"Oh...FUCK.... my head...sh..."

Celeste sat up with a pounding in her ears. She was on the floor of a brightly lit room surrounded by stark white walls. The only wall that was not like the rest was a long mirrored one that she was facing. As she sat upright off the cold tiles she felt a tremble go through her. She new this was bad news. All she could remember was sitting next to that bastard with blond hair and then blacking out.

"The prick....what had he done to me," she thought frantically. Subconsciously she rubbed where the needle had entered her arm and gave the white room another once-over. Celeste had a good enough idea that she was being observed through the mirror.

"How idiotic do they think I am" she thought. Everyone who has watched a crime drama at least once would know what exactly the mirror was used for, but she decided to play the fool. Pushing herself to her feet she stood up and turned away from the mirror, opting instead for a corner that was far enough from the door and away from the mirror. Sitting facing her corner, she waited, thinking.

"What's going to happen to me now? I do not want to work for any Pharmaceutical Corporation, I want to finish school. At least there they don't have to sedate me in order to get me to my next class."

Sighing she hunched over her knees, until a booming voice crashed through the room and set her spine in a straight line.

"Mrs. St. Clare, how nice it is to see you finally awake."

Celeste tilted her head slightly to glance around the room, trying to find the source of the voice. A speaker located in the corner by the locked steel door of her prison was the answer. Standing boldly upwards and slowly turning to the mirror, she took a couple steps forward.

"Who are you, and why am I here" Celeste said quietly, staring at her reflection, waiting for an answer.

"You are currently in Sector 7 of the HCF Pharmaceutical labs. You will be briefed on your new position as Research Scientist level 1."

Staring blankly, Celeste could not help but laugh. She had not meant for it to be out loud but was unable to control herself.

"I can't believe you people" she said bravely, "I have no knowledge of scientific aspects whatsoever. You say I will research, but what? What do I know that others do not? I am not a college grad, not even a high school grad."

Breathing heavily, she looked through the mirror with a new found confidence. Even though it was very and highly possible that a bunch of armed guards would burst through the door and sedate her again, she refused to back down. It wasn't really in her nature. Stubbornness was a trait that sometimes she appreciated. As she stood, uneasiness came over her. Why were they not responding? What were they planning on doing now? Worriedly she looked over at the door, shifting her weight to her left leg as she braced her body for a sprint past whatever was outside that door.

At the sound of the buzzer, the door slowly opened. Trembling now, Celeste held her ground and waited for the figure. Shock flooded over her as she saw who it was. Black clothes, blonde....

It was him.