Okay, sooooo... yeah, I lied. XD I said the next new Tommy story I was gonna post was "Texas Toast and Other Mysteries", but I came up with this. It's sort of inspired by another TCM story on here called "He's a Bit of a Rough Diamond" by Bratney.

Mine is gonna be multi-chaptered though, and it's a Tommy/OC because... well, I like Tommy more than Hoyt. |D I think Hoyt's an ass, to be honest, but he has his moments I guess... and considering he's the first Hewitt my char runs into, he's gotta be a little somewhat concerned... kinda...

Sorry, no Tommy in this chapter. But there are coupla mentions of him, and he'll be in the next chapter and hey. They're gonna spend a LOTTA time together. Alone. In a house. INSTANT FRIENDSHIP AND GETTING-TO-KNOW-EACH-OTHER-NESS.

Hope you guys enjoy!

"Aw man, what did I do to get the Travis County police on my ass?"

She pulled over to the side of the road, cutting off the gas and easing her foot onto the brake. She let her forehead fall to bounce off the steering wheel, but took a breath and straightened back up. If she was going to face an officer, she wasn't going to look like an idiot. If she looked passed out on the steering wheel he'd think she was a junkie and throw her in jail.

The man sauntered up to the window, which she already had rolled down. He ducked down and peered into the car. "Afternoon, young lady."

She threw one hand up, blowing a breath out. "Look, Sheriff. If you're going to give me a ticket, just give it to me. But can you tell me what I did first, and can you give me directions?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Well, I was wonderin' why you were headed outta town."

She blinked a few times, then let her head fall. "... I was... going the wrong way... heh..."

When she raised her head, she saw the sheriff spitting out what she assumed was chew, then he leaned back down and rested his elbow on the car. "Well now, I'm guessin' you ain't from around here. But I hear a Texas accent there. You drive down from Austin or Dallas or somethin'?"

She shook her head. "No... I used to live here, long time ago. It's been a while since I been here. Used to live with my aunt and uncle and cousins and all... but they moved up to Indiana or Wisconsin or somethin'. Said I could move in the house if I wanted."

He nodded, but there was a look in his eyes that she didn't quite trust all the way. "Yeah, I reckon I understand. Not a lotta people stayed here, after the meat factory closed down. Only real business, damn idiots ruined our town by closin' it. Hell, my nephew lost his job, he was upset for a real long time after that."

"I heard about that. I thought they'd stay, but somethin' down here scared 'em pretty bad, I reckon." She shook her head. "I don't remember how to get around town, my aunt said her house looks a little different and I can't recognize it for the life of me."

"Huh. Sounds like you're in a real jam here, ain't you?"

"Yeah, I don't know what to do. I can't go back up to Tennessee... my apartment was small and I barely got anything done. I always liked it down here better, and my aunt said her house got a lotta room. I love big houses like that."

The sheriff nodded. "Y'know, if I knew your name I bet I could tell you where the house is, Missy."

"Oh... um, Kira Wells. My aunt's name is Camryn Wells, and my uncle's Jamie."

"Ohhh. Now, I think I remember where the place is. But if I take you there, I got one little, tiny condition here. You..." He pointed a finger at her, giving her a bit of a stern look. "Gotta come over to Mama's house and have a nice, home-cooked meal with us. Meet the family, y'know? Kinda welcome to the town thing."

She blinked and nodded. "Oh! That's fine, yeah. I can do that. Thanks."

He smiled, though it wasn't the kind of smile she felt belonged with his sentiments. "Good, good. You too skinny, you know that? You gotta get some meat on them bones. That's what men go for these days, you know - large and in charge, right?"

She giggled nervously, suddenly wanting to just kind of edge away from this guy. "Yeah... I guess. But I... like myself just the way I am."

He chuckled. "Yep, wish my nephew had a little more that attitude. You oughta stay a while after supper. Who knows, maybe he'll take a fancy to ya."

She really doubted that, a lot of guys were more attracted to the prospect of sex than actually to her as a person, but who was she to voice her opinion to the man who was going to lead her to her new house? She had to be polite. "Yeah, maybe... by the way, I, um, didn't get your name."

"Sheriff Hoyt." He adjusted the belt on his pants, and nodded at her. "Well, why don't we get goin'? Sun's high in the sky, not good to be outside durin' this time of day, you know." He tapped his head. "It'll boil your brain."

"Right... you lead, I can follow. I'm good at following."

"Alright, just follow me then." He went back to his own car, and she could hear the engine revving up again.

She took a breath, sucked it up, and followed the flashing red dot on the top of his car.

The house was large, but she didn't see how it had fit her aunt, uncle, and all six of her cousins at one time. Two stories, and it had long since settled into the soil below. A couple windows were broken, and the wood on the stairs was splintering or at least starting to. And speaking of stairs, the bottom step was just about diagonal, one side up and supported and all, the other sinking into the ground. The horrid yellow-greenish paint on the outside was way past peeled, and to top it off, the screen door was missing the actual screen. To be honest, anyone who looked at the house and was asked to actually live in it, would probably laugh in the face of the person who had said that.

Kira looked up at it and scoffed. "It could use a new paint job, I reckon, huh, Sheriff?"

"Yeah, I reckon it could... and some windows... some new stairs that won't cut your foot to pieces... a door that works." He smirked at her.

"This is horrible," Kira groaned, putting her hands on her hips and sliding them back a little as she continued to inspect the house. "There is just no darn way I'm gonna be able to do all this myself. I ain't strong enough to fix the windows alone, I got no idea how to fix them stairs. I might be able to do the door myself, but hell, where you get a screen for that?"

"Certainly a problem now." Hoyt shook his head. "Your aunt, she didn't mention any of this?"

"No, but she's gonna get a really pissed-off call from me later." She blew out a breath, hanging her head. "I hate to ask, Sheriff, but do you reckon you might know anyone around town willin' to help me?"

"Hmm." He rubbed his chin, looking very deep in thought. Then he snapped his fingers and pointed at her. "Shit, well - my nephew might do it."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, really? You sure he wouldn't mind helpin' me out?"

"Oh, course not. He likes bein' helpful. Anything he can do to be helpful, he'll like doin' it. I'm sure he'd love to help you. Likes workin' with his hands."

"Oh, okay." She pushed her bangs back. "Would you, uh... mind askin' him for me?"

"Hey, sure. Let's go see what the boy's up to."

She knitted her eyebrows together as he headed toward his car. "Huh? You mean I'm comin' too?"

"Why not? He's gonna wanna meet you, and the sooner the better, I say." He climbed into his car. "You might be a little startled by him at first, but don't you say nothin' 'bout it. You'll get used to it. Now get in the car, you can leave yours here."

Kira rolled her eyes, got in the car, and buckled in to look at the scenery she'd missed for the past twenty years.

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