Chapter 1: Unova

It was around one pm. A fourteen year old girl was walking towards Pallet Town. Her Pikachu was following closely behind. This girls name was Yellow.

"Professor Oak told my Uncle that he had an offer for me. I wonder what he meant by that." Yellow wondered out loud. She thought to herself for a while before shrugging and continued walking to the Lab. When she arrived, Professor Oak was sitting at a desk, writing something down in a book. Yellow knocked on the door, he turn and saw the young girl and stood up.

"Yellow, come in. I'm sure your uncle told you, I have a special offer for you. You're still a Pokémon Healer right?" Oak asked, rummaging through some papers on his desk.

"Yes I am. Why?" Yellow answered. The Professor then picked up a gold piece of laminated paper.

"Well, I want you to continue practicing being a healer. There's a region far away from here called Unova and it's filled with new Pokémon that you won't see in Sinnoh, Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn. It's also filled with a lot more trainers and Pokedex holders. Do you accept?" Professor Oak explained.

"Of course I do!" Yellow cheered.

"I wish you luck. Here you go." He handed her the ticket and walked away. Yellow smiled before running out of the lab and not stopping until she reached the ship. She handed the man waiting at the bottom of the stairs her ticket and trudged on deck.

"The Unova region, it sounds amazing. I can't wait until I get there. All those Pokémon and trainers." Yellow stated before leaning on the rail of the ship.

(Several Hours Later)

As the Ship drew closer and closer to the dock of Unova, Yellow cheered before running to where they would let off the passengers. Once the stairs were set, Yellow ran down and she was quickly in a small little town. She then walked past a sign.

"Welcome to Nuvema Town." Yellow read. "Guess this is Nuvema Town. Strange name but whatever." Yellow kept walking. "Professor Oak left me a note on the back of the ticket that said to go to Professor Juniper's lab. I wonder where that is…. Never mind." Yellow walked up to a large building with a sign that said 'Pokémon Research Center. Professor Juniper.'

"Looking for someone?" A woman asked from behind her.

"Yes. I was going to look for Professor Juniper." Yellow answered.

"That's me, what do you need?"

"You're Professor Juniper?" Yellow questioned but then held her hand out. "I'm Yellow."

"Yellow? Did Professor Oak send you because of your healing powers?" Juniper asked.


"I know why you're here. Follow me."

*Inside The building*

"Professor Oak said that your healing would work great on Pokémon around here. So let me tell you about some of the trainers you should look out for. One of them goes by the name of White. She chose a Snivy as her starter Pokémon." Juniper then handed Yellow a picture of White, who had a white shirt under a black, sleeveless vest and a white and pink hat over her brown hair.

"Is she a Pokedex holder?" Yellow asked.

"Yes. The next is Black. He is White's friend. His starter was a Tepig." The picture showed a boy with brown hair covered by a red, white, and black hat. He also had a blue jacket. "The last trainer is one you will have a problem getting along with. His name is Rust and his Pokémon was an Oshawott, but he also caught a Snivy." The trainer has black, somewhat short hair that fell over his face a little. He had brown eyes and an angry expression. He was wearing a Brown, sleeveless jacket (similar to Red's) with a white stripe going down the middle. He had a Black T-shirt underneath and brown fingerless gloves, blue jeans, and brown boots.

"Why is he going to be hard to get along with?" Yellow asked.

"I don't know. He came in one day. Got his Pokémon and his Pokedex. White said they try to be friends with him but he ignores them. You can try to befriend him, but it will be hard." Juniper informed.

"I'll try, don't you worry!" Yellow then ran from the room and out of the building. She then saw a trainer crouched down in front of a yellow Pokémon that seemed to be injured. The trainer was rubbing the Pokémon's arm that was wrapped in gauze. Yellow then started to walk over.

"Do you need something?" The boy asked. He then stood up and turned around. Yellow recognized him; it was Rust, the Pokedex Holder.

"Um, I saw your Pokémon was injured and I wanted to help. My name is Yellow."

"Wait right there. I don't need your help so I don't need your name." Rust said.

"I was only trying to help you." Yellow raised her voice a little.

"I'm trying to help my Pokémon. Leave me alone." Rust helped his Pokémon up and they walked away. Yellow sighed as she watched him walk off.

"Don't worry about him." A young voice said from behind Yellow. She turned to see a young boy, around ten years old, who resembled Rust. "My brother has trust issues. He doesn't trust anyone but his family and his Pokémon. We don't know why he acts like that but he just does."

"So that's why he's being a jerk?" Yellow asked.

"Pretty much." The kid sighed. "Do you think you can help him? He's already fourteen and we haven't spent much time together." The little boy sighed.

"I can try." Yellow said.

"Thank you." The little boy hugged her before running off. "By the way, my name's Mason!" Yellow waved before turning back to the direction that Rust ran off in. She then ran in his direction and she eventually caught up to him. He was standing in front of the Pokémon center with his Pokémon. They were about to walk in before Yellow called out to them.

"What do you want now?" Rust asked.

"I want to help you."

"I don't need your help! Don't you get it?"

"Rust. Your brother told me you have trust issues. How do your friends feel about that?"

"I don't have friends. And I don't want any." Rust then helped his Pokémon walk to the Pokémon center.

"Wait!" Yellow then ran over to Rust's Pokémon and put a hand on its arm. "Your Ampharos is injured, I can heal her."

"Are you crazy?" Rust asked. Yellow closed her eyes and after a few seconds, Ampharos moved her arm and the cast fell off.

"Does that explain it?" Yellow asked. "I'm a Pokémon Healer."

"Whatever. I guess I should say thanks so there. Happy?" Rust asked as Ampharos walked behind him. "Good bye then." Rust started walking away again but Yellow grabbed his shoulder.

"I made a promise to your brother. I'm not going to tell you what it is but I want to travel with you." Yellow turned him around so he was looking straight at her.

"First of all, I barely know you. Why would I trust you?" Rust asked.

"You only trust your Pokémon and your family. You are going to trust me one way or another!" Yellow yelled, getting in his face. Rust sighed. He grabbed her hand and pushed it off.

"Fine, but just because it's for my little brother. You better not be lying." Rust then headed off with Ampharos, Yellow and her Pikachu following close behind.

"If I was lying, you would've given in easily." Yellow teased.

"I can tell already you're gonna get on my nerves." Rust shook his head.

A/N: That's the beginning of my next story. Sorry if Yellow is OOC or if that's not actually how she heals Pokémon. I have read the Pokémon Adventures Manga but I haven't gotten to read the books with Yellow but I am a fan of both her and Green so I had to make this. Please take the time to review or give me some suggestions. Thanks.