's heart. My brother. Well, half-brother. And while I held it I realized something. I don't want it anymore.

At the beginning, I just wanted him out. Gone from my kingdom and back into his place. Then I learned he still had his heart. I wanted to leave with it. Take it from my bother so I could be a star again. Leave him in the Wasteland.

Then I learned the Blot was his fault. He got my sweet Ortensia turned into a statue like state and destroyed my kingdom. I was so mad! I was ready to forgive, and then he told me it was his fault. I jumped up for a fight, fists raised, ready to deck my brother, only to release the Blot. Everything was now for not. Ortensia lost her life for no reason now, and the Blot was going to destroy our home. Then the Blot grabbed Gus and I, and Mickey saved us by giving up his heart. After being released, we made a plan. Mickey restored the land and my throne room while I started to set up the fireworks. After they were all the way set up, the Blot grabbed us yet again, and this time Mickey jumped in to save us.

And now I hold his heart. Now I could leave. But I'm not going to. His heart holds not just the love others give him, but his love to others as well. I'm surprised I can feel it. There's love for his friends, Minnie, Walt… and me. The one who had done so much to stop him from getting home, and he still loves me. And Ortensia as well. They haven't even really met in person yet! But all that love, well, I can see why Walt loved him.

And I do as well. So I'm giving it back so he can be loved and love us back. So good luck brother, you're going home, I'm staying here.

It's done, yeah! I wrote it during Math class. Lectures are so boring sometimes. Hope you all enjoyed. ~Amby