I gripped on to Andy's arm as we stood in line waiting to enter the Club. With the crowds of people pushing i didn't want to loose Andy in all the crowd, so i held on tight

"If you hold on any tighter i won't have an arm left" Andy joked laughing

"Sorry...i just don't want to get lost in this crowd...some of these people are scary" i replied still gripping tight to his arm

"listen, no one is gonna hurt you...not with me around anyway. Anyone who hurts you has me to answer to, you hear me" Andy replied

With that said, i was reasured that nothing bad will happen as long as Andy is by my side. We entered the Club, music loud, people dancing. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

"So, what do you want to drink Baby Girl?" Andy asked heading to the bar

I loved it when he called me Baby Girl, it was his nickname for me. i hated the fact that i didn't have a name for him.


I snapped to attention when these big blue eyes were stairing back at me

"oh er, just a coke" i replied

"Boring" Andy replied rolling his eyes

I sat down and waited for Andy who was winking at me from the bar. i Gave a little giggle at his cuteness. I couldn't believe i was with him, we met so strangly...My Brother Jinxx was the one who introduced me to Andy. it was at a Christmas party we met, Jake and Ashley were winding me up about being short

*Flash Back*

"Oh an elf!" Ashley teased

"Don't be mean to the elf! Elves cast spells ya know" Jake laughed

"I am here ya know!" I shouted angrily

"Ohhhh the elf is getting mad Ash!" Jake teased

"Oh no!" Ashley laughed

I just sat and tried to ignore them. Just then my Big brother Jinxx came up and heard Ashley and Jake teasing me

"hey! quit it guys! that's my sister your teasing!" Jinxx didn't like it when people were picking on me

"Oh...sorry man, we didn't know...sorry" Ashley apologised

"Yeah i'm sorry too, your not an elf" Jake replied sadly

"it's ok" i replied

"Listen any more shit of you two and i'll knock your heads off alright?" Jinxx was the best brother anyone could ask for

"Ok...sorry...it won't happen again" Jake replied

Jake and Ashley left leaving me with Jinxx

"Sorry about them, they like to be mean sometimes, just ignore them if they start" Jinxx laughed hugging me

"it's ok...who were they?" i asked

This was the first time i had met the Band Jinxx was in, so i had no idea who BVB were

"Jake and Ashley. Jake is the guitarist and Ashley is the Bass player" Jinxx replied

"Oh cool, so what's you singer called?" I asked trying to geet Jinxx talking

"His name is Andy" Jinxx smiled

"Oh cool"

"Listen i gotta go meet Sammi, i'll be back in a few to catch up alright?" Jinxx replied

"yeah sure i'll be fine" i replied almost forcing myself to say it

"Ok sis, see you later!"

I was sat on my own for ages while people i didn't know were dancing to music and having a laugh. Just then Ashley came up to me

"Hey, you alright?" he asked sitting next to me

"Yeah i'm alright, thanks...so...are you Ashley, or Jake?" i felt so stupid in asking

Ashley laughed to himself before replying "i'm Ashley, you are?"

"I'm Lucy, Jinxx's sister" i replied shyly

"Awesome, Jinxx always talks about you...he always says how much he misses home and stuff...kinda sad really" Ashley's tone dropped as did his eyes

"Oh...i miss him too, he's my big brother and when he's gone...it's like, no one is there for me" i replied sadly

Just then this really tall guy came up to us, my heart melted as he spoke with his low, harsh voice

"Hey er, Ashley...have you seen Jinxx?" he replied

"Er, no...oh Andy meet...er? what's your name again?"

i just froze at the sight of this gorgeous man stood before me "Lucy" i finally replied

"Lucy, that's her name...She's Jinxx's sister" Ashley replied smiling

"Oh, hey Lucy...anyways Ashley, Jake wants to know if you will do some shot games with him?" Andy replied

The way Andy said my name was like, ahhhh, i just like died when he said my name!

"Oh ok, i'll go have a few with him then, you can keep Lucy company then" Ashley joked punching Andy's arm lightly

"Thanks" Andy replied laughing

Andy sat down next to me on the chair, i was shaking. He was Gorgeous! his eyes were, GORGEOUS! His hair was...well...GORGEOUS! i just wanted to run my hands through his hair it looked that soft

"So...Lucy...Jinxx talks a lot about you" Andy started

i felt kind of like he felt uncomfortable talking to me

"ar...are you ok?" i was shaking the whole time

"Yeah...er...your just really pretty...i'm useless with talking to girls" he laughed a little but kinda turned away as he started to blush

"Well...thanks...your...pretty too" What the hell was i thinking! such a stupid thing to say! don't call a guy pretty! ahhh i'm so stupid!

"Well thanks, i guess"

*Flash Back Finished*

I still remember that night, we were really shy towards eachother. It was actually Jinxx who got us together, i wouldn't shut up about Andy all the time, so Jinxx asked Andy out for me...only to find out that Andy liked me also! it was the happiest moment of my life.