Mad Hatter


Such a lying measure.

For how can you measure how time has passed?

How else can you explain how these days feel like seconds, these centuries like hours? Surely then time must be his own person with his own whims.

… much time has passed since those days?

The days in which I lived in that world filled with angels up there in that white heaven?


Angels are selfish creatures whom only care about their own desires. Always looking out for number one. And that nice white heaven? Filled with "goodness" and "eternity"?


Oh yes, it's nicely filled with greed, lust, and an unsurpassed craving for power.

One thing is true though, it's filled with an everlasting eternity.

...Of boredom.

Nothing could entertain me, captivate me for a prolonged period of time.


That is of course until He came along.

He who shines brighter than any star, yet filled with a darkness so tangible you can touch it. Visible in his every step is his power, contempt, and arrogance.

How could I not be entranced and held captive by him?

He didn't want me, never would, I'd go as far as say he was disgusted by me.

hat had never happened before with anyone, especially not with any angel.

It only served to enhance my curiosity and obsession for him.

So that's when I left my incurable boredom behind and decided to follow him. Wherever he goes I decided to follow. Even when he betrayed heaven and fell all on his own accord to play his role of the darkest fallen angel...

I followed.

Without any hesitation in my action.

For I had already fallen long ago with no climbing up again. Why would I want to? Nothing is boring if it concerns him. I fell from up there to way down to hell. Not a bad bargain if you ask me. All I had to do was sell my soul to the devil. To become one of the 7 satans.

I became his right-hand.

Loyal, eternal servant and he my master. I heed his orders, obtain what he wishes, I became anything and everything.

For it's precisely because he doesn't want me that I want him. I'm no longer bored. And I know that if he ever said I love you to me...I would no longer be interested nor entertained.

Even now as heaven and hell are crumbling and they are being held by a fragile thread. All because the pillar of hell, he died to protect the "savior".

I still live for those three words.

Those few seconds of euphoria.

For even though he's not here anymore.

He still


shall always remain my true king of hell.

I had written this quite some time ago actually and I never thought to publish it. I fell in love with this character and this is how I viewed Mad Hatter. Tell me what you think =D