Summary: Pyro had many expectations, but this took him by surprise. Kyro oneshot.
Timeline: During Alcatraz in X3
Disclaimer: All things recognisably X-Men aren't mine - I just like making up my own stories.
Author's Note: Inspired by Have You Got It In You from Imogen Heap's Speak For Yourselfalbum.

One nerve remaining, waiting on one look…
Let me have it all, let me have a battle on.

There were many things Pyro expected when he walked into battle at Alcatraz.

He expected terror on the faces of all those Homo sapiens. He expected those with the Brotherhood to be loyal to the death. He even expected the X-Men to come charging in, the 'heroes' of the hour. And he also expected victory.

But as he stood beside Magneto, he saw something he did not expect – Kitty Pryde, leaping into the ground with Bobby Drake and emerging a second later.

He watched as the six X-Men formed into a single line, gazing determinedly at the Brotherhood. And as he watched, he waited expectantly for the flicker he was sure would appear in Kitty Pryde's eyes when they turned to him.

For one tiny moment, he was suddenly afraid of what would happen when she looked at him. For one tiny moment, Pyro was afraid that if he saw what he expected to see, he would not be able to carry out his duty to the Brotherhood. He was afraid that he would lose his nerve at one glance from a familiar pair of brown eyes.

Her gaze swept the frontline and stopped abruptly on him, and Pyro narrowed his eyes in anticipation.

But all Kitty Pryde did was lift her chin slightly, her expression steely and determined. There was no trace of pain, joy, anger or any other emotion in her eyes. The only indication that she felt anything was the minute raise of her left eyebrow.

Pyro was taken aback for another tiny moment, but forced his surprise and tinge of pain away, seizing on two other feelings – hatred and pure, burning anger.

He set his jaw grimly and stood just a little taller.

All right, traitors, he snarled in his mind. Bring it on.