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When we last left off I gave Mike and Zoey some Drama because without it they are just boring characters that the fan base seems to like even though they lack originality! So with all that being said we turn back to the "Brilliant" Duncan who managed to escape Juvie at least 4 times yet couldn't escape a bathroom.

The Delinquent was only good for one thing and that was insults and hurting people and telling really bad stories with pointless plots that nobody cared about anyway. He never learned how to escape a bathroom! So what do you do when you don't know what else to do? You call your best friend on a cell phone that you had in your pocket the whole time.

"Geoff?" Duncan yelled into his cell phone bad ass like "I'm stuck in a bathroom and both my girlfriends left me, what do I do now?"

"Dude, just use a towel as toilet paper" Geoff told him "I'm kinda busy here chasing these newbies!"

"Dude, No!" Duncan yelled badassy "I didn't run out of toilet paper! I'm stuck in the bathroom! I need help to get out! Why are you chasing people?"

"They don't have drama in their lives" Geoff told him "So Harold decided we should start an angry mob!"

"An angry mob?" Duncan happily and badassily asked "Why didn't anyone invite me, Dude?"

"Because you were in the bathroom, Bro!" Geoff panted as he was running while on his phone

Duncan decided that this was pointless and hung up on Geoff because that's what happens when you're best friend is the local party boy who overuses the word dude.

Meanwhile we go to Brick's room where he has his bath tub filled with cold water and a very confused Trentsey.

"C'mon now!" Brick tossed her in the water "Swim! Swim Swim! Let's move!"

"I don't think that's a great idea" Trentsey lied "I'm pregnant"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Brick asked him/her

Trent has had enough of this! He ran out of Brick's room as fast as he could. He ran into Izzy's room and slammed the door shut.

"You gotta help me!" Trent complained "Everyone wants me so badly!"

"That's what you get for trying to be Lindsay" Izzy laughed

"Can you help me get this dumb wig off?" Trent asked glaring at her

"Yeah, I guess I could" Izzy laughed "But It's gonna cost ya..."

"That's what I'm afraid of..." Trent sighed knowing that of course with Izzy nothing was ever simple.

Heather and Alejandro decided they were too badass to stay inside when a killer was on the loose so they took it upon themselves to go outside and walk. Unfortunately the two of them were both assholes and couldn't be in the same place with each other for even a minute.

"Why wouldn't you agree to marry me?" Alejandro sighed as they stepped over Zeke's dead body "You know I love you! You are my Uno El galio!"

"I told you a million times!" Heather glared "The Spanish act is getting super annoying!"

"It's not an act chica!" Alejandro told her "I want to be with you!...and every other girl I come in contact with...But mostly you..."

"That sentence alone tells me that you don't want to be with me" Heather rolled her eyes "I knew I should have said yes when Blainley asked me out"

"Blainley's gay?" Alejandro asked

"Yes!" Heather cried "Now she's dead..."

Heather then dramatically stormed off leaving Alejandro alone with Zeke's dead body. Alejandro sighed and played with the ring in his hand that he wanted to give to Heather.

"What should I do?" Alejandro asked the sky looking up at it

"You could always try to get stuck with her in the elevator!" Zeke sat up from the dead and walked towards Alejandro "I hear checks really dig it when they get stuck in the elevator! What happened? The last thing I remember was getting killed by-"

"Ahhh!" Alejandro screamed and beat Zeke with the nearest object he could find which was a large log "Dead body!"

Zeke looked worse than he did before and appeared to be dead again. Alejandro was happy because dead people really freaked him out. He pretended that this moment never happened and went to go be near other people who didn't freak him out. He also saw an angry mob running past him so he figured they must have found the killer.

Back in the hallway Chris was standing there and called all the contestants out of their rooms.

"Okay, Everyone is going to slowly die!" Chris announced "So, I need you guys to do something really important!"

"This better be really important" Courtney told him "I have so much to do before I die!"

"Hello world tour pun" Noah rolled his eyes keeping Cody really close. Sierra was also standing close to Cody.

"I feel uncomfortable..." Cody whined

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Chris handed them all a sheet of paper "I need you to all do this!"

"What kind of prom dress will your character where?" Courtney glared at Chris.

"Is you're character gay or straight?" Jo read "If yes then what would they like in a partner?"

"Describe your character?" Gwen asked him "What is this?"

"I need to start casting for a new season! Since you're all going to die anyway please make an original character and have it sent to me by the end of the day!" Chris informed them all

"Original Character?" Heather looked at him "You want us to create characters?"

"Yes!" Chris informed her "I need 20 new contestants! So you'll create them and I'll hire some actors to be them!"

While Chris was telling them this Chef was passing out pens so they could fill this all out before they most likely get killed. After Chris told them this he and Chef promptly left.