I lied. I wasn't gonna update any of those stories that I said I was. Instead, I kind of deleted most of them. I am trying to continue Hoenn Again but I am skipping most of the journey which I know will make some people angry but trust me, it's for the better. I figured I should work on this story considering it has the fewest chapters out of all my current stories. Plus, Yellow is one of my favorite Pokémon girls and I think she needs more attention than May and Ash anyway.

Chapter 3: Pokémon Therapist

Yellow skipped happily beside Rust. After traveling with her for only about a day, Rust had gotten used to Yellow's hyperactive personality but he still didn't fully accept her. Her Pikachu had seemed to be running in sync with her skips. Rust glanced down at the happy yellow mouse. He then thought about why his own Pokémon hadn't stayed outside their Pokeballs.

"Yellow. Why do you let your Pikachu stay out of its Pokeball?" Rust asked.

"Well that's a silly question. The reason for that is…" Yellow's face went blank after that. Rust stopped walking and stared at her.

"So you're telling me you just let your Pokémon run wild?" He started to question. "What if they decided to run away?"

Yellow stared at him for a second, taking in what he had thought up. After a few moments, she started to giggle. After that, it went into a straight out laugh attack. Rust had considered lifting his hand and slapping her for not only not answering the question, but laughing at it as well.

"What the hell's so funny?" Rust yelled, clearly annoyed.

"Oh it's nothing dear." Yellow calmed down. The word 'dear' made Rust cringe a bit. Yellow crouched down and let her Pikachu climb up her arm and onto her head. "I know little Chuchu here wouldn't want to leave me."

"Chuchu…" Rust had the expression that clearly read "Are you kidding me?" Yellow ignored his slight interruption and continued. "Besides, if Chuchu had wanted to leave, she would have done it already. If I were to make a Pokémon want to leave, then I'd deserve it, no?" Yellow finished with a large smile. Rust thought about her answer.

"Do you think my Pokémon would leave me?" Rust started to worry a bit. Yellow smiled at him.

"That all depends on how you act, and how you treat your Pokémon. " She walked to him, took one of his Pokeballs and placed it in his hand. "Is it shaking?"

"What?" Rust asked, sounding very confused.

"Trust me. Just answer the question."

"It's… It's not much. A little budge every now and again. I wouldn't call it shaking. More like twitching." Rust described.

"Your Pokémon is afraid of you." Yellow said with a bit of disappointment in her voice.

"Why would Snivy be afraid of me? I risked my own life to save hers. I'd do anything just to make sure she's safe. The same goes for all of my Pokémon." Rust's voice cracked. He was trying to hide the fact that he was afraid.

"Calm down. You'd only have to be afraid if it were shaking uncontrollably."

"B-But she's afraid of me. W-What have I done to make her fear me? I try to-" Rust stopped talking as he felt Yellow's smaller hands cover his that held the Pokeball. He felt his face heat up a bit as he stared at her.

"It's not afraid of how you treat her. She's afraid of how you treat others. You treating me like crap isn't very healthy for the Pokémon. She fears that you're gonna treat everyone like that." Yellow took her hands slowly away from Rust's. Rust actually didn't want that to happen. For the first time, he actually wanted her to be against him, unlike any other time she'd been annoying him. He slowly moved his hands along with hers, trying not to make it seem like he was trying to keep up with her.

"Rust… What are you doing?" Yellow asked. Rust jumped a bit. He pulled his hands back and quickly reattached the Pokeball to his belt. He ignored Yellow's question and straightened his brown vest.

"So how do I make her unafraid of me?" Rust asked, trying to hide his light red blush.

"Treat others better. When you treat everyone like piles of trash, your Pokémon can only assume that that's how they're going to be treated." Yellow dug her hands into her pockets. Rust took in a deep breath, only to let it out in a long, very audible sigh.

"Alright." Rust began, swiping some of his hair out of his face. "How do I go about 'being nice' to others?" Yellow smiled cutely at him. "You can start by not making rude comments towards me or anyone we meet. Come on. You have a gym battle to get to." She took a hold of his hand and started jogging. "If you're still mean after that, perhaps I could pummel some kindness into you." Yellow winked at him.

"Don't say threatening things so cutely like that!" Rust grunted.