Rachel sighed as she heard her phone signaling that she was getting a FaceTime call. She was in the middle of a tough calculus problem and just felt like she was getting the hang of it. Grabbing her phone to decline the call, she grinned as she saw her girlfriend's name on her screen, answering the call immediately.

"Hello my gorgeous girl." she said, smiling at the device as her girlfriend appeared.

"Hey beautiful. How's your night going?" Santana asked.

"Calculus made it terrible, but your call made it wonderful." Santana grinned. "Come over?"

"I can't. Gabriel isn't feeling good, so it's Mami to the rescue." At the beginning of their sophomore year, Puck had gotten the Cheerio pregnant. After she had her baby, she'd managed to convince Coach Sylvester to let her back on the team, but she still managed to get straight A's and care for her son while having a great relationship with Rachel. "Sorry baby girl."

"It's okay, you know I understand. Ooh! Rachel Berry idea!" Santana chuckled.

"Enlighten me, Rach." Rachel frowned.

"That's teasing. You're teasing me. That is not nice." Santana grinned widely. "I could come by and see Gabriel." Santana frowned slightly.

"I don't know, baby girl. Gabe is tired and-" Santana cut herself off as she looked up at something Rachel couldn't see.


"What's the matter, mijo?" she asked, frowning with concern.

"Can't sleep. Throat hurts." Gabe said.

"Come here, baby." Rachel smiled as she heard small feet shuffle against the carpet as Gabriel came into view.

"Hey there little boy. Mami said you aren't feeling too good." she cooed, chuckling as the boy nodded pathetically.

"Feel bad, Rachie."

"Awwww. I'm sorry sweetie." the diva said.

"Come over? We can have family cuddles!" Gabriel said. Rachel slicked eyes with Santana, who smiled.

"Yea, come over babe." Rachel smiled softly.

"Be there soon, loves."

"Wow... He was really tired, huh?" Rachel whispered as Santana picked up her sleeping son.

"Yea, for sure. You can stay here tonight if you want." Rachel grinned and kissed her girlfriend.

"I'll call my dads."