Disclaimer: I don't own HP.

AN: Written for the "Anything and Everything" challenge posted on HPFC by astronauts.

Pairing: George and Alicia

Prompt: "All generalizations are false, including this one."

You know, honey, they don't really see you. Just another prankster, one h-a-l-f of the W/e/a/s/l/e/y t/w/i/n/s.

They don't see her either. It's all QuidditchQuidditchQuidditch and Angelina's fire, somehow she pales in comparison.

"You're good at Quidditch." She remarks.

"That I am" you reply.

"All of you Weasleys must be. I mean, seriously?"

"All generalizations are false, including this one. Have you ever seen Percy on a broom?"

So maybe she doesn't have Angelina's fire or Katie's bravery but she's yours.

AN: That turned out really short… and bad. Oh well.

Credits to harrypotterobsessed for beta-ing.