Chapter One: Ole Miss Sable

Robin growled; his fist had been deflected again by his opponent. The thief was good, he'd give her that. That was another thing that had Robin irritated, his enemy was a chick. It wasn't necessarily her gender that had him angry, it was her apparent skill. They had been trading punches for a good ten minutes straight, but they were both starting to slow. Robin kicked his leg out high, aiming for Blackout's masked head. He felt contact but she didn't stop, she came barreling at him like a black and yellow bull and shouldered him like a defenseman for Ole Miss.

Robin stumbled, how could he not? He rolled smoothly and sprung back up, but it had been enough time for her to sprint away. Frustrated Robin hurried after her, he was determined to catch her once and for all, they were all tired of the 'almost got her' that lingered every time they fought.

But as Robin was rounding the corner a circular darkness, -not unlike a black hole- burst forth from the pavement. He halted before he was captured within it, and he saw the booted heels of his enemy dart around another building. Robin's eyes narrowed behind his mask and snapped back to the hole, from the center emerged the figure of a young woman. Once she had fully flowed from the center and the light disappeared recognition dawned over both their faces. Robin was slower to react and he was met with a face full of fist.

She had clipped him just above his eyebrows, right in the center of the forehead, but Robin had been hit harder than that. Robin recovered, and went in to tackle the black and steel covered girl. He was more than surprised when he broke through her defenses and slammed her into the ground. He knew he had knocked the wind out of her when she took a deep breath, but he didn't relent, instead he held her down. The smugness that was exuding from him was massive; he'd finally caught the uncatchable.

"Blackout has been subdued. Meet up at my location." Robin called through the mental link that Miss Martian had established for the team. After hearing the various confirmations Robin finally focused a little more on his captive Blackout.

"Did you think that you'd keep getting away? Everyone's luck runs out eventually." Robin couldn't help but rub the fact that she had been caught in her face. Blackout didn't say anything, didn't struggle, but she seemed to be trying to catch her breath. She didn't look happy about her situation at all. It didn't take long for the team to show up; Kid Flash of course was the first to arrive.

"Duuu-de! You really caught Blackout? You're gonna get wicked kudos from the Bats." Kid Flash chirped, excited and a little jealous that Robin had been the one to catch Blackout. Aquadlad nodded at Robin and went over to help put restraints on the villain. Once her hands were bound they helped to stand her up. Blackout still didn't make any attempts to escape; she appeared tired if not a bit confused.

"Are you sure that's Blackout, I thought she had on different colors?" Miss Martian asked, she was pointing towards Blackout's attire which was indeed different from the one that she was sporting twenty minutes ago. Robin turned to the villain giving her a once over, as did the rest of the team.

"She probably switched to try and lose us." Robin decided looking at the rest of his team in question. He was unsure, because the black hole had distracted him but he surmised that the darkness was Blackout changing her costume.

"Is that true?" Aqualad asked their captive, his green eyes serious. Blackout shifted in their hold and didn't raise her head to meet their gazes.

"I don't divulge information to villains." Blackout finally growled. Miss Martian was confused, like most everyone was at Blackout's declaration. It was Kid Flash however that voiced their communal confusion.

"Villains? What are you on? You're the villain and we're the heroes." Blackout's head snapped up to meet Kid Flash's face. Blackout couldn't deny the fact he looked genuinely confused about her statement, Kid Flash had never been the best actor to her knowledge.

"What do you mean?" Blackout asked, growing more frustrated, her shoulders squared and her back straightened clearly showing her hostility. Aqualad tightened his hold on her, so she didn't get the chance to lash out at his teammates.

"It means that you've been captured." Robin supplied, convinced that the thief was trying to confuse them. Blackout turned to Robin, frowning at him and at the situation.

"I am Blackout." She told, not knowing if admitting it would condemn her or not, but it was her truth. Kid Flash glanced back and forth between Robin and Blackout.

"How much of that do you really believe?" Blackout did not know if provoking them would condemn her or not, but she knew that either they were all confused or something very impossible had happened.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Robin asked irritated, he didn't like the thought of Blackout escaping again.

+Scene Change+

Several heroes and villains laid about seemingly unconscious, but the few that were still awake were watching the intense fight with unblinking eyes; fearing they would miss the finishing blow.

"You're tired; why not just give it up?" The silver wearing man coaxed, he was just as ragged as his opponent but he knew that his powers were greater. The man opposite of him-Geo narrowed his eyes further to the point that the whites of his eyes were barely visible.

"You're more deluded than I thought, Void. There's no way that I would give up, but maybe you should?" Geo smirked to show his confidence, but he knew that it was foolish, he had little strength left and with his allies littering the ground he had no backup. He knew Void would win this fight.

"I'm going to end you now." Void growled and changed his stance while Geo kept his own. The fight didn't drag on like some epic blockbuster; it ended rather swiftly in fact. Geo had charged at Void and he had used that to his advantage and sent the man tumbling through a portal of blackness. Geo had disappeared, and their fight had come to an end.

"At least two of our enemies won't be coming back." Void gloated to the few allies that were still conscious.