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Chapter Seven: Suspicion of Motivation

Sable didn't think twice about the offer and leapt up from the bed. Flash smiled at her enthusiasm and made a mental note to recall it when Batman was yelling at him.

"Well let's get going." Flash released the lock on the door and held it open for her. Sable stepped out and looked left to right, checking for a possible trap. Her suspicion rose causing her to halt all movement.

"Is this a trap?" Sable asked without looking up at the red clad man and kept running her eyes over the walls, floor, and ceiling; focusing most of her attention on the creases along the walls. Flash frowned at her untrusting tone but quickly remembered that she had little reason to trust anyone.

"No, but I know you don't believe me. So there's only one solution." Flash moved at a rate that Sable was unable to track; he had her scooped up and thrown over his shoulder and at the zeta beam in the matter of seconds. He had his code loaded into the computer faster than the automated voice could speak and a bit of panic entered his bloodstream when the Martian Manhunter called out to him. As soon as the zeta beam opened he raced through and didn't look back.

"The hell are you doing?!" Sable shouted once they were out of the portal. Flash kept going, wanting to put as much distance between them and the portal. Once he felt they were far enough away he stopped and let Sable down. She looked livid and Flash was mildly worried; a woman that was mad had never bode well for him.

"Are you stupid!? You can't just kidnap me! And don't deny it, because you wouldn't have been in such a hurry if you weren't!" Sable accused with pursed lips and drawn eyebrows, her index finger poised like a spear as she jabbed it into Flash's chest to help her words sink in.

"I'm going to be in so much trouble." Sable ran her hand down her face then slid her gaze back to The Flash. He didn't look half as worried as Sable and that only infuriated her more.

"Look, don't worry about it; I'll smooth everything over with the Justice League. You only need to focus on saving people." Flash grinned and held both thumbs up to Sable, who only kept frowning.

"And how do you propose I do that when I'm dressed like an asylum patient?" Sable lectured easily, gesturing wildly with her hands and looking particularly murderous. How could one man be so dumb? Flash paused for a moment of thought, he was never a very still person but he needed to prove his trust to Sable. Just as she was going to round on him again Flash snapped his fingers and disappeared.

"What the?" Sable stood there with wide eyes as what just happened started to sink in. The Flash had left her in some foreign town, in a foreign world where everyone was flip-flopped and she was dressed like an escapee.


Just as her ire was beginning to take root The Flash reappeared with a bundle of clothes and a smile on his face.

"Did ya miss me?" Sable didn't reply so Flash dumped the pile of clothes in her arms.

"Are those rain boots?"

"You can go change over there," Flash pointed to a particularly dark alley just behind them. "I already checked for baddies and rats." Flash grinned and ushered Sable towards the darkness. Baffled, Sable followed his instructions and snuck behind the wall and peered around; just in case.

It didn't take long for Sable to change into the black sweatpants and a New York Yankee's t-shirt with a matching baseball cap. 'What kind of sports team is this?' Lastly she slid on the giant rubber boots that squeaked horribly whenever she took a step. She walked out still looking as disgruntled as she did before she went in.

"Oh, here's this to hide your identity." Flash held out what looked like a plastic Halloween mask. Sable took it with a sour eye and slipped it on, the elastic strap already itching behind her ears.

"It was the best I could do on such short notice." Flash seemed apologetic and held his hand out to Sable, signaling they should get going.

"We better hurry before things get out of hand." Flash urged and Sable finally took his hand. He swung Sable up into his arms and took off without waiting for her to get settled. They were at the scene in mere moments and Flash set her on her feet as they both accessed the situation.

There were burning cars, scarcely few people were left on the street and thankfully none of them were screaming. 'They must be used to being under attack…' Sable thought as she watched a mother and child hunker down even further behind a car.

The sound of shattering glass and several car alarms being set off had both Sable and The Flash's attention. The screams and maniacal laughter urged the pair to investigate, albeit Flash got there much sooner. Sable crouched at the side of a building and peered around the corner; standing atop a car and brandishing a crowbar that was glowing was a man that was causing all the destruction. 'Is it magic or science?' Sable wondered.

Flash was talking to the man, probably in an attempt to give himself up, but everyone knew that was a fruitless endeavor. Sable kept low and shifted positions to a rather mangled SUV. She poked her head out to make sure that the bad guy was still in the same spot; he was, barking about his plans to The Flash. 'Villains must be lonely people to disclose their plans to the first person to listen.' Sable sighed and darted to hide behind yet another vehicle, this one however was untouched except for layer of dust and a lone spot of bird shit gracing the passenger side window. 'Lovely…'

She sat there with her back against the car, using the unbroken shop windows in front of her to keep an eye on the crowbar toting baddie while she thought of a plan of attack. The guy wasn't wearing much in the way of armor, just some golden bracers, matching speed-o and accompanying gold boots. Oh, a golden bald cap to tie the whole outfit together.

'So stylish…'

The larger black man was still focused on Flash, though it appeared that he was charging up his weapon. The car he was standing atop creaked and popped under his weight, but it didn't seem to throw off his balance. Sable flexed a little in preparation to attack and now was the time to act, before he realized that she was even there. Before she leapt from her spot she checked her charge in the hope that Batman's device only worked when it was in range, but nothing happened, not even the crack of an ion bursting.

'Guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way.'

An angry yell had Sable's eyes back on the shop windows. The crowbar wielding crazy was shooting blasts of energy at Flash, who was easily dodging everything that was throwing at him.

'Honestly, I don't know why he doesn't just go behind him and hit the pressure point at the base of his neck…' Sable grinned and checked the glass one more time before standing from her hiding spot, taking the time to track where the Flash was before she moved. She hadn't taken two steps before her awful footwear gave an atrocious squeak.

She stopped everything, but continued when none of the attention was drawn to her. Sable quickly approached the villain from behind, needing a running start to reach his height from the top of the car. She jumped, easily to the same height as the man and raised her hand stiff like a plank of wood and struck that key spot on the back of his neck. He crumpled from car and hit the ground, Sable landing in his previous spot. She looked down on the guy, a bit surprised that had worked so well.

"Uh… good job." Flash said, a little baffled as the guy lay on the ground, completely unconscious. Sable shrugged as she hadn't put very much effort into it. Flash made a call to the police to come pick The Crowbar up.

"His name is really The Crowbar? Very original." Sable sighed and joined Flash on the ground to stand over the defeated. Flash kicked the weapon away and placed his hands on his hips. He looked like he had something to say.

"What is it?" Sable asked, unconsciously repositioning the mask on her face. Flash scratched the back of his head, stalling to find the right words.

"For a while I thought you had run off… But I'm glad you didn't." Flash faced Sable seriously and she stared back at him with the same air.

"I was hiding, trying to figure out a way to take that sad sack down. I don't have powers right now if you've forgotten, and I don't appreciate the accusation. I'm the good guy, I'm the one who protects people, and I don't run away from situations like this." Sable's voice rose and she swept her arm out to bring emphasis to the man lying on the pavement.

"I believe you." Flash said, making Sable practically deflate. She crossed her arms and refused to look away, purposefully making the Flash uncomfortable.

"Where did you learn that?" He asked, imitating the karate chop motion that had laid the bad guy out.

"It was part of my training; it's a pressure point technique." She mumbled, but Flash still heard it.

"Do you usually fight alone or in a group?" He asked, more as a way to kill time, but also wanting to know more about her.

"I do solo missions, I'm part of a unit but we're mostly broken up into smaller groups. Sometimes we do group missions, but those are…few and far between." Sable hesitated at the end; she didn't want to say what group missions meant.

"It sounds like your leader put a lot of faith in you." Flash smiled, like he might be proud, but Sable shrugged it off. Praise was used to motivate people, and Sable had never needed praise to be motivated. She only needed one thing to motivate her.

Their conversation was disrupted when the whirl of sirens reached their ears and the red and blue of cruiser lights became visible at the end of the street. Both Sable and Flash stood with arms crossed and facing the incoming police cars, whom were then joined by two EMS and a fire truck. The police wasted no time in joining Flash to stand around the defeated.

"We hope this wasn't too much trouble." The older of the two men said, gesturing with his hat. Flash smiled at the two officers and clapped the older man on the shoulder.

"It was no problem, but we should get going." Flash motioned for Sable, purposefully not using her name and easily scooped her up and sped away. He didn't want to hang around and have to answer unnecessary questions from nosy reporters. They traveled for some distance before Flash finally slowed down to a much calmer pace.

"So how did you like your field trip?" He asked with a grin. Sable didn't usually get excited over things like this, but after being cooped up for so long it really did feel rather nice to be out and about.

"I'd be lying if I said that I didn't. Do we have to go back yet?" Sable asked with the slightest bit of hope in her voice, it was one of the few things she had never been able to hide. Flash thought about it for a few long seconds; because of him she may not be able to go out at all after this, so the real question was, did they stay out longer to prolong her freedom or did they go back now to try to escape some of the punishment?

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