Previously on Bloody Tales:

"I'm your cousin, Mitsuki Ayame Kurosaki…"

My eyes widen, and I fell back in surprise. She giggled at me, amusement and delight flickering in her cold eyes. Okay, what the heck is going on? How is she my cousin? I was never born in this world! It can't be true, it just can't! I scoot away from her a little bit, not believing what I just heard.

She giggled some more, making my shake my head. It must be a lie! It must be a lie! Why must things like this happen to me all the time! Why!

Now, to be continued:

"Surprise? And to think you've forgotten all the good memories we had together…" She then sighed, glancing at the door before looking at me happily. "But I am satisfied to know that there is a Kurosaki that is not hiding. This just makes things more perfect for me…"

"Why is that?" I growl, still confused as to what she means. If what she say is true, am I really human..?

"Having a Kurosaki by my side will make me even more powerful, especially once I turn you back into a Pureblood." she giggled. "And once I do that, I'll kill you and get your powers, along with Kaname Kuran's power as well. Then my goal will finally be accomplished!"

Great. Just great. So, this whole time…I've been a Pureblood myself. Just like Yuki. But this time, I'm a Kurosaki…Just like my original name. Wait a sec…



"What were my parents names?"

"Daisuke Kurosaki and, my beloved first cousin, Haruna Kurosaki."

My jaw drops. That's what my parents names are! So that means…Holy Cow! I'm really from Vampire Knight!

"And you also had a sister…Mitsuki Kurosaki…Although she changed her last name to…"

I gasp. So…the other world I lived in…was a lie? What? I'm so…confused!

"Shocking, but lets skip everything else. You should be glad that I told you who you really are, since Kaname didn't. I'm sure he'll tell you the rest…in the afterlife."

I gulp, backing up slowly as I forgot to carry with me Artemis. Curse you karma! I knew you'd get me one day!

Shizuka stood, walking over to me slowly with that sweet, evil smile across her lips.

I hear the door open, causing me to freeze as I knew who it was.

"Ichiru…" Shizuka said quietly, stopping herself from advancing any further. "…Those children left without a fuss?"

"Yes, Shizuka-sama…" he replies back, making my heart skip a few beats. He sounds so much like…Zero…

I glance back, noticing him as he wore that mask to cover his face. He was currently carrying the 'real' body of Shizuka. And wow, she really is beautiful, too…

"Of course they did…" she said softly. "…Aristocrats are good children. They know a Pureblood's body must never be harmed."

I stare at the sleeping form. She looked…so peaceful. If only he had stayed like that, too.

"I figure that you knew that that is me real body…"

I nod numbly, staring dumbfounded between them both.

She smiled. "Good. Now all you have to do is sacrifice your life to save Zero's. Your life is far more valuable, which is a good price in exchange for his to be cured."

My life…to save Zero's. I gulp. Bye, bye me, and hello Zero… I bite my bottom lip.

It looks like I have no choice but to comply. I want to save Zero, so I must be a sacrifice.

"I'll do it." I whisper, looking at the ground.

She claps her hands, delightfully I might add. "Good girl. I knew you wouldn't refuse. And all Zero will have to do is drink my blood in return…"

Both Shizuka and Maria said, before Maria fell over. Ichiru caught her, of course, like the superhero he was.

"And that will save him…Your blood…?

Shizuka stood before me, proud and tall. She made me feel like an ant that wanted to crawl under the couch and curl up.

"Yes…The blood of his master…Shizuka Hio. Then…" Her eyes locked with mine. "Zero cannot fall to Level E. He will become a true member of the Night Clan."

That's good. I mentally sigh of relief. At least he won't be Level E…though he will still be a vampire…

"Ichiru." Shizuka called out, glancing at the said male as he carried Maria's unconscious form in his arms. "Put Maria's body on the bed."

He obeyed, walking away until I quickly took a hold of his arm. He turned his head, facing me as I looked through the masked eyes.

"Ichiru…Kiryu…" I whisper, making him jump slightly in shock.

"You know my whole name..?" he asked quietly.

I gasp, quickly clamping a hand onto my mouth. Dang it! I let myself slip. Quick! Think of something to back myself up. I don't like the glances between both him and, my so-called-cousin, Shizuka.

"It was…just a guess..?" I say bluntly. Mentally slapping myself. I am such a baka for saying that! I know that me knowing things I shouldn't know could leak out. And then I'd be in trouble as danger will be around at every corner of the turn I make…Am I confusing myself, or what?

I think he was narrowing his eyes through the mask. "I see…" he mutters, and then went back to walking away as my hand went to my side limply.

I felt a presence behind me, and I knew who it was. Shizuka moved some of my hair out of the way, cocking my head to the side. As much as I head the urge to slap her away and run for it…I knew that I couldn't. Zero. I had to save him!

"Your blood alone may as well be enough for me, little Mitsuki. Just know that it will soon be over once I change you and kill you…" she whispers, and I felt her cool breath on my neck. Shivers ran up my spine, and I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes.

I feel the presence of…I snap my eyes open, turning to the doorway.

There he stood. Zero Kiryu. His eyes were wide as he stared at us. Our eyes locked, and I tired to send a message to him.

He probably didn't get it because soon his eyes hardened, a scowl across his lips.

"Shizuka!" he cried out, quickly lifting up Bloody Rose in his hands. "Let Ayame go!"

Zero…cared. I stared in a slight daze, before I shook my head to get my thoughts straight. Protect Shizuka.

I boldly held up my hands, basically making myself the shield of the attack. I give Zero a sad look, my bottom lip slightly trembling. "Z-Zero…Please…Just stay back!" I whisper.

Zero lowered his gun slightly with the look of pure shock etched on his face. He didn't pull that face when he was aiming at Yuki, well Shizuka…You know what I mean!

He then shook his head, lifting Bloody Rose back up into place. "Move it…Ayame." he muttered, his tone hinted with slightly worry. "Why are you…"

I close my eyes, before opening them back up with a determined, fierce look. "It because Shizuka is the only one who can cure you, Zero!"

His eyes widen, making silence run between us. I still had my arms up protectively, making sure that he won't shoot. I stood my ground, as he kept his gun raised high.

Our eyes locked once more, and a hidden message was sent back and forth. It was like time itself did not matter at this moment. Zero held a bit of worry in his gaze, and some fear. And I myself held the look of sadness and glee. Sad because I won't get to see Zero get better, but glee because just knowing that he'll be in good hands while I'm gone is good enough for me to die for.

"I'm…sorry Zero…" I could feel tears beginning to form, and I continued to hold our, somewhat, eternal eye contact.

I truly am sorry…for what I'm about to do. Zero…Kaname…I hope you both will forgive me…

I close my eyes, taking a silent, deep breath.


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