As it begins, it shows a forest. In the forest was a camp with five kids doing stuff.

The first kid was a girl wearing a brown dress, wore glasses, and had brown hair that was braided. Her name was Komachi. The next kid was a boy. He was wearing a red scarf, wearing a yellow jacket, green shorts, and had light brown hair. His name was Tonepei. The third one was another boy. He also wore a red scarf, had a yellow jacket, green pants and had blond hair. He was called Cheetah. The fourth one was a girl. She had blue hair that was made into a ponytail with a red ribbon. She wore a white sleeveless shirt, red pants, and wore a necklace with a star on it. Her name was Kenpa. The last child was a girl with long blond hair and was wearing a red bandana and pink goggles on her head. She wore a yellow jacket with a red shirt under it and wore a blue skirt. She was called Yuri.

All five of them were good friends and each had different hobbies they liked.

Kenpa: Look you guys! There's the Big Dipper!

Cheetah: You always notice them first!

Kenpa: Don't forget whose mom gave her child a Luck Star!

Komachi: Guys we shouldn't argue while we're having fun.

Tonepei: I often wonder what it would be like to be in the sky at night. I bet it would be cool!

Yuri: Hey look! There's a lot of falling star!

Kenpa: I don't remember any news of any falling stars.

Tonepei: Don't look now, but I think some of them are heading towards us!

The five of them watch in horror as those five falling stars were heading towards them. Then they were surrounded in bright light. Yuri couldn't see her friends in the light and then her mind went blank.

A few moments later, Yuri came to her senses when she heard a voice.

?: Yuri. Wake up.

Yuri opened her eyes and saw what was sitting on her. It was a small pink bulb-shaped creature with a big blue flower blooming on its head.

Yuri: Who are you?

?: Hi Yuri. My name is Yokomon and I've been waiting for you a long time.

Yuri: You've been waiting for me?

Yokomon: Yes. I have.

Just then, Yuri felt something in her pocket. She pulled it out and saw what it was. Some kind of device and it was pink with a heart at the top.

Yuri: What's this?

Yokomon: That's a digivice!

Yuri: Digivice?

Just then, there was a very loud roar in the area. Just then, out came a very large creature that looked like a stag beetle and was red.

Yokomon: Look out for Kuwagamon Yuri!

Yuri grabbed Yokomon and carried her as she ran while Kuwagamon was following them.

Yuri: What can we do?

Yokomon: Hide in that tree!

Yuri dove inside the tree. Once they were inside, Yuri noticed the inside was metal while the outside looked like a tree. Then they heard Kuwagamon roaring and looked up and saw it flying away.

Yuri: That was a good thing you thought of this. What is this by the way?

Yokomon: This is a hiding tree. It is a very good place to hide.

?: Hello. Is anyone here?

Yuri: That's one of my friends!

She walked out of the tree and saw Komachi.

Komachi: Yuri! I'm so glad to see you!

Yuri: Me too! By the way, meet Yokomon.

Komachi: She's so cute. I have one too.

Beside Komachi was a small yellow round ball creature with four legs, a pair of sharp pointy fox ears and a fluffy white-tipped tail.

?: Hello. You appear quite pleasant. Viximon is my name and I am pleased to meet you.

Yuri: She looks like a fox.

Komachi: Yeah and she says she's my partner.

Yuri: So has Yokomon.

Komachi: Where are we anyway Yuri? This doesn't look like where we were camping.

Viximon: Why you're in the Digital World.

Just then, another creature appeared. It resembled a small gray owlet with purple feathers tipped on its wings.

Komachi: Another one?

Yuri: What's that?

Yokomon: That's a Hootmon.

Hootmon: Kenpa! Over here!

Then Kenpa appeared from bushes and was running to Hootmon.

Kenpa: I'm coming Hootmon!

As she was hugging him, Tonepei appeared and was carrying a small purple creature with hand-like wings.

Yuri: Tonepei! You too!

Tonepei: Yeah. I'm here.

Yuri: No. That thing you're holding.

Tonepei: Oh him? Well um…

?: Hi there. I'm Hopmon. In fact, everyone calls me that.

Kenpa and Hootmon were already getting along as they were cuddling each other. Just then, there was a scream. Out of some bushes ran Cheetah.

Yuri: Cheetah?

Behind Cheetah was a brown creature with flippers, orange hair on its head and was floating while following him.

Cheetah: Guys help me! This thing won't leave me alone!

?: Hey, who are you calling a thing? (perched on Cheetah's shoulder) I'm no stuffed animal. The name is Bukamon.

As Bukamon giggled, Cheetah looked nervous. Then he noticed the other creatures.

Cheetah: Don't you guys see those creatures? They're everywhere!

Yuri: Don't worry Cheetah. They won't hurt you. They're all really friendly.

Tonepei: But what are you guys?

All 5 Digimon: We're digimon!

All 5 kids: Digimon?

Yokomon: We're actually adorable.

Viximon: And very loyal.

Hootmon: Have feathers or fur.

Hopmon: Or don't have feathers or fur.

Bukamon: We're very funny.

Yuri: It's great to meet you all. I'm Yuri. This is Komachi.

Komachi: It's an honor to meet you.

Yuri: Tonepei.

Tonepei: This place is really nice.

Yuri: Cheetah: Nice to meet you all.

Cheetah: Nice to meet you all.

Yuri: And Kenpa.

Kenpa: I hope we become good friends.

Tonepei: By the way Yuri, do you know what this is?

He took something out of his pocket and Yuri gasped when she saw it. It was a digivice like hers, but it was purple and had a wing at the top.

Yuri: That's a digivice!

Tonepei: Is that what it's called?

Komachi: I was wondering what mine was.

Kenpa: I have one too!

Cheetah: Me three!

Komachi, Cheetah, and Kenpa took out theirs and showed them. Komachi's was yellow and it had an animal footprint on it. Cheetah's was blue and had an ocean wave on it. Kenpa's was light purple and it had a star on it. Suddenly, a loud roar got their attention. They turned their heads and saw the same Kuwagamon that Yuri saw.

Yuri: Run!

Tonepei: Why?

Yuri: Just run!

The kids carried their digimon and ran while the Kuwagamon was chasing them. They still kept running until they stopped at the edge of a cliff. They turned around and saw the Kuwagamon walking straight towards them.

Komachi: Now what'll we do?

Viximon: We fight.

Komachi: Huh?

Viximon: That's what digimon do.

The digimon leaped out of their hands and charged at the Kuwagamon.

Yokomon: Bubble blow!

Viximon: Killing stone!

Hootmon: Hoot peck!

Hopmon: Hip hop!

Bukamon: Bubble blow!

The attacks hit the Kuwagamon, but it wasn't enough. As it roared, the Kuwagamon used its horns to attack. The attack was very powerful and the digimon landed by the kids' feet.

Yuri: Yokomon! Are you all right?

Yokomon: I'm all right.

Komachi: Are you hurt Viximon?

Viximon: No. I'm fine.

Tonepei: Speak to me Hopmon!

Hopmon: I'm okay.

Cheetah: Bukamon! You okay?

Bukamon: yes.

Kenpa: Please get up Hootmon!

Hootmon: Hootmon okay.

Yuri: That digimon is too strong! We have to run!

Yokomon: no. We can't give up. I will protect you no matter what!

Yuri: Yokomon. I believe in you Yokomon!

Komachi: Please be careful Viximon.

Viximon: Don't worry. I will.

Kenpa: Good luck Hootmon!

Hootmon: Hootmon will!

Tonepei: Go get him Hopmon!

Hopmon: Sure thing!

Cheetah: Don't let him beat you Bukamon!

Bukamon: I'll take care of him!

Then the digimon jumped in the air as they were ready to battle Kuwagamon.

Cheetah: Don't give up Bukamon!

Tonepei: Show him what you're made of Hopmon!

Kenpa: I have faith in you Hootmon!

Komachi: I'm with you the whole way Viximon!

Yuri: I'll be strong like you Yokomon!

Suddenly, their digivices began glowing and the digimon began glowing also.

Kenpa: What's happening?

Yuri: I don't know.

As the light grew brighter, the digimon began changing.

Yokomon: Yokomon digivolve to…. Biyomon!

Viximon: Viximon digivolve to…. Renamon!

Hopmon: Hopmon digivolve to…. Monodramon!

Bukamon: Bukamon digivolve to…. Gomamon!

Hootmon: Hootmon digivolve to…. Falcomon!

As the light cleared away, the kids saw what the digimon looked like. Yokomon had changed into Biyomon. She looked like a small pink bird with blue-tipped feathers on her head, three pink claws tipped on her wings, and a ring on one of her legs. Viximon had changed into Renamon. She looked fox-like, had a fox-like face, a long bushy tail, stood on two legs, and still had her yellow fur. Hopmon had changed into Monodramon. He looked like a purple dragon and had wings on his arms. Bukamon had changed into Gomamon. He looked like a harp seal, had purple markings and spots all over his body, and some orange hair on the back of his head. Hootmon had changed into Falcomon. He resembled an owl and looked like a ninja.

Komachi: What happened to them?

Yuri: They're bigger.

Then the digimon charged at Kuwagamon and began fighting. Kuwagamon roared and pushed them back with its horn. But the digimon got back up.

Biyomon: That's it. You asked for it!

Falcomon: Ninja blade!

He threw metal stars at the Kuwagamon and they all hit.

Biyomon: My turn now! Spiral twister!

She starts flapping in the air and forms a twister made out of green flames.

Renamon: Diamond storm!

She launches white diamonds and sends them at Kuwagamon.

Monodramon: Air gun!

He jumps in the air and fires an attack out of is mouth.

Gomamon: Marching fishes!

He summons fish and they begin attacking. When the attacks hit, Kuwagamon roared.

Biyomon: Tough guy huh? All together guys!

They used their attacks all at once and the combined attack defeated Kuwagamon. It roared as it flew away.

Gomamon: We did it!

The kids cheered as they ran to their digimon. Each kid hug their digimon while congratulating them.

Kenpa: You were amazing!

Cheetah: That was awesome!

Tonepei: That was the coolest thing I ever saw!

Komachi: I'm so happy that you won!

Yuri: I'm so proud of you!

Suddenly there was a cracking noise. The gang lifted their heads and saw the spot of the cliff they were standing on was about to crack. Before they could run, the earth started to crumble and gave way. They all screamed as they began falling down.