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They finished the rocket shaped cake in silence. Melly was sitting oblivious to the tension filling the room, licking the last remaining bits of icing from her small sticky fingers. 'Can I go and stargaze now?' she asked her grandmother, her legs swinging eagerly from side to side under the table.

'Why don't you clean up and put on a coat?' Amy suggested to her granddaughter 'you seem to have icing all round your mouth.'

'But Nana, I want to go now!'

'Melanie, please' Amy asked. Melly jumped off her chair in defeat, stomping up the stairs very loudly.

'She's just like Josie was when she was that age' Rory commented.

'Ok explain' Jenny said suddenly, going straight to the point 'Who is she?' she asked pointing at River who was sitting unusually quietly in the corner.

'My name is River Song' she replied

'And you travel with the Doctor?'

'From time to time' River answered evasively.

'Where are you?' Rory asked, trying to figure out where River was in her timeline.

'um...I've just been in the Stormcage for six months' she replied.

'So this is early for you?' Amy asked.

River nodded her head nervously.

'I'm still really confused!' Jenny said.

The Doctor looked down at the cup of tea in his hands, trying to figure out how to tell Jenny about River. Amy and Rory looked at each other, trying to work out whether River wanted to be known as their daughter and River took a deep breath.

'When I was born, my mother named me Melody Pond' she began quietly. 'She told be stories about a centurion, tried to keep me safe throughout all the fighting and told me to very brave.'

'You're?' Jenny looked at River in disbelief before turning to look at Amy and Rory.

'I was taken by an organisation set on destroying the Doctor' River continued, her eyes closed, remembering those first painful years. Amy reached across the table to take River's hands in hers and gave them a small comforting squeeze.

'But the Doct-' Jenny's next question was cut off by an impatient five year old standing at the door.

'Can Aunt Jenny take me stargazing now?' Melly asked impatiently, her arms folded crossly. 'You promised me you would take me stargazing with my new telescope for my birthday!'

Jenny knew she had to let this conversation go for now, she knew she could always ask one of her parents-in-law about it later. 'Coming Melly! she replied, taking on last sip from her now cold cup of tea and standing up slowly.'

'Why doesn't the Doctor go with you too?' Amy suggested, looking at him trying to convay that she wanted to spend some time with her long lost daughter.

'The Doctor? What sort of name is that' the five year old asked incredulously. 'What do you know about the stars, doctors just stick horrible needles in people and play with blood.'

'I'm not a normal Doctor' he replied standing up and approaching the small girl. 'I'm the Doctor' he announced adjusting his bowtie'

'And you know all about stars and planets?'

'Yes, yes, I know about those.'

'And the moon, because I want to be the first woman on the moon when I am older?'

'Oh, I know lots about the moon' he replied, winking at Amy and Rory before taking Melly's hand and letting her lead him towards the telescope at the back of the garden.

'Come with me' Amy said finally, breaking the tension that had once again filled the small kitchen. 'I've got something to show you'

Rive followed Amy and Rory out of the warm kitchen and up the stairs, she passed photos of Amy and Rory, Amy with a little boy and a girl, Rory with the two children who seemed to get older the further they progressed up the stairs. River found herself in her parent's room, staring intently at the picture on the wall. It was a picture of Amy, Rory and Mels taken on the beach, where Rory's mum had taken them to celebrate the end of primary school. River smiled at that day all those years ago. They had been bundled into the car and driven all the way to Bournemouth, where they had spent the day making a TARDIS shaped sand sculpture.

Rory caught River looking at the picture wistfully, 'we had to have a picture of you somewhere' he commented.

'You're bedroom?'

'The only place the children ever really entered, we knew they would ask awkward questions about who you were.'

'Ah ha! Got it!' Amy announced pulling a box out from within the depths of her wardrobe before placing it carefully on the bed.

River peered over at it curiously as Rory went over to give his wife a hug.

'It's your present box' Amy explained a tear falling down your face. 'It started after Josie was born, when it finally had sunk in that we would never get to raise you probably. We kept on think of your first birthday or Christmas or day at school so we made this box to give to you if we ever saw you again, just so you knew how much we missed you.'

River stared at the lid; it was painted a pale pink and decorated with gold and silver stars. She slowly fingered her name, her real name, written in dark TARDIS blue swirly script on the top. Melody Pond-Williams.


'Ever since I left the TARDIS all those years ago, I've never been a Pond' Amy remarked 'It brought back to many memories. Amy Pond was reckless and naive, Amelia Williams is a wife, mother and slightly more responsible!' she added with a laugh. 'Well open it up!'

River slowly opened the lid. The box was filled with loads of packages and parcels, covered with different wrapping papers. 'What's this?' River asked holding up a scrap of embroidered material.

'Thats a prayer leaf, embroidered with your name' Amy replied. 'It was made for my by an extremely brave young soldier on Deamons Run. It's how you got your name.' River looked at Amy curiously.

'It's written in the language of the gamma forests' Rory explained 'and the only water in the forest is the river.

'Anyway maybe you would like to open your present this year?' Amy asked holding out a small package 'with your arrival, we never managed to put it in the box. Happy Birthday Melody' she whispered handing it out into River's outstretched hands.

'It's somethings to help you escape from the stormcage easily' Rory remarked smiling.

River tore open the present slowly, savouring what it felt like to open the first birthday present that she had been given from her parents. 'A Votex manipulator!' she said pulling it free from the wrapping 'and hallucinogenic lipstick!' Where did you find these?' she asked.

'Ah spoilers' Amy said with a smile, giving River a hug 'I think you'll find them very useful'

Suddenly they heard the sound of people coming up the stairs.

'She fell asleep' the Doctor commented, holding the small figuire of Melanie Williams in his arms. Rory showed him into her bedroom, where she was placed gently on the bed.

'You're ok?' The Doctor asked River as they made their way back to the TARDIS after saying their goodbyes to Jenny, Amy and Rory.

'I'm fine sweetie' she replied clutching the box of presents to her chest, her most recent present hidden safely in her coat pocket. 'I know I'll see them all again soon.'