This is my first Doctor Who fan fic, so I hope it is ok. I've had this idea for a while bt it was really last night's episode that reminded me about it, so I started writing. Anyway please review and let me know what you think!

River Song stared around the bare hospital room. It was white; boring plain sterile white and it smelled strongly of bleach. She looked wistfully out of the window, the world was a fascinating place, it carried on even when you were trapped in the medical centre of the Stormcage Containment Facility. River returned to staring at the ceiling, she was sure if she looked hard enough she could see a crack which looked like a very angry judoon.

Suddenly she heard a sound outside the door. Cautiously she picked up the one weapon she had in the room-a toothbrush and held it out infront of her. The lock clicked and the handle of the door was pushed down, the door creaked open slowly, to reveal a man standing, sonic screwdriver in hand, behind the door.

'Sweetie?' River asked walking slowly towards the man, her arms out stetched.

'I got your message, River' the Doctor said as he pulled her into a tight hug, his nose burying into her unruly curly hair. 'What have they been doing to you?' he asked as she pulled out of the hug and he noticed she was wearing a hospital gown and looking rather pale and withdrawn.

'It was my fault' she replied sadly.'I was trying to escape; I had managed to get out of my cell by using a key I nicked off the guard who bought me dinner. Anyway as I was sneaking out towards the main hanger, where I hoped to steal a ship, and I was shot by a stun-ray in the back by one of the guards. Obviously they did not know, how badly an electric current affects me, I collapsed, I hit my head, my hearts went into shock and I ended up in here.'

'Where are we?' the Doctor asked, as they sat down on the small white bed in the corner, pulling out a faded blue diary from his jacket pocket 'have we done the pyramids?' he asked.

River shook her head as the Doctor flicked backwards through his diary 'the lost temple? Paris? Ancient Greece?' River continued to shake her head sadly. 'How long have you been locked up in the Stormcage?' he asked finally trying to work out where they were in their respective timelines.

'Six months' she replied

'And this was you're first escape attempt?'

'Second' she mumbled 'I tried to escape when I first got here but that failed, obviously. Please tell me I get better at escaping in the future?' she asked him hopefully.

'Spoilers' the Doctor replied kissing the top of her head, he hated seeing the normally bright and vivacious River Song, looking so dejected and forlorn. 'So where do you want to go for your birthday?' he asked her.

'It's my birthday today?'

'Unless the TARDIS has got it wrong again, I'm sure today is the 24th June, aka your birthday'

'I'd forgotten' River replied as they made their way out of the medical centre and into the TARDIS, which had been parked really inconspicuously against a white wall. River raced inside, relishing the feeling of freedom and headed into the vast TARDIS wardrobe to change out of her disgusting hospital gown. She past various clothes from different eras, the Doctor's ridiculous scarf and hat collection and headed towards the more normal end of the wardrobe. As she looked through the rack of clothes a smell hit her, following this smell she continued making her way through the clothes until she came across a red jumper, scarf and checked shirt. River breathed in the familiar scent, she recognised it but she just could not place where it came from.

'Sweetie whose were these?' she called out as she quickly changed into some other clothes, she was going for practical and comfy rather than glamorous today.


'Whose were these?' she repeated curiously holding them up in the air for the Doctor to see

The Doctor became suspiciously silent

'Sweetie?' she asked as she ran down the spiral staircase towards him.

'They belonged to Amelia Pond' the Doctor said finally, turning his back to her and playing with some of the buttons on the TARDIS' control panel. 'She must have left them on here when she left.'

River stared at the back of the Time Lord in shock; these were her mother's clothes; her red haired, passionate Scottish mother's clothes. The smell brought back feelings of being safe. She closed her eyes.

you will be loved...what are you going to be very very brave...Melody Pond is a superhero...




River opened her eyes, to find the Doctor standing over her, looking into her eyes.

'You ok? He asked worriedly

'I'm fine sweetie' she replied 'so where are you taking me?' she asked sitting back on one of the chairs.

'Where do you want to go?' he replied

'Oh, how exciting' River exclaimed dancing around the controls 'well there's the Tudors or I've always wanted to meet the last ever Monarch of the Golabis moon and...' she was cut off from her ramble as the TARDIS started to move. 'Where's she taking us?' she cried as she grabbed onto the computer watching the time machine fly through the votex.

'No idea, what do you think you are doing, Sexy?' the confused time lord asked now glaring controls 'It was River's birthday choice today.'

TARDIS suddenly came to a halt, 'where are we sweetie?' River asked, picking herself of the floor, where she had been flung as the TARDIS had landed.

The time lord ran to have a look at the screen. 'Leadworth England 2039' he read off, a smile forming on his face.

'Where?' asked the confused River, why had the TARDIS brought them here?

'River, she's brought you home.'

Rory Williams stared up at the sky, here in the middle of the countryside, on the outskirts of a tiny village you could see all the stars shining clearly. 'Happy Birthday Melody' he whispered.

'Hey Rory!' came a loud voice of a woman running down the garden. 'Amy wants you inside to do the present box, Melly wants to blow out here candles soon, and I need to set up this telescope' she said, catching her breath.

'You shouldn't be rushing be rushing around like that, Jenny' he replied turning round to speak to his blond haired daughter-in-law, it's not good for the baby'.

'Baby's fine' she replied rubbing her round stomach, 'now you'd better head inside.'

'Right' and with one last look at the stars he started to head in the direction of the house.

As Jenny quickly set up the telescope, she noticed Rory's footsteps falter. She turned around causiously, wondering what had caused him to stop. 'Amy said she wanted to do the present box now Ror-' She stopped, there were two people blocking his way in the darkness. From the light in the house she could just make out Rory glaring into the eyes of a strange man, who had a woman by his side.

'Doctor' Rory said tersely.

'Rory' the man replied.

'Doctor?' Jenny said loudly in disbelief coming into view.

'Not now Jenny' Rory replied, still staring at the man-the doctor-it couldn't be?

'Dad' she whispered quietly

'Jenny?' he asked moving his gaze from Rory on her 'Jenny is that you?'

Jenny nodded

River stared curiously at this Jenny, who was she, why was she making the Doctor tear up?'

Rory cleared his throat. 'What are you doing here?' he asked the Doctor

'The Tardis brought us here' River answered making her presence known. Rory stared at her in disbelief



Rory looked slightly more shocked. River-Melody had never really called his Dad before, unless you counted her teasing in Hitler's office.

'Ok I'm confused' Jenny interjected crossly. 'Why is she calling you Dad?' she asked turning to Rory 'Who is she?' she asked pointing at River 'and why the Doctor trying to sneak away?' she said, pointing at the time lord who was sneaking back towards the TARDIS. 'I shouldn't be here' he whispered.

At that very moment a young girl came flying out of the house and into the garden, grabbing all the adult's attention. 'Grandpa' she shouted 'Nana says that if you don't come in right now and do the present box with her, you won't get any of my wonderful spaceship shaped cake!'

'I'm coming Melly! Tell your Nana we've got visitors!' Rory shouted back. 'Now Jenny, you know what the present box means to Amy, can you try and explain everything to the Doctor?' he asked earnestly, willing her to understand what was happening

Jenny, slightly bewildered, nodded silently, gesturing for the two time travellers to walk with her up the garden, away from the house.

Rory ran back towards the house, through the open back door and stopped in the warm kitchen, where his lovely wife was finishing icing their rocket shaped granddaughter's cake.

'Mel said we had visitors?' Amy asked putting the five candles on top of the cake. 'Who are they?'

'It's the Doctor' he replied nervously, coming up behind her and giving her a hug for he knew how much the Doctor's absence had hurt her.

'Why now? After all this time?' She asked as she carried the cake towards the table.

'Apparently the TARDIS brought them here' Rory replied

'Hang on a sec, you said visitors? Who else did he bring?' Amy asked placing the cake on the table


Amy gasped and looked at her husband 'River' she repeated weakly sitting down, thinking about her lost daughter and one time best friend.

Rory kissed the top of her head. 'It going to be alright' he told her.

At that very moment Melly came rushing into the kitchen, her curly red hair flying out behind her. 'Aunty Jenny's coming back with those people' she told her grandparents. 'Who are they?' the five year old asked curiously.

'Some old friends of ours, Mel' Amy said giving her a hug, why don't we go and meet them?'

Rory sighed, standing up to follow his wife, this could be intresting...