~ Of Pirate Ghosts

Warning: this chapter is a crappy silly filler, don't say I didn't warn you. When there's a chapter 3 feel free to skip on to that chapter as this one is only meant to show the much more profound relationship between Sasuke and her brother. Honestly I don't know what possessed me to even write this…

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Today Sasuke's older cousin Shisui was watching her while her mother went out shopping.

The two of them were in the living room as Sasuke sat on the floor playing with a few of her dolls while her cousin sat reading a scroll on a floor cushion.

"Where are you going Sasuke-chan?" Shisui asked as he looked up from the scroll he had been reading.

"Bathroom." The little girl stated.

Sasuke never noticed the calculating grin on her older cousin's face. "You sure you want to go in there? After what happened to Cousin Tama?" Shisui drawled out in a concerned voice.

"Huh? Who?"

The older Uchiha began dismissively waving his hands, "Well if you don't already know, I'm not going to tell you…"

"Tell me who cousin Tama is, right now!" The eight-year-old demanded emphasizing the command by stomping a tiny foot on the floor.

"Well, you see Sasuke-chan. A long, long time ago back when the Uchiha Clan had just settled into Konohagakure a group of pirates attacked the village! Your house, or more specifically your bathroom is right over the Pirate Captain's grave!"

The little Uchiha heiress gave a large frown, "I don't believe you!"

"That's what Tama-chan said too, you know…Only one day- she never came out of the bathroom. And when the clan checked to see if she was in there- she was gone. No one ever saw poor little Tama again!" Shisui ended his tale dramatically.

"Baka Shishui!" Sasuke huffed as she stomped her little foot as hard as she could onto Shisui's own. Her face flushed even more as the boy hardly reacted to what she had put her full strength into.

'There's no pirate ghost living in our toilet, he was just making it up!' she told herself as she washed her hands and made a scrunched-up face at the bathroom mirror. Sasuke gave a small shriek of fear when the bathroom light began to flicker.

'D-don't be stupid! Shisui was making it up, he-'

Her courage faltered however when the toilet made a gurgling sound, prompting the little Uchiha to dash out of the small room like a bat out of hell.

There really was a ghost!

"See? I warned you." Shisui shrugged his shoulders dramatically when he saw the fear on the little girl's face.

~~ /~~

Eying the partially open bathroom door Sasuke steeled her nerves before making a swift dash past it, not daring to even glance at the 'haunted' bathroom.


A sudden thought made her bolt up in her bed, what if the ghost could travel to other places than the bathroom? Trembling a bit Sasuke braved a peek at the edge of her bed as she clutched her sheets in a death grip, ready to pull them over her head at the first sign of movement.


Sasuke sighed as she sat in the living room with her brother. It was Sunday evening, three days since she had learned of the hallway bathroom's haunting.

She wanted to go into the kitchen, but to do that she'd have to walk past the bathroom!

'I'll just wait for Onii-tan to head that way! The ghost can't attack me with him being there, right?' Sasuke seriously contemplated.

With her 'ingenious' plan decided, Sasuke sat waiting for her brother to move, going as far as to try to mentally get him to go, 'Go to the kitchen, Onii-tan! Come on, go!'

After what seemed like forever their mother's voice rang out, "Dinner time!"

Itachi narrowed his eyes as Sasuke walked extremely close to him.

A sudden idea crossed his mind, "I forgot something in the living room." He stated as he turned around waiting to see her reaction.

"M-me too!" she declared as she abruptly mimicked Itachi's sudden move to go back into the living room.

Now Itachi knew something was up, she had been acting too nervous when they were in the living room. The fact she had been staring at him intently, as though she were trying to will him to do something with her mind had also not escaped his notice.

"May I be excused, Okaasan? I need to use the restroom." Itachi informed his mother as he stood from the dinner table. He nearly missed how Sasuke's eyes widened at him.

"All right, Itachi. Don't worry about helping clean up after dinner. You have a mission tomorrow don't you?" Mikoto told her eldest before picking up his plate.

"Ah! I gotta tell Onii-tan something, Okaasan!" Sasuke pleaded as she jumped up from her seat.

Mikoto rose a brow at Sasuke's sudden outburst, "… Hurry back, I need your help with the dishes Sasuke."

"Un!" Sasuke nodded before she ran after her brother.


"No! Don't go in there Onii-tan!" Sasuke warned her brother as she chased after him.

"The bathroom? Why?" Itachi was becoming quite irritated with Sasuke's strange behavior and it was beginning to show.

"Don't go in there, or else the pirate ghost that's living in the toilet will get you!" Sasuke declared in all seriousness.

"… Don't be ridiculous, Sasuke." Itachi stated as he tried to nudge her out of his way. Sasuke had other ideas however as she clung to him, desperate to stop him from entering the bathroom.

"B-but, Shisui s-said!" his sister whimpered as she clung to his leg.

Itachi scowled, so that's where his sister had heard this nonsense. He'd be sure to do something about it later but for now he needed to remedy his younger sister's fear.

Sighing Itachi lead Sasuke towards the 'haunted' bathroom. Opening the door Itachi flicked on the light to reveal the very normal bathroom. There was no sign of anything even remotely supernatural about the restroom.

Itachi stepped into the small room, making a show of 'looking' for the aforementioned ghost, "See, Sasuke? There's nothing in here."

"Mn-mn!" Sasuke shook her little head fiercely as she clutched the doorframe, not trusting her brother's words.

"Fine. Get out, I'll get rid of the ghost." Itachi stated as he nudged his sister away fro the door so that he could shut it. He did need to use the restroom anyways…

Feeling extremely foolish Itachi 'spoke' out loud to the 'ghost', knowing his sister would be listening in- trying to find out how he would fight the ghost.

"You are no longer welcome in this house Pirate Ghost, leave on your own free will or I will force you!"

With that Itachi went about his business.

Stepping out of the bathroom Itachi spotted Sasuke waiting anxiously next to the door. "I threatened him with my Sharingan, he won't bother you any more."

Raising a weary brow she asked, "Really?" He gave a short nod.

"Suigoi, Onii-tan!" She cheered for her brother cutely as her brother made his way to his room.


"But its okay now, 'cause Onii-tan beat him up with his Sharingan!" Sasuke exclaimed to her mother as she helped her clean and dry the dishes.

Mikoto fought to keep a straight face as she listened to her youngest idolizing tale about Itachi and the Pirate Ghost in the bathroom.

The next time Sasuke saw her cousin Shisui he had a very large black eye…

Onii-tan= a cute but baby-ish/childish way to say Big Brother

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