(A/N)This is based right after Humanity since I couldn't get any ideas for the earlier episodes.

The team returned to the cave. With Red Tornado by their side they entered the cave as if nothing happened. In front of them, Batman, Zatara and Black Canary were having a conversation, but were interrupted once the young heroes entered the cave. Batman looked at them all with a dissatisfied look on his face.

"ZATANNA!" Zatara screamed with anger.
"Uh-hey dad" Zatanna said with a nervous tone.

" You are grounded for life!"
"It's not her fault, we made her come with us"
Robin said trying to defend her.
"That's not true. I told them to take me with them. Dad, I want to be able to use my powers for good. I want a little adventure".

"Adventure? You could have gotten yourself killed!" .
Zatara was furious. Batman put his hand on Zataras shoulder.

"Zatara. I will handle them"
Zatara stepped back. Batman walked up to the team.
" Your actions were not acceptable. You took action even though you were not given permission to and you were given orders not to. Zatara strictly told you to stay in the cave. Zatanna is not a part of this team and if she had gotten hurt, the blame would be put on you six."

The team frowned and Robin stepped up.
" But we were a success. We brought back Red Tornado."
"I'm sure Tornado could have handled it himself."

Zatara was now shouting at Zatanna alone.
"You are grounded. You will only visit the cave when I give you permission and you will NOT join this team. I will think of your other punishments when we get home."
"But dad-
"No buts. I am your father and you will do as I tell you."

Artemis was now angry after hearing Zataras last words. It reminded her of the way Her father made her obey him. She couldn't help it but the next thing she knew, she was shouting at Zatara.

"So what?" Artemis screamed. Everyone turned their attention to her. "She said she wants to use her powers for good and you're not letting her? You heard her? She wants adventure in her life, so how do you know that she won't change sides and become a villain? You can't tell her what to do just because you're her father."
But Artemis didn't let Zatara finish.
"Every time I listened to my dad, nothing good came out of it. I stopped listening to him and here I am."
"ARTEMIS! That's enough!" Batman interrupted.
Artemis gave Batman a glare since she knew that he knew what she was talking about.
"Artemis, come with me". Batman said and walked to the next room. Artemis followed.
"Why are we in the kitchen?"
" Because you told me that you don't want your teammates to know about your personal life and I respect that"
Batman said with a now calm voice. "You will not mix your personal life and emotions with your hero work. Understood?
"Good. And I suggest you don't disrespect another leaguer with powers. And you should apologize to Zatara."
"But you know I'm right. He can't tell Zatanna what to do. He should let her use her powers to fight evil."
"She's too young and that's Zataras decision. Even though you have a point."
Artemis said nothing and they both walked back to the training room to join the others.
The team looked at her with confused looks and Artemis heard Zatara say "I'm sorry" to Zatanna. This made her smile but it also made her feel jealous of Zatanna for having a good father who would apologize. Unlike her own. Zatara and Zatanna were on their way when stopped Zatara and turned around walking towards Artemis.
"You do not need to be sorry Artemis. Thank you for helping me see from another perspective. And I know what it was like for you growing up so I forgive you."
As Zatara walked towards the Zeta beam, Zatanna turned around and whispered "thank you" to Artemis. Artemis couldn't help but smile.