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Misaki POV

I'm Takahashi Misaki, 18 years old, graduating high school this year. I currently live with my Nii-san, Takahiro. His best friend is Usami Akihiko; I've never met him though. He and Nii-san went to school together. Now he is a famous novelist. My brother just told me he was getting married. His wife's name is Manami Kajiwara. She seems like a nice person. But they are going to move to Osaka due to a company transfer. That means I will have no family around but I don't want to be a burden on Nii-san. "Nii-san, Manami-san I'm going for a walk."

"Okay Misaki, be careful." Takahiro called. Overprotective, as always.

I opened the door while putting on my shoes. I forget my coat before I went, but I didn't care. I walk out into the nothingness.

I walk aimlessly; I don't know where to go as I think. My parents are dead, my brother is moving. I'll have to go into the world alone. That's not really a surprise though, since I've always hidden my feelings. I don't want to be a burden on my brother. I have a job, and I've been saving up my yen. Although I don't want to be alone, I have to. I have to for my brother. I'll alone. I'm all alone; again.

Now I didn't know where I was. I didn't freak out though. I just sighed and kept walking. I was going to make a big circle. I heard a heard a rustle and turned. Then, a Nya sound: Neko. I walked over to sound behind the bushes. A cat was stuck in one of the bushes, which had thorns. I didn't notice until one of them cut my pant leg. I swiftly pulled the cat out. The cat rubbed it's head on my leg in return, and then trotted off. Cats are so elegant and cute. I want to get a cat when I move.

I sighed for the second time. I knew sighing wouldn't solve anything, but I couldn't help it at this point. I wanted to let it out before going home, so Nii-san wouldn't worry. Suddenly I felt a hand grabs both mine and spin me around, throwing me against a wall I didn't even notice was there.

"Hey! What are you-" I felt a sharp stab in my arm, my mouth opened, but nothing came out as my eyes grew wide. I heard laughter. It was not a happy, cheerful laughter; instead it was a hollow, dark laughter.

A moment later my eyes drooped; they felt heavy, like weights. Another person approached me, and punched me in the stomach a few times. Pain surged through like an ocean wave. Then my hands were let go and I dropped to the ground. My head hurt, my lower back hurt, my stomach hurt. Everything was spinning, my vision swam and I closed my eyes. It began to snow; I felt the cold white snow on my face. They felt like small pools of cold fire. After a few minutes, everything was quiet aside from my harsh breathing, the pounding in my chest, and fading footsteps. I couldn't stay awake any longer. I was swallowed by the darkness in my vision.

Hiroki POV

The bookstore closed. I was walking toward a particular restaurant; coming from the bookstore. When I approached the street I saw that it was closed. I'll just cook dinner. The snow is beautiful. I'll keep going and take the long way home.

As I walked I saw a streetlight flicker; then it turned on. I continued walking, until I saw something underneath the light, behind the bushes. I got closer. Is that a… it is! Someone needs help! I ran over to the body. I looked at the face. The person looked like a high school girl. Eyes closed, not a good sign. I saw breathing though, so I dusted the layer of snow off the person and put my jacket over her, picking her up. I put the person on my back, piggyback style and ran to my house.

When I got in I immediately placed this new person onto my bed, and began to remove the sweater. Instead of removing it completely I decided to lift it, since she was a girl and...yeah. I looked at her face. No serious injuries she won't have to go the hospital.

I lifted her shirt and thick sweater and saw that her stomach had an angry bruise coming in. There were a few cuts and a gash, so I wrapped her stomach in a bandage after cleaning the cuts. Besides that there is nothing wrong with her. She just got roughed up a bit. I'm glad she's alright though. I do wonder who she is though, she looks familiar. I put her into the spare bed a room over and pulled up the sheets. I'll let her sleep it off. She'll feel better later.

-1 hour later-

I just finished making dinner, so I'm going to check on her upstairs. I walk in with a tray of food and a glass of water, hoping that she woke up already. I heard a muffled vibrating sound. I reach into the kids pocket and grab her shaking phone. The caller ID says 'Nii-san' so I picked it up.

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