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Breaking News

Rachel Berry waited behind the school near the practically empty student parking lot. She had recieved a text from Santana Lopez to meet her there ten minutes ago, though she wasn't surprised that her secret girlfriend was late. Cheerios practices tended to run long due to Sue Sylvester's craziness. Rachel had spent many hours listening to her girlfriend of one year complain about Sue Sylvester. Even when they hadn't been dating and had just been friends, Santana had complained about the woman, not that Rachel could blame her. She'd had her fair share of run ins with Sue and well... let's just say Rachel wasn't her biggest fan, especially when it came to how Sue treated the Glee Club and - more importantly - Santana. As she waited for her favorite cheerleader to arrive, Rachel got lost in thought.


"Hey Berry." Santana said, walking into Rachel's room. The diva sighed.

"Santana, we've been friends for six months. Isn't it time you stopped calling me by my last name?" Rachel asked. Santana nodded.

"You're right. I'll stop." Santana said, sitting close to the smaller brunette. Looking down, she smiled. "Hey Rachel." she said.

"Thank you. Hello, Santana. How are you?" Rachel asked. Santana rolled her eyes playfully.

"I'm good, Rach. What's up?" she asked. Rachel shrugged.

"Just thinking."

"About what?" Santana asked. Rachel refused to meet her friend's eyes. "Rachel?"

"You, mostly." she admitted. Santana raised an eyebrow.

"Me?" Rachel nodded.

"Or... well... us..." she clarified.

"Us?" Santana whispered. Rachel stared at her hands. "There's an us?" she asked. Rachel shrugged. "Do you want there to be an us?"

"That's what I was thinking about." Santana nodded thoughtfully. "Do you want there to be an us?" Rachel asked after a few moments.

"I'd never really thought about it before. I mean, we've been hanging out for six months and we've gotten really close, but I've never really thought about you in that way." Santana said. Rachel nodded.

"That's okay. I understand. Let's just forget this ever happened. All of it." Rachel whispered. Santana shook her head.

"Rach, wait. I wasn't finished. I've never thought about you in that way until now. The thought of being able to kiss you whenever isn't so bad." she said, smiling softly. Rachel finally looked up to meet her eyes.


"So..." The two girls looked at each other for a few moments.

"What do we do?" Rachel asked. Santana smiled, leaned over, and kissed Rachel.

"I think we just started a relationship." she whispered when she pulled away. Rachel smiled.

"I think we did." she said, smiling as Santana hugged her.


Rachel was shook out of her daydream by a hand covering her eyes, an arm snaking around her waist pulling her backwards and into another body, and a pair of lips on the back of her neck. Smiling, Rachel removed the hand on her eyes and turned around to see her Latina girlfriend. "Hi." she whispered as Santana wrapped her other arm around her waist.

"Hey." Santana said, dropping a kiss on her girlfriend. Rachel grinned and laid her forehead on Santana's shoulder. "You looked deep in thought when I walked out, baby girl." she said. Rachel craned her head so that her cheek was resting on the familiar shoulder and kissed her girlfriend's neck.

"I was." she agreed.

"What were you thinking about?" Santana asked, smiling as she held her girl close.

"When we decided to start dating." Rachel said. Santana laughed softly. "How was practice?" the diva asked. Santana tensed, knowing how Rachel felt about Sue Sylvester. Rachel frowned and pulled back slightly. "Santana? How was practice?" Rachel asked, removing her arms from the Latina's neck.

"Rach, its no big deal." Santana said.

"I hate when your stories start like that, because they're usually about Sue Sylvester." Rachel said. Santana closed her eyes and sighed.


The Cheerios were completing yet another impossible routine when Sue blew her whistle. "Tweedle Fake Boobs! What is your deal?" Santana looked up at Sue.

"I'm sorry, Coach?" Santana asked. Sue Sylvester was the only teacher she was respectful to.

"You can't get those flips right! Its probably because of your air bags!" she yelled. Santana looked down, mentally telling herself to stop the tears from coming. Only Rachel knew that Santana regretted getting the surgery and was self-conscious about it. "Just get out of here. All of you. Practice is over now." the coach said. Santana grabbed her bag and rushed out of the gym, eager to find Rachel and forget about it.


"She didn't." Rachel said. Santana nodded and Rachel started forward.

"Rachel, don't." Santana said, catching her before she could go any farther.

"She can't get away with that, Santana!" Rachel said. Santana smiled softly.

"Baby G, you know I love you, but I'm used to her by now." she said.

"Well, I'm not. I hate how she treats you. You don't deserve that." Rachel said. Santana kissed her. "Stop it, Santana. You aren't going to distract me this time." Rachel said. Santana ignored her and continued kissing her, gently pushing her against the wall. Santana placed her left arm between Rachel and the brick wall and her free hand cupped the future Broadway star's cheek. Rachel's right hand gently rested on the Latina's cheek and her left arm found its way around the girl's waist as she gave into the kiss. Breaking apart, Santana rested her forehead on the diva's.

"All better?" she breathed out. Rachel nodded. "Okay... let's go back to your house. We can stop for a cherry limeade on the way." she said. Rachel smiled and nodded. Santana kissed her cheek and led the way to her car, opening the door for Rachel before getting in herself. When they were at Rachel's house, they went straight to Rachel's room. "So baby girl, how was your day?" Santana asked. Rachel smiled.

"It was good. I started rehearsing a new song for Glee Club." Rachel said. Santana smiled.

"Can I hear it?" she asked. Rachel shook her head.

"Its a surprise. Its for you and I want it to be perfect before I sing it. It'd be amazing if we ended up choosing it for competition." Rachel said. Santana grinned up at her girlfriend.

"I'm sure you'll sound amazing, Rach. You always do." she said. Rachel smiled softly and kissed her.

"I love you." she whispered.

"I love you too." Santana said.

"I'll go get us something to eat." Rachel said, getting up. Sighing, Santana looked around and grabbed Rachel's laptop. She had time to kill, so she decided to check Jacob Ben-Israel's blog. She checked it everyday to make sure he wasn't still stalking Rachel. Santana stared at the screen as Rachel walked back into the room. "San are you okay?" Rachel asked. Santana remained silent, but shook her head. confused, Rachel walked over to the bed where her girlfriend was. "What are you looking at?" she asked. Santana turned the laptop toward her girlfriend.

"Jew Fro's blog."

"San, I thought I told you to stop looking at that. All it does is make you angry and-" Rachel cut herself off as she looked at what Santana was looking at and felt her eyes widen. "Oh God." she whispered. Santana nodded. "Wha... How did this happen?" she whispered.

"I don't know." Santana said.

"Click on it, San." Rachel said. Santana looked at her with questioning eyes. "Click on it." she said. Santana nodded and clicked on the link her cursor was hovering over.


A page loaded soon and there was an article under the title


Second in command Cheerio Santana Lopez and Glee Club Capitain Rachel Berry were spotted kissing and sharing an intimate conversation behind the school and in front of the William McKinley High School student parking lot this afternoon, less than an hour ago. Sources confirm that Lopez has been notably nicer to Berry, so it can be assumed that the two are in a romantic relationship with one another, though it is unknown for how long...

The article went on to describe what Jacob assumed the relationship was about and underneath the article were nine or ten pictures of the two girls when they were having their conversation less than an hour ago. Jacob had made sure to zoom in on the kiss so you could clearly see their faces. Santana turned to Rachel, who was silent. "What are we going to do, San?" the diva whispered. Santana shrugged.

"I have no idea, baby girl. I'll figure it out. Let's just... let's just lay low for a bit." Santana said. The next day, Rachel was at her locker, trying to ignore all the looks she was getting. When she bent down to get a book out of her backpack, the door to her locker was slammed shut. Gasping, she glanced up and saw Santana glaring down at Rachel.

"San... Santana. What are you doing?" Rachel asked. Santana scoffed.

"Get up, dwarf!" she yelled. Shocked, Rachel fell from her squatting position. "I said get up!" Rachel scrambled to her feet. "Listen closely. I don't know what your weird Hobbit obsession with me is, but starting a rumor that we kissed is just sick! I don't know how the hell you managed to photoshop that picture, but its creepy. Just knock it off and leave me the hell alone!" Santana said, trying to ignore the tears in Rachel's eyes as she pushed Rachel into the locker with her shoulder as she walked away and told herself that Rachel would understand why she did what she did. They had both agreed that they would keep their relationship a secret. They weren't ready to be out yet. They didn't want their bubble to bursted. When Santana arrived at her house, Rachel was waiting for her in her living room. "How'd you get in here?" she asked.

"Your mom let me in on her way to work." Rachel said.

"Look, about this morning-"

"What the hell was that?" Rachel asked.

"It was supposed to get people to stop the rumors." Santana said.

"Well, it worked. Now the rumor is that I'm a stalker who's obsessed with you. Before people were just looking at me strangely. Now they're laughing and making cruel jokes at my expense. Things may have worked out for you, but they're worse for me." Rachel said. Santana looked down.

"Baby girl, I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking clearly." Santana said. Rachel shook her head and eyed her with disdain.

"Just when I thought we were ready to be out, you go and screw up everything. How could you do that to me?" Rachel asked. Santana hesitated and Rachel rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Hope it was worth it, Santana." Rachel said, getting up.

"Wait, Rachel, we can make it through this." Santana said. Rachel scoffed.

"Whatever. You can make it through this yourself. I'm not staying with someone who treats me like that." Rachel snapped. Santana's jaw dropped.

"You're... are you breaking up with me?" Santana asked. Rachel nodded and headed toward the door. "Rachel, wait. I'm sorry. Please forgive me." Santana whispered. Rachel shook her head and left. "No!" Santana yelled, crying. Getting a hold of herself, she picked up her phone. "Jew Fro. Get your ass in the choir room. Now." Santana barked. Getting in her car and driving back to the school. Forty-five minutes later, she drove to the Berry house and knocked on the door. She could tell Rachel was the only one home from the lack of other cars in the driveway. Rachel looked out the window by the front door and opened it.

"What?" she snapped.

"Rachel, can we talk?" Santana asked.

"No." she said. Santana nodded.

"I deserve that, but-" Santana was cut off by the door slamming in her face. Sighing, Santana sat down on the porch and leaned against the front door. She wasn't going anywhere. Rachel fell on her bed and cried until she heard her phone ring.

Incoming Call


"Hello?" she answered.

"Rachel, you have got to check out Jacob's latest post on his blog. Its about you and Santana." he said. Rachel sighed.

"I don't want to read it." Rachel said.

"Trust me. I think you do." he said, hanging up. Sighing, Rachel grabbed her laptop and pulled up the blog, gasping when she saw the newest link.


Rachel wasted no time clicking on the link.


Santana Lopez sat down and set the record straight about the latest rumors about her and Rachel Berry. Watch the video below.

Rachel clicked play and watched the interview.

"Santana, why did you intiate this interview?" Jacob asked. Santana bit her lip.

"I want to discuss those pictures and that article you posted yesterday about Rachel Berry and I." she said. He nodded for her to continue.

"All right, look. Rachel Berry and I are in fact in a relationship with each other. She's my girlfriend and I love her with all my heart. I don't care how wimpy it makes me look. I love her. We've been together for a year and what happened today was just me being scared. The pictures weren't fake. They were completely real. But I'm over being scared of it. I'm ready to let everyone know that she's mine. If anyone has a problem with it, talk to me. But if I hear anything about someone making fun of her or anything less than being nice to her, you'll deal with me, got it?" she said, pointedly looking at Jacob, who nodded. Santana turned to the camera.

"Rach, I love you. I'm sorry for everything that happened. I hope this makes up for it, at least a little bit." she said, before turning back to Jacob. "That's it." she said before the video ended.

Jaw dropped, Rachel stared at the computer. There was a knock at her door. "Yes?" she asked. Her door opened and one of her dads appeared.

"Sweetheart? You have a visitor." he said softly, moving so Santana was visible.

"Hey, Rach." she whispered, looking down.

"I found her sitting against the front door, so at least let her say what she came here to say to you." he advised before closing the door to give the girl's privacy.

"I uh... I came to tell you to look at Jacob's blog, but you kinda cut me off." Santana said quietly.

"Kurt called me and told me about it. I watched the interview." Rachel said. Santana met her eyes and smiled slightly. "Thank you for doing that. But you know there's no going back now, right? You can't deny this now." she continued.

"I don't want to. If you'll still have me, I want to walk down the hallways of McKinley tomorrow holding your hand and confirmg how much I love you and that you really are mine." Santana said. Rachel smiled softly and motioned for Santana to sit next to her.

"I thought... that it was the most romantic thing you could have ever done. Thank you." she whispered. Santana nodded. "I'm still angry about earlier today."

"I know you are. I'm furious with myself. I love you, Baby G. You're the girl I love and I don't deserve a second chance with you." Santana said. Rachel kissed her.

"No you don't. But I'm gonna give you one anyway." Rachel whispered. Santana smiled and hugged the girl closer to her.

"Thank you so much baby girl." Santana said, crying. Rachel wiped the tears away.

"No need for that. We're okay. I love you." Rachel said, kissing the girl again.

"I love you too, Rachel." Santana said. Rachel smiled. "Oh and by the way. Breaking news: Creepy Jew Fro beat up by sexy Latina cheerleader defending her girlfriend's honor." Santana said. Rachel grinned.

"You did that for me?" she asked. Santana nodded. "Breaking news: Hot Glee Club captain and her sexy Latina cheerleader girlfriend so in love that even one article on Creepy Jew Fro's blog outing them can't break them up." Santana grinned.

"No it can't. Breaking News: I love you, Rachel Berry." Santana said.

"Breaking news: I love you too, Santana Lopez." Rachel whispered, kissing the Latina.