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Pinellas62; However, because of what will be explained next, he got a slight feeling that his Horcrux's were in danger, and with an extra week, he's been out gathering them.

Quirrel's house

"Excellent..." Voldemort's voice said in glee as he eyed the objects that the worm had retrieved for him.

The Ring of his grandfather, the diadem of Ravenclaw, and the locket of his noble ancestor Slytherin lay before him, having been retrieved by the disposable vessel over the last week

He'd leave his diary where it was, he had to make sure it was

"So...what's next" Quirrel said without stuttering, his Lord told him clearly he was not to stutter when talking to him

"The Cup. We are going to Gringotts anyway, after all, might as well grab it..."

"My lord?" Quirrel gulped at his silence...

"The locket"



Inn Front Lawn; Somewhere in the London area

Harry was up, as a thought had strayed through his mind, a curiosity of sorts.

In the past, prior to being hit with a second Avada Kedarva, Harry had the ability to speak to Snakes, an ability known as Parseltongue.

He only had that ability, because of Voldemort accidentally placing a bit of his soul into his scar, that and other Horcrux's such as the Diary from second year, the cup of Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, are the reason that Voldy was able to return in his Fourth Year

However, Voldemort destroyed that part of his soul when he struck Harry with a second killing curse, removing the ability. But now that he was in the past, does it still exist?

Luckily the Trace was applied in school, so he could check.

"Revlio" he pointed his hand at his scar..., hoping he still could do non verbal magic...and indeed he could

One thousand...

Two thousand...

Three thousand...

Harry sighed in relief, it appears to be gone. Well, that takes care of one problem...but there were still others, while he knew where to find the Ring that held the Resurrection Stone, at the old Gaunt home, the Diary should be with Lucius again, The Diadem was in the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts, the locket should be at Grimmauld Place, the Helga Hufflepuff cup was in the Lestrange Vault at Gringotts (Great, he'd have to rob them again...), and Nagini shouldn't be a Horcrux yet.

Well..., might as well get back in the hotel room as to not terrify Hagrid

Hotel Room

The massive form of Hagrid was slowly breathing in and out as Harry snuck back into the room, as that postage owl was fluttering at the window

"Hagrid...there's an owl..." he played the unknowing child again as Hagrid grumbled.

"Give him 5 knuts...there the bronze ones, tiny" Harry reached into the pocket that he recalled Hagrid kept his money, and grabbing the coins he gave them to the obnoxious owl as Hagrid obtained his Daily Prophet...what a waste of 5 knuts.

"Um..Hagrid" Harry again repeated history "Don't I need money..."

Hagrid smiled "That's one of the reason's we're stoppin' at Gringotts...the wizards bank. Run by the Goblins"

"Goblins?" Stupid Griphook...

"Yep, short little fellows, great with smithing and gold mining. They take it very seriously, you would be mad to try and rob them"

Then he, Hermione and Ron, are mad, though the Goblins were understanding, seeing as they didn't store Horcrux's.

"Its a good thing we're going, to tell ya the truth. Dumbledore needs me to get him a couple of things...a cup and a secret item"

Good, Hufflepuff's cup would be obtained, without having to break in and then out, leaving on the back of a dragon

And of course, they'd get the stone, and maybe the security around it wouldn't be beatable to first years.

Hagrid opened the paper as he eyed the articles "Ministry of Magic is messing things up, as usual"

Harry agreed, and this was the only year he didn't have a reason to be annoyed at, and later loath, the Ministry...Second Year the Dobby incident and Hagrid going to Azkaban, Third year the Sirius Black thing, the Dementors, Buckbeak's trial (Or should I say, Lucius's bribing the jury), Fourth year Rita Skeeter and the smear campaign, Fifth year Umbitch and the smear campaign, Sixth year they tried to make him their mascot and arrested innocent people to make it look like they were doing something, and seventh year and beyond, when the Purebloods took over and started that Muggleborn Registration Committee, where Umbitch sent unknown hundreds of Muggle Borns to either Azkaban, took away their wands and left them in poverty that made even the poorest moment at the Burrow look like the Malfoy fortune, or just killed them (Or in the females case...rumor was they were made into slaves of the flesh)

"Let me guess, there as useless as any government is" he gave a response Hagrid would expect he'd have heard from the Dursley's.

Hagrid had a dark look "I'd take the Muggle government over the Ministry any day, tell ya the truth. The minister, a ninny named Fudge, pelts Dumbledore with advice owls daily, and is a bungler among bunglers"

"So, what does a Ministry of Magic do" nothing, obviously. Well, they did take bribes, but that was about it.

"It all depends" Hagrid said with a distant tone "of who you are"

He may have stopped, but Harry knew what he meant. If you were an inbred pureblood (See Umbridge, Goyle or Mclaggan), or if you had deep pockets (See Malfoy), you got what you wanted and didn't have to pay the government. If you were a 'Blood Traitor' (See Bones, Weasley or Longbottom), Half Blood (See Tonks, Abbot or himself) someone without purely human blood/ Werewolf status (See Hagrid or Lupin) or a Muggle Born (See Hermione, Collin and Dennis), you got discrimination, heavy taxes and general neglect, particularly the latter two.

"Well, might as well be off" Hagrid declared

The Leaky Cauldron

For a famous place, the Leaky Cauldron was disgustingly unkempt. You think with all the pristine buildings of Diagon Alley in front of it, they might keep it in better shape

But, then again, his experiences had shown that Magicals had a slight tendency to like dark places; the Leaky Cauldron, Knockturn Alley, Hogs Head, Hogwarts somewhat, Grimmauld Place, Malfoy Manor, and the Ministry were all dark and sort of gloomy...perhaps inbreeding had messed up wizarding eyesight so much that they just don't like the light.

Harry took a steady breath as he entered...he knew what was coming

"Oh, Hagrid! The usual" old Tom the Barman called out

His doom would arrive in three...

"I can't, Tom, I'm on Hogwarts business"

Tom then noticed him


"Good Lord...is that..."


"Harry Potter, bless my soul! HARRY POTTER HAS RETURNED!"

And thus, came hundreds of overly enthusiastic wizards and witches swarmed him, shaking his hand, hugging him, kissing his feet...

They seem, to be more enthusiastic this time around...couldn't he have gotten something more merciful, like Bellatrix Lestrange!

Even Umbitch!

Stupid fame...he'd trade it for a dead flobberworm any day

"Harry Potter, welcome back to civilization!"

"Bless you, Harry Potter"

"I named my cat after you!"

"We can never forget what you have done for us!"

"Would you like an escort, Mr. Potter!"


"Delighted I am to see you, Harry Potter, I'm Dedalus Diggle..."

"Oh, I remember you, I saw you before..."


So, Diggle seemed, normal...for him anyway

Hagrid, mercifully, coughed loudly.

"We have official business to take care of, and Harry needs to get his Hogwarts supplies...by the way Tom, a room perhaps?"

Tom nodded vigorously "I'd be honored..."

"With a lock" Hagrid added, to Harry's relief. Somehow, he expected people might try to barge into his room to sell his cloths or something...that at least happened to muggle celebrities.

If there was one advantage of the Dursleys, it was that only magicals he knew had any idea he lived there, so he never had any issues like thay before

Tom agreed, and as they left, Harry frowned.

Quirrell wasn't there...

That, was a bad sign

As they entered the courtyard, Hagrid drew his umbrella, as it began to glow at its tip, as the rocks receded away

Again, another change

"Welcome, to Diagon Alley"

Harry smiled as the lively and bustling street, so much different from the dull and lifeless street that he saw in his time period, prior to it being burnt to the ground.

The shops were vibrant, the magical items glimmered, and the voices of happy people rang out everywhere.

However, as Harry looked further around, he noticed that things weren't as they seemed

The apothecaries, pre made potion shops, and even Quality Quiddich supplies, with the Nimbus 2000 once again on display...ah the memories, had signs on them.

By decree of the Ministry of Magic

This building's designated items for sale have been designated to be of importance and thus for security reasons cannot employ the following sorts; Werewolves, Half Breeds, Non Humans, Muggle Borns, Indians, Africans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Squib, Gypsy or Hispanic

Disgusting. Somehow, the Ministry's worse in this timeline...if that was even possible.

However, and luckily with no more rabid worshipers, they made it to the pristine white walls of the Gringots bank, where a armored Goblin stood outside, waiting for them, with a parasol over his head.

"Ragnok?" Hagrid said in shock. The head Goblin?

"I am terribly sorry" said the Goblin cooly "I was aware of your request...but I'm afraid one is gone"

"WHAT!" Hagrid yelled. Harry's eyes went wide

"Just earlier, a thief managed to break into Gringotts, and steal the cup Dumbledore had requested" he said darkly "We were barely able to head him off and protect this" he handed Hagrid the bundle with the stone inside it "We were have the money amount from the Potter trust vault as requested by Dumbledore" A money bag was given to Harry "However, the bank is closed while we tighten up security, the only reason we got this money for you was because Dumbledore arranged it earlier, goodbye" Ragnok returned inside the quiet bank, as Hagrid frowned.

"Blimey, who'd be able to rob Gringotts? Even Dumbledore would hesitate before doing so...well that's too bad. Well, lets find us your supplies then Harry"

As Harry followed Hagrid, he was deep in thought.

Quirrel, with Voldemort stuck to him, had attempted to rob Gringotts on this day, but failed because the stone had been removed by Hagrid earlier.

This time, he robbed the bank earlier, but while failing to get the stone, got the cup of Helga Hufflepuff...

Could Voldemort had sensed the loss of the soul from his scar, assuming it still occurred (Dumbledore would probably have pointed that out if it was no longer there). Could he have gone into overdrive, and had Quirrel retrieve his Horcrux's to hide again...

Just great, he'd have to hunt them again, without a clue where they were

So, as they left, Hagrid had a grin on is face "Well then, while this wasn't such a good thing for my job, might as well get you a birthday present"

And so, they entered the 'Eeylops Magical Menagerie'...hmm the two stores must have had a merger in this universe

And into a dark and cramped store, filled with various animals, with a whole corner devoted to owls, and various supplies, they entered

Harry noted familiar creatures, the jewel encrusted turtle, the skipping black rats, Crookshanks...better save him for Hermione...

Though he could be useful for finding Pettigrew, like last time...

But before he could reminisce, or make a decision on Crookshanks, he noticed something, new...

It looked like a cat, but it had blood red fur, with a white mustache on its face, a spine of yellow fur along his back to a dragon like tale, with a scaly underbelly.

"What, is that" Harry asked

Hagrid looked at it "That Harry, is a Snarf"

"Snarf?" great, he created new magical creatures...

"There like cats, not as intelligent as other magical cats" like Kneazles "But they are said to be pure and unable to be evil in any way. However, they have a nasty habit of getting there nose into trouble...and anyway, an Owl is a lot more useful...ACHOO!" Hagrid sneezed violently "Also, I'm allergic to Snarfs and other cats"

"Snarf" the Snarf mewed...or snarfed...or something

Harry smiled, however, at a sleepy white owl...



Most of his supplies under his or Hagrid's arms, including Hedwing, fast asleep in her cage, Harry, having suffered through two hours of Ollivander going through wands (He was happy at how long it took...strange guy), and then once he got his old wand again, went through the speal about it having a feather from the same phoenix (Fawkes) whose feather also powers the core of Voldemort's wand...

So what, its a good wand, no matter what another wand has as its core

So, passing by a place called 'Succubus Entertainment Services' (Great, an entirely new sentient species! What's next, a Pantheon of Gods!), he was at his last stop for this time around

Madam Malkins

Well...he avoided Draco at least. He was much later than before, so the git would be long gone

"Hogwarts, dear" the kind old lady asked, Hagrid having left to get an ice cream for him...good ol Hagrid

"Yes" he said

"Why, come on in, another first year is already here" Harry wondered who the guy was as he entered, the boy's back to him.

He had blond hair, a silvery blond color, with a tan complexion...

Zachrias...no, Anthony...no, Nott...no...

The boy turned, and Harry mentally gasped

It...was Draco...but not.

What...what happened!

"Oh, your a new student too" he said, and Harry was shocked at the lack of a drawl in his voice...he sounded, nice!


"Oh, where are your parents" he asked gently...again very un Draco like

"There, elsewhere" Harry half lied

"Well, my dad and my uncles Remus and Ted" Remus...he can't mean, and Ted... "are at Gringotts, while my mom, aunt Andy and Aunt Dora" Huh! "Are window shopping for bargain deals"

This was new. Not only was he not calling his parents Father and Mother, but he mentioned Ted Tonks and Andromeda Tonks, who Mrs. Malfoy pretended didn't exist because her sister married a muggle, and thus they ignored her daughter Nymphadora Tonks...and she married...

"Your whole family are wizards?" Harry asked, curious

Neo Draco nodded "Dad's an auror, same as Aunt Dora, dark wizard catchers you see. In fact, Dad put away a particularly nasty witch named Bellatrix Lestrange years ago"

But...if Malfoy Senior was a good guy now...then where was the diary! That, and they didn't seem to like blood purity, seeing as they saw crazy Bellatrix locked up

Bellatrix...the woman who tortured Neville's parents into the loony bin, killed Sirius, tortured Hermione and engraved 'Mudblood' into her arm, killed Dobby, hid Helga's cup, and killed Tonks, before Mrs Weasley killed her.

And Remus, did he mean...

"So, do you know what house you want to be in" Neo Draco asked.

"Huh?" Harry played dumb

"Oh, your a muggle born...my uncle Ted is too" he said kindly. Oh, how he was glad his hair covered that damnable scar "People say its a bad thing, to be muggle born, but I've never understood that. I mean, Muggle Borns do better than most Purebloods in everything. That's why I really hope I'm not in Slytherin, that house is obsessive over blood purity and has poured out all but a few of the dark wizards in Britain"

Hey, one of the girls he had a soul bond with was a Slytherin, they aren't all evil. Slughorn wasn't that bad, Snape is good inside...

But before he could continue to brood, Neo Draco said something shocking "I hope I'm in Hufflepuff, myself. All my family but Uncle Remus went to that house. He instead went to Gryffindor, which isn't that bad, though Ravenclaw wouldn't hurt"

'Uncle Remus' was sounding more and more like Remus Lupin with every word, and Harry couldn't help but draw a parallel to what Draco said in their first meeting in the original timeline

"Well, no one really knows until they get there, do they, but I know I'll be in Slytherin, all our family have been — imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?"

"Draco dear!" a much nicer sounding Narcissa called, and Harry looked to indeed see a kinder, tanner looking Narcissa, the long blond haired mother of Draco, along with Andromeda, the near Bellatrix look alike but with brown hair and kinder eyes.

It was indeed the Andromeda who in the original timeline was kicked out of the family.

"Coming Mom, see ya at Hogwarts!" Neo Draco left, as Harry found himself wondering what was next; a dumb Hermione or a female Snape

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