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When the world came back to the weapons and meister, it was much different than what they had left. It was now transformed into an endless field with pink, red, orange and yellow flowers waving with the breeze among the long stalks of grass. A large tree with pink blossoms covering the spindly branches stood among the grass and flowers.

Wolves danced around the tree in a game of tag. They stayed within the shadow of the canopy, almost looking like a part of the shadows. They looked almost like mist moving in the shade, all except one. A black wolf with white markings looked solid and real, making it stand apart from the others. The wolf leaped out from the shade and into the sunlight. The other misty wolves stood inside the shadows, their eyes glinting in the half darkness. The black wolf pranced around among the flowers and grass happily.

The other misty wolves turned their heads away and walked around to the other side of the tree, melting into the shadows. A mass of black, crackling clouds moved across the sky and covered the sun. The black wolf looked back at the tree in confusion. A scared voice whispered in the audience of three's heads,

"Where did they all go..? Did they leave me alone..?" The scene faded until it was just the black wolf standing in a void of darkness. Its head hung and the voice whispered,

"They did leave me…"


The world changed back to the dispensary room, the meister and two weapons rubbed their eyes. Soul mumbled, "What was that?"

Maka sat down and massaged her temple, "Not sure…" She looked back at Cee, whose eyes were screwed shut. "Was it her..?" Hunter was watching the ginger haired meister,

"It could have been…"

Maka looked at the ticking clock and jumped back up to her feet in a rush, "We have to go home and get ready for school!" The ash blonde dragged an unwilling Soul down the hall in a frenzy, complaining about the time. Hunter looked up at the clock to see it was about 7:00,

"Were we really out for that long..?" He looked down at Cee and let out a small sigh, "I guess I'm gunna have to leave too…" he said to her sleeping form. The dusty blonde weapon stood and shoved his hands in his pockets, "I'll be back after class…" When she, obviously, didn't respond, he turned and shuffled out.

A blur of dark orange leaped from the blankets and onto the ground, following after him. Hunter looked down at the wolf pup and blinked in surprise, "Aren't you gunna stay with Cee?"

Crash nodded, his frazzled ear moving in time with his head, "Want say goodbye." The weapon smiled weakly,


The puppy put his paws up on his leg, only reaching his knee, and barked happily, "You help protect Cee-chan!"

Hunter nodded, "That's kinda what weapon partners do; it's their job." Crash's tongue lolled out and his jaws were pulled back in a smiling look. His tail wagged as he woofed,

"Pack say thank you!" With that, he pranced back into the hospital-like room and jumped back onto the bed with the still sleeping girl.

Hunter's smile almost instantaneously faded and he turned his head. His footfalls could be heard echoing in the quiet corridor as he walked,

I didn't protect her. If I did I would have been the one in that hospital bed…


Hunter peered into the nurse after class was over and school was finished. He saw Cee, sitting up in the bed she was confined to, talking to Kid and the twin pistol sisters. She looked tired from where he was, but otherwise well. He knocked on the door lightly and they all looked up at him.

Cee smiled; a small, weak smile, "Hey Hunter…" Said blonde weapon walked in and directly over to the side of her bed. He returned her smile, the same sad looking grin she had falsely plastered on her own face,

"Hey Angel, how you doing?"

"Fine, Professor Stein said I should be able to go back to normal stuff tomorrow." Kid's golden eyes watched her carefully, and then shifted to Hunter as the weapon glanced his way. They made eye contact for a split second before both of them turned their gazes away from each other and to Cee.

Liz grinned happily, the complete opposite of Hunter and Cee's morosely fake expressions, "We should do something fun after school tomorrow to celebrate!"

Patty clapped her hands and laughed wildly, a wicked grin on her face, "That sounds like fun! What are we gunna do big sis?"

Kid held up a finger to express he had an idea, then after a second of silence, held up a matching finger on his other hand, "What about an amusement park?"

Like a dog who just heard he was going for a walk, Black Star raced in as Patty cheered, "YAY!"

"Did I just hear something about an amusement park?" Tsubaki followed the laughing blue haired boy in with quiet apologies.

Soul and Maka followed the two polar opposites in and ignored the egomaniac chattering his head off about Death knows what. Soul sneered, "The flat-chested bookworm over here had to make a stop at the library for a new book-"

Before he could finish his statement criticizing his meister, she smashed her newly found novel into his snowy hair covered head. She was about to say something herself when an increasingly rude and annoying Black Star whooped, "LET'S GO NOW!" This earned him a chop in the head as well.

Maka smiled, ignoring the moans and groans of the two downed males, "You're looking better than yesterday, Cee." Cee gave a small nod and yet another person was interrupted by Black Star's loud mouth,

"How dare you betray me like this? How could you?" Soul got back up to his feet and shoved his hands in his pockets, rolling his eyes,

"Get over it."

Kid looked down at him, writhing about, complaining, "We're going tomorrow, after school." Black Star jumped up and laughed as loud as he could,

"I'm gunna be first on the biggest roller coaster!"

Patty laughed with an evil smirk, "And you'll be the first to start crying!" Tsubaki started apologizing to nobody in particular for Black Star's outburst. He and Patty started arguing and the older Thompson girl tried calming the two down.

Soul shook his head and mumbled, "So uncool." He then turned his gaze and blinked in surprise when he saw Cee talking to Kid again, and more importantly, ignoring him! He narrowed his eyes and huffed, "Hey Kid."

The shinigami looked up at him from his seat next to Cee, "Yes?"

"Your hair is looking asymmetrical today."

The raven haired boy stared at him for a few seconds before collapsing to the ground, whining girlishly about how he couldn't find a way to fix his hair.

Maka hit the albino once again with her hardcover book, "Why'd you do that Soul? Stop being so uncool! Kid's our friend and we don't make friends have OCD panic attacks!" She continually beat him with her book as he tried his best to shield his cranium from her blows.

"What the hell? Stop!" he shouted at her. Crash pranced around the two of them, releasing a yip of laughter. Cee watched with a look of what could possibly be considered slight interest. Liz had gone from trying to stop her younger sister and Black Star from fighting to calming Kid down. He kept up his stream of cursing his asymmetricalness.

Black Star had abandoned his argument with Patty and moved on to laughing at Kid and Soul on the floor. Tsubaki bowed her head, "Sorry..!"

Hunter tore his eyes away from the others and looked at Cee, "So you're sure you're gunna be okay?"

Cee nodded with faint reassurance, "Yes, I'll be fine."

Hunter pulled his lips back into a small smile, "Alright, if you say so." Cee returned the smile weakly.

The blonde demon axe looked back at the others, Crash by Kid now, circling around him. Soul was no longer lying down on the ground, semi-unconscious and now sitting up. Maka had her book up and poised to hit him again as he yelled something along the lines of, "Sadist!" Black Star kept up his torrent of laughter and Patty soon joined in.

Hunter chuckled and shook his head, thinking, What idiots.


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