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One of my first fanfics. This is what I think might of happened after episode 5 "Schooled" .If you read issue #7 of the comics, Artemis was in Gotham stopping criminals like thieves etc. But then she saw Superboy, Robin and Kid Flash fighting Amazo in Gotham academy and helps them by distracting fanfic is about the events after in the cave when Robin accuses the league of "babysitting" them.

"Mount Justice August 4, 1:06 am"

Complications come with the job. Your ability to handle them has impressed the league.
The whole league?
Given time, yes. Of course there's no shame in asking for help, that's why the league exists, because there are some problems that even we can't handle individually
Robin: Please, if we needed help we would never get the chance to ask. Look familiar? You were following us, babysitting, you still don't trust us.
We didn't follow you.
Green Arrow pulled an arrow out of his quiver and compared the two arrows.
And that's not your arrow. But that means….Speedy
He has our backs
Batman and Green arrow exchanged looks, thinking the same thing.


The next day Batman and Green Arrow had a talk in the watchtower.
"Greenarrow;weboth know it couldn't have been Speedy, so how many people do you know in Gotham that can use a bow and arrow?"
GA thought for amoment. "Notmany. But I have a feeling that you know who it is"
"I'm not sure. Ionly knowthat Paula Crocks daughter can use a bow pretty well." Batman said with a glare on his face.
"Paula Crock? I haven't heard that name in about six years." GA said surprised.
" Shegot out of prison a few days ago"
"Andwhy would you think it's herdaughter?Isn't she an assassin for the shadows now?"
"I'm not talking about Cheshire"
"The younger one? Batman – She's been living with her father since her mom was sent to prison. Who knows what he taught her?And why do you believe it's her?"
" She's been fighting crime for a short time. Like thugs and robbers. I don't think her father knows"
"Then we should pay her a visit"

Later that day Batman and Green Arrow went to a small apartment in Gotham. A woman in a wheel chair answered the door.
"Batman? Green arrow? Isthere anything I can help you with?"
"Niceto see you again Paula. I see you're out of prison."
"Yesand I've givenup on that life.Sixyears in prison can really teach you something.No more crime for meso why are you here?"
"We're here to talk to your daughter"
"Artemis? Whathas she done?"
"Nothing.We would just like to talk to her"
Paula gave the two heroes a glare before she let them in. She wheeled herself back and let the two men in. "She's in her room. There's the door."
Green arrow knocked on the door
"It's open" a voice replied.
He opened the door and the two men walked in closing the door behind them.
The girl was on her bed, reading a book.
"HelloArtemis" Green arrow said in a friendly voice.
"Ifyou're looking for my dad I don't know where he is. My mom kicked him out"
"We're actually here to see you"
Artemis closed her book and looked up at Batman in a confused look.
"We've noticed that you've been on the streets stopping crime since your mother came back and your father left" Batman said.
"What's it to y-?"
"Wealso know that you had interference with a teamof young heroes."Green Arrow interrupted.
"Yeah.I recognized Kid Flash and Robin, but there was another boy with them.They were fighting this thing.I don't know what it was. When they finally destroyed it I saw Aqualad, Aquamans partner, walk in with this other green girl. " Artemis said.
"This team works for the League" Batman said.
"And we want you to be apart of it" Green Arrow added.
" Wenoticed thatyou want to turn a page and fight crime" Batman said.
"Iwant to make my own choices. Not have my dad make them for me." Artemis said
"We're willing to trust you and since your father will not be hearing about this, we want you to be our inside source to the league of shadows of your father. You will be giving them some information that we tell you, about the team so they think that you're a mole for them and so they don't find out"
Artemis looked up at the Dark Knight with a smile and replied"I'm in".