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Usagi sat on the couch with Aikawa as they started their little meeting. Misaki made tea before going upstairs; after removing his 'breasts' of course. He began cleaning the rooms upstairs until he got to the familiar toy filled one. He dusted everywhere, changed ribbons, moved toys, and all the like. He began cleaning the bed when he was finished with everything else. After making the bed as neat as it possibly could, he reached across the bed to grab a bear that fell; his arm outstretched to get it. His eyes felt heavy as he felt the day weighing on him. He sighed and dropped on the bed.

A half hour later Usagi's meeting was done and Aikawa had left already. He went upstairs to go check on Misaki. He was worried since the boy hadn't come down for some time, and he was curious as to why. Maybe he was embarrassed?

He went to his bedroom, opening the almost completely closed door. He was astounded, amazed, baffled, and most of, turned on at the sight.

Misaki was on the bed, lying on his side, one leg lifted up, the other stretched completely out. His tail twitched ever so slightly, deep in what seemed like its own slumber. One arm was folded and rested on Misaki's hip, the other being used as a pillow. Usagi's lavender eyes traveled along Misaki's green and white striped socks going up…up. The small dress covered enough so that Usagi could not see his 'prize' that was under the dress.

He slowly approached; like a precious creature that would run away if noticed. Once he was in front of the green beauty he put a knee on the bed, kneeling over Misaki. His hand reached and traveled up Misaki's leg. As if on cue, Misaki's already lifted leg lifted higher. Usagi's hand continued its traveling up the graceful leg. Usagi was in pure bliss. Usagi reached up and removed the bows in Misaki's chocolate brown locks. Misaki's eyes opened halfway, and he looked at Usagi, not realizing right away what was really going on.

"Ngh…Usagi-san?" Usagi was instantly hard. Usagi's hand went unnoticed as he leaned down and kissed Misaki. "Hey! What the hell-" Usagi's wandering hand effortlessly slipped into Misaki's minuscule green shorts, earning a sharp gasp. "Hey what-mph!" Usagi covered Misaki's slightly agape mouth with his own in a passionate kiss.

All Misaki's strength drained from his small body as their tongues danced. Usagi's hand continuously stroked faster, earning quite a few moans from the pleasure enveloped teen. A low moan of Usagi's name erupted from the smaller boy's throat as he released his essence into his older lover's hand.

Usagi removed his hands from the boy's heat and looked at his flushed face. Misaki was already panting lightly, he chest rising and falling quickly underneath him as he came down from his unexpected orgasm. His green eyes accumulating a dark shade of lust as the larger man transcended to strip the boy underneath him.

He untied the large white bow on Misaki's back, his large cool hand unraveling the knot before gliding discretely across the smooth, warm skin that was Misaki's back; running along Misaki's spine until he got to the fluffy chocolate tail. Misaki shivered from Usagi's roaming hands. Usagi smirked as he continued to strip the increasingly aroused boy. His apron slipped off, followed by the green dress. Underneath it was a shorter, thinner, and silkier dress.

"Misaki" His husky voice boomed

"Hmm?" Misaki didn't trust his voice or his foggy mind to form coherent words

"How can you seduce me so much?" Usagi nipped hungrily at the sensitive skin on Misaki's collar bone, leaving Misaki defenseless and vulnerable to Usagi's advances.

Usagi's hand slipped up the small, and almost see through cloth.

"Oh? You're hard here too" Usagi took the erect bud into his mouth, Misaki body arching with intense heady underneath him. Misaki shivered with delight as Usagi blew cold air onto his exposed chest. Usagi grabbed the clear bottle of thick, slippery liquid, pouring it generously onto his hand. Once the substance was warm, his large hand slipped down to Misaki's entrance. The boy gasped as he felt the fingers invasion.

The burning sensation and anxiety soon fled as it turned into pleasure, another finger entering his entrance. Usagi slowly but surely prepared the boy for what was to come next.

Misaki opened his eyes, lifted his head so that he looked at his older lover. 'When did his clothes come off?'

Misaki was so absorbed in Usagi's hands that he hadn't noticed that Usagi had already rid himself of his own clothes. Misaki's head dropped back to the bed as Usagi removed his hand from Misaki's entrance. Misaki opened his eyes as Usagi steadily positioned himself. Misaki bit his lip, closing his large eyes once more as Usagi inserted himself. Misaki squirmed with pleasure, his tail rapidly swishing from side to side expectantly.

Usagi gazed at Misaki's face. 'Absolutely delectable'

Misaki flattened inn pleasure as Usagi leaned down, capturing the boy's mouth before he thrusted into Misaki. Misaki broke the kiss, turning his head to the side as he moaned shamelessly. Misaki kept his head to the side, in an attempt to hide his obvious blush that had formed from his sudden outburst. He failed of course.

Usagi continued to pick up his pace. Misaki clenched his jaw shut, trying to keep any sound from coming out; he knew that Usagi loved when he made sounds, it seemed to excite him. Not this time. Usagi noticed the sudden silence from the boy, and immediately figured out what he was doing.

"Misaki…" Usagi whispered, dragging out his name. Misaki squirmed, a low moan trying to escape. Usagi lifted Misaki's legs over his shoulders, thrusting deeper into him. Misaki groaned, as his hands found the bed sheets. Usagi's hand found Misaki's erection, making it burst back with attention. Misaki moaned without restraint, his eyes becoming wide as his head flew back, exposing his neck as he stared dazed at the ceiling. Usagi's ears perked as Usagi began to stroke Misaki's length.

Usagi smirked, picking up his speed.

"Ngh! Usagi-san…!" A white stream of silk clashed on both their chests. Usagi groaned as he released his own essence inside Misaki. They both collapsed, panting profusely.

Misaki opened his eyes when his breathing finally evened out enough, only to find Usagi looking straight into his eyes.


"Misaki" Misaki closed his eyes again.


"I love you."

"…W-we should go get cleaned up." Misaki struggled under the silver haired man, but his weight was practically crushing him. Usagi hands slipped underneath Misaki as he picked him up, to Misaki surprise.

"What are you doing?" Misaki didn't have the energy to scream, or flail anymore at the perverted man.

"Were going to get cleaned up" Usagi said, as if stating the obvious


Usagi carried Misaki to the bathroom, opening the door. He gently placed Misaki in the warm tub. He had prepared a bath when his meeting with Aikawa was over. Usagi patted Misaki head before going downstairs to the other bathroom to take a shower. Misaki relaxed into the bath, gently scrubbing himself with a soapy scrubby.

'When did it become natural to have sex with Usagi?' Misaki sighed, letting himself sink into the warm water.

When Usagi was done with his shower, he dressed, and went upstairs. When he opened the door, he found that Misaki was asleep, though the water was already cold. Usagi chuckled before getting a towel, taking Misaki from his watery bed and into a warm towel. He carried him to their bed, Misaki's tail dangling contently behind him.

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