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"You can't really expect us to take them, can you?"

"Well they can't stay here!"

"What happened to their bloody parents?"

"I don't fucking want them!"

"I'll take the older one, but not that little devil."

"Same here. The little one creeps me out, I don't want it."

"Who cares? Just leave them on the street where you found them!"

Voices. So many voices. It made the child cringe. He looked over at the toddler next to him and frowned. As per usual, Izuna was giving the adults a glare far beyond his young age. They feared him. At only two years old- they feared him. Madara patted his brother's hair gently, trying to settle the hateful aura that the babe was emitting.

"I'll take them."

"You? You can't take them! Shut up!"

"Let her have them, no one else wants em!"

"Fine. But if you get sick of the brats, don't come whining to us!"

"They're only children, what harm can they do? I'm sure we'll have a fun time. Right, boys?"

Madara looked up at the woman who had approached them. He said nothing, but did manage a light smirk when Izuna hissed at her. His otouto had developed quite a few feline habits as of late- one of which was hissing at people. The others included, biting, scratching at the fleas that lived in his hair, licking his hands after meals -if they could find any- and purring. He only purred at night though, when Madara would snuggle him close and whisper imaginary stories about their future.

Fantasy tales about how one day they wouldn't be alone. They'd have a proper family, it would be huge. They'd own land, and make a name for themselves, and be big and strong. They'd start a village with no poverty where little children couldn't be left to the streets and forgotten. They'd make enough money to buy back their older sister Mikoto from that perverted man who tortured her. It was all so pleasant- but it was only fairytale.

The woman was looking at him again. He felt a tick on his face and saw her reach out and brush at something.

"You two have fleas." She said matter-of-factly. "You'll need to bathe with very special soap for at least two weeks."

He didn't understand. What did she care about whether or not they needed a bath? They did the best they could. When they found water he always gave one half to Izuna to drink and the other half to Izuna to bathe without thinking of himself, and now this random woman had to comment about it. It wasn't his fault that they had fleas...

"C'mon, let's get you home." She suggested with a kind smile.

Home? They didn't have a home. Not since Mama and Papa had died in the fire and Mikoto's new husband decided he couldn't handle taking on her brother's after all... it was so deceptive. The whole reason she'd married him was to provide them with a home, now he'd sold her off as a slave and Madara and Izuna were left to the rats.

When neither child showed any sign of moving the woman frowned slightly. The other adults in the room were looking very smug and one by one they got up and left her to her fate- all thinking that she couldn't handle it. She was only sixteen after all, and she didn't have a family to support herself. But in truth, they didn't care about her any more than they cared about the children- so they left them alone there at the centre of the town's circle where they'd found them.

"You guys don't talk much, do ya?" The woman asked. She wasn't really a woman at all- but from a five-year-old's eyes she was woman enough. Madara wouldn't know what else to call her. She had boobies. She was a woman.

"Well, home is that way." She said, pointing to the west. "And I can only carry one of you. So whoever's walking should go ahead and stand up."

Neither child responded physically or verbally. They both continued to stare up at her with big curious eyes. She sighed. "I guess I'll just take the lazy way out and carry the lighter one of you." She decided, reaching towards Izuna.

"He bites." Madara stated quietly.

He didn't know why he'd done it. Usually he was content to let people get attacked when they tried to touch his brother. It was amusing to watch, Izuna's molars were starting to come in, so he greatly enjoyed it- and there was no reason to prevent it from happening. People should know better than to touch what wasn't there's. For some reason though, he felt that this woman didn't deserve to be bitten.

The woman smiled at him gratefully. Clearly she felt that getting a simple two words from the boy was major progress. "Thank you for warning me!" She said gleefully.

"Hmmm... let's try and start this over now that I know you can talk. My name is Hazuki Uchiha. What's yours?"


"And your brother's?"


"Do you two have a last name?"

Madara shook his head. He couldn't remember if they did or not. He'd only been three when their parents died- and Mikoto always insisted that her last name was most certainly not their actual name although she didn't know what it was either.

"Well, you can have mine if you like. I made it up myself. It's pretty cool, ne? You'll be the first boys in the Uchiha clan! You're practically the founders since girls can't carry a name."

Madara rolled that around in his mind. Madara Uchiha... it did have a bit of a spark to it. It was better than not having a name, and for a made-up one it was pretty creative. He nodded, accepting it as his own.

"Great! I guess if you know what I'm saying that means you can understand everything those meanies were saying about you guys... don't take any of it to heart- I know it's hard. They found me same as you, and no one would take me. I hade to raise myself, and lemmie tell ya, it's sure not easy! It does help to have a place to sleep though... and I've got one for you if you'll come with me." She pleaded.

Madara looked over at Izuna. The toddler was tired and they hadn't been able to find any food that day either. "You'll take us both?" He asked.

She nodded eagerly. "I've always loved children- can't have any myself. I was going to once, but it didn't work out and now I can't. I guess you guys are too young to understand that though... but I'll gladly take you two on! Even you mister scary eyes." She said, sticking her tongue out at Izuna.

He tried to claw at it and hissed again. Madara giggled lightly. If they stayed on the streets any longer Izuna would surely be mistaken for a stray cat.

The girl was not put off at all and growled in the back of her throat for a second, before barking at the two-year-old. It was very realistic, she sounded just like a dog. Izuna squealed in delight, excited that someone was playing along with his little animal game.

Madara smirked. "He'll let you touch him now."

She smiled smugly and lifted the toddler into her arms, bracing him against her hip, as Madara stood up. She took the elder boy's hand and began the walk towards her home.

Three forgotten children. They had no past, they had no present- but maybe, just maybe; together they could find a future.

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