Rose's bleary eyes snapped open as she heard the TARDIS making a weirder noise than usual. She rolled out of bed with a thump and secured her dressing down. Bracing herself for a mini earthquake. She crept out to hear the doctor.

"Look I didn't mean to!" She hear the TARDIS groan loudly in response.

"I'll fix it, I always do! Doctor the fixer, blah de blah. Now let me concentrate!" Another sigh of exasperation, but it came from the doctor this time. She heard the whirr of the sonic. She needed to investigate.

As she crept down the stairs to the control room, she saw the doctor sat on the floor with some sellotape.

"Fix!" he whispered at the mysterious object.

"What doctor?" Rose asked sweetly.

The doctor immediately turned around.

"Err Rose hi? Didn't think you'd be up now? Hungry? I-I could fix you some pancakes! Tea? Yes tea! We love tea!" He garbled turning a vivid red.

"Doctor? What have you got behind your back?" Rose signalled toward his hands which were holding something behind his back.

"What do you mean? Nothing course I don't have anything behind my back!" He whimpered in response. He was a terrible liar.

"Liar." She snorted. Then pulled out a cord dangling on the floor.

"Ouch!" He cradled his finger,

"Oh Rose please don't get annoyed? I thought it was an alien object! Please it's not my fault?" he rambled again cowering defensively.

Rose looked down at her laptop charger. Well. Half of her charger the other half was on the floor.

"HOW?" she yelled and flicked him hard on his wrist.

"I-I-I soniced it?" He whimpered

"Where am I gonna get a new one? The intergalactic shop of chargers?" She yelled pointing a finger at him menacingly.

The doctor frowned, and then tripped over the charger.

"Yow!" He whimpered looking at the floor.

Rose couldn't be angry at him and fell back laughing. She hauled him up.

"Well next stop PC world okay?" She giggled then walked off to the engines.

Leaving the doctor confused. Humans are so complicated. Angry one minute happy the next. He sighed and set the destination for England earth 2006 Pc world. He then got out more sellotape in hope of a last ditch attempt to fix it. Time lords could dream eh?

Rose laughed happily all the way up the ramp knowing justice had been done.

The end.