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He sighed as he leaned back, deep in thought.

Raven. Who was she? Of course he knew who she was: his friend, his teammate, the dark girl who kept to herself. But who was she really? There was so much more about her that he wanted to know. He wanted to be closer to her.

He nearly laughed at the irony. Who would have ever though the peppy, chipper Beast Boy would fall for the shy, gloomy Raven? Of course, no one else knew. At least, he hoped not. He knew that they would never be more than just friends. He was lucky to even get that. Raven was not a social person; it was considered a good day if you got a 'good morning' out of her.

He sat on the couch, staring out the large window and listening to the rain that tapped steadily against the glass. Dark, puffy clouds hung lazily above the tower and killed any sign of light that may have been shedding off of the moon. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"Why can't I just tell her?" he said loudly to the empty room. But he soon discovered it was not empty.

"Beast Boy, who are you talking to?"

He yelped and jumped, quickly facing the girl standing in the doorway.

"Raven! When did you get here?" he crawled back onto the couch that he had fallen off of in his excitement.

"Just now. In time to hear to talking to yourself?" she raised an eyebrow as she crossed the room. His heart pounded with each step she took. Closer, closer, she was quickly nearing the green teenager.

"Oh, sorry."

"Who is she?"


She took a seat next to him.

"You said 'why can't you tell her'. Who and what are you talking about?"

"Oh," he rubbed the back of his neck, smiling sheepishly, "nothing. Just…nothing"

She nodded and dropped the subject. He sighed inwardly. Ever since Terra had returned, she knew Beast Boy's feelings would also return. Why should I even bother telling him, she thought to herself, he has Terra. Why would he want emotionless, grave Raven? She was unaware that Beast Boy was busy with his own thoughts also. She is so close. Now would be the perfect time to tell her! Oh, who am I kidding? Why would she want an overly-happy loser like me?

They both stared out the window, watching each raindrop slide down the glass. The silence grew between the pair until it lay across the room like a blanket, suffocating the tense teenagers that sat directly in the center of it. Confusion, uncertainty, and doubt filled the room until they could no longer take it. They both knew that if they did not take a chance, risk it all, soon there may not have been anything to risk. Raven feared losing him to Terra and Beast Boy feared losing her to anyone. Raven was about to speak when Beast Boy quickly faced her.



He inched closer to her.

"I know you will probably murder me after this, but I need to take the chance."

"Beast Boy, what are you—mph!" But she did not have time to finish as he pulled her into a kiss. She could feel herself losing control over her powers, various objects in the room beginning to levitate. Beast Boy took notice and gently grasped her hand, causing the objects to rest in their original spots. At first, Raven was going to pull back, but she soon gave into the feeling, surrendering to the pleasure she felt in his arms. It ended too quick for her likings though when he pulled back abruptly. He eyed her, confused and shocked with himself. She even detected some fear lurking in his eyes. Before she got the chance to respond, he quickly stood and ran out of the room. Raven's eyes followed the green blur out of the room, leaving her shocked and unable to move.

"Beast Boy…" she mumbled as she gazed at the ground. The room was left to silence, nothing but the faint melody of the storm outside and the storm inside Raven's mind could be heard.


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