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Through winding halls, down narrow staircases, around dark corners with who knows what lurking around the bend; the exit was getting closer…closer. Their footsteps echoed, their shadows leapt, their breath ran rugged, but they refused to stop. Beast Boy grasped the girl's hand as he looked back at her.

"Come on, Raven," he pleaded. "We're almost there. Just a little while longer!"

"Beast Boy, I don't know how much longer I can keep this up," she gasped.

He remained staring at her until he saw a light, which shined brightly from ahead, flood across the room. Using his free hand, he shielded his eyes and peered beyond the glow.

"Look!" he smiled. "It's the exit!"

Raven sighed in relief.

The pair hopped out the door to which Beast Boy immediately slammed shut. Raven slapped him on the back of the head. He yelped, rubbing the burning sensation.

"If you aren't careful, they'll notice we're gone!"

He nodded.

She lazily blew at a strand of hair that had fallen onto her face during the escape and they were on their way. With Beast Boy flying as an eagle beside her, Raven shook her head and smiled, enjoying the air that swept across her face as her body floated lightly through the air. She still couldn't believe that Beast Boy was able to talk her into this. But ever since they had shared that kiss a few days ago, he was able to step over the line that she had drawn for every other being in the universe. Early yesterday morning, he had snuck into her room while everyone else in the tower was fast asleep. She could still remember the annoying, repetitious poke that had greeted her forehead. She could also remember the thud that she heard when she reacted on instinct and threw Beast Boy across the room with her powers. She laughed at the thought. Still, after apologies were out of the way, the green teenager remained as chipper as he had when he had first entered the room. He'd awkwardly suggested that the two go on a date.

That had shocked her.

Kissing someone was completely new to her. Going on a date was even newer. So after thirty minutes straight of begging and pleading and whining, she agreed. At first, she was nervous, not thoroughly convinced that she was going to enjoy herself. But now, as the pair flew toward the restaurant in comforting silence, she was glad that she had agreed to go.

Before they went to the restaurant, they stopped by a clothing outlet to change into the formal clothes they had brought along. Of course, they couldn't have exactly left the tower together wearing a dress and a suit. It was hard enough to sneak out without the other Titans noticing them in their casual uniforms. Beast Boy, donning a three-piece, black suit, waited patiently near the outlet's changing room for Raven to finish. He smiled a cheeky grin as he reviewed his outfit. He had specifically chosen a black suit for Raven. He knew she was into the darker colors. His hand gripped at his purple tie, anxious, yet excited for the evening they had planned together.

The creak of a door alerted his attention to the changing room behind him. He casually glanced behind him but immediately, his jaw hit the floor. The black skirt that hung loosely over her legs showed off her shaped body by clinging to her hips and drifting to the floor, nearly hiding the petite black dress shoes. A deep maroon corset was connected to the black skirt and matched perfectly against her pale, fragile skin. A black choker with a silhouette of a purple flower completed the outfit. But what truly fulfilled the outfit perfectly was the teenager wearing it. Beast Boy blushed and tugged at his collar.

"Wow…you, um…" he staggered. "Y-You look….great… Great! You look great!"

Raven laughed and grabbed his hand. He stopped stuttering and froze, staring down at their hands. She ignored his reaction and began leading him away.

"Come on," she chuckled, clearly amused.

Five minutes later, they were standing in the doorway of Garfield's, the fanciest restaurant in town. They were seated, glimpsed over the menu, and made their choices. The waiter then left them to chat while their meal was prepared. Beast Boy looked around, closely watching each person. He saw that most of the people there had their napkins folded, their silverware tilted a certain way, or wine glasses placed above the plates. He jumped to do exactly as they were. Raven stared in confusion as he reached for the napkin, grabbed one of the corners and let it drift sloppily to the other corner, perfecting his 'folded napkin'. He was about to reach for the silverware when she placed a hand on top of his.

"Beast Boy!"

He looked up at her.


"Relax," she stated. "I'm used to your usual table manners," she smiled.

He gulped and nodded. Though, he noticed that she was not moving her hand. His eyes flickered up to her face, down to her hand, and returned to her eyes. Again, she smiled. Now normally, he would have panicked and ducked beneath the table to hide, waiting out whatever cruel joke she had planned. But this was an unusual smile. It wasn't the usual smile he used to try time after time to sneak out of her with his typical jokes. It was not the type of smile she had when she was smirking at the villain the Titans had just defeated. This smile was different. In fact, he had never seen it before. It was playful and flirty, while remaining strong at the same time. It showed that she had experienced heart break before and knew the pain of rejection, but that she was also willing to give him a chance. He smiled back and it took them a long time before they noticed their meal had arrived.

Their laughter bounced down the street; Raven's soft voice mixing well with Beast Boy's boisterous tone. It had long been dark outside, though they paid no attention as their evening continued. They stopped at the docks and leaned against the wooden railing, gazing out into the endless sea. The waves tackled the dock's support beams, spraying a layer of mist their way. Beast Boy smiled down at the ocean, yet noticed Raven watching him closely. He turned to face her.

"Raven?" he grabbed her hand. "Is everything okay?"

"You did it, Beast Boy," she whispered.

"Did what?"

He raised an eyebrow and watched as she returned to the ledge, leaning against it and staring at the stars above.

"I always thought that I would never find someone; that I never could find someone that just wanted to be around me. But you…" she faced him, bringing it the soft shock on his face. "You saw something in me that no one else did." Back turned, she looked out longingly once more.

They listened to the water moving, the air floating, the stars singing, but Beast Boy heard something else also. He heard the pleading of a teenage girl desperately waiting for a release from the life that she thought would forever be hers. She heard his footsteps approaching over the hollow wood and felt his arms wrap around her from behind. She looked down, uncertain.

"Why?" she said lowly.

He turned her to face him and brought his hands up to her face.

"Because," he said, his thumb tracing her jaw line, "because I…"

He hesitated.

She stopped and looked up at him. A look of despairing disappointment crossed her features before she began to pull away. Something in him kicked in. He knew that it was not the time to hesitate. Raven had given him a chance, she gave him the key to releasing her from the prison of her mind. Now, it was up to him to unlock the door. His hands quickly returned to her face to which she was surprised.

"Because I love you, Rae."

He lured her body in with his eyes, allowed his fingers to play in her hair, and finally caught her with his lips. She sucked in air, bringing her arms around his neck. He laid her against the railing and leaned in. Her hands released his neck and ran smoothly along his chest. Minutes passed; they remained this way the entire time.

Little did they know, the rest of the Titans were standing at the entrance of the dock. Cyborg's jaw was scraping the ground, Robin's eyes were popping out, and Starfire clasped her hands in excitement.

"Umm…." Cyborg raised a finger.

"Well," Robin casually said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I guess we finally found them."


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