Well hey. This is fun to write, and it's giving me less of a headache than Science&Faith. I'll get back to that soon, I promise! Warning, these 'chapters' are going to be short. And they switch view point, if it's a view point when it's in the third person? Enjoy it. Tell me what you think. I'll love you forever.

By the time she'd reached the traffic lights at the end of the road, Karen had had more than enough of Will Young. Fumbling for the volume, she turned it right down. Now the only sound was the engine, loud and impatient.


The rest of the journey was relatively simple. No more songs. No more inappropriate thoughts. Just lines. Lines of insignificance than happened to escape her character's mouth in the coming episode. Lines that happened to be spoken to a certain other character.

Karen bit her lip.

Why me?

A stubborn (slightly pathetic) silence loomed over her for the remainder of her journey. Beside her, Karen's phone was going slightly mental. She'd been counting. Eleven text messages in the last five minutes. It amazed her how her phone hadn't blown up yet. Karen new they were designed to handle text messages and phone calls, but the frankly alarming rate at which the phone vibrated in the cup holder had her doubting.

Without even risking a glance at the illuminated screen, Karen knew exactly who the messages were from. Instead of dwelling on the thought, she shoved it to the back of her head. Today was going to be nice, easy day. Even if it meant she had to murder someone first.

I am not letting you do this to me.

Where the hell are you Kaz?

Matt, already in costume, had long since given up trying to be calm. This was the second day in a row Karen had been late. Granted, her excuse of a late night could be perfectly legitimate. But he knew her. Two days in a row? Something was wrong. And she wasn't telling him what. They'd instilled total trust in one another. It almost hurt to think that there was something Karen wasn't telling him. Something important, judging by the fact that she was an hour and twenty four minutes late.

"Matt!" Arthur wandered across the set, a smudge of ketchup from his breakfast that he'd missed still on the corner of his mouth.

"You haven't seen Kaz, have you?" He tried to downplay the worry in his voice. All he needed was Arthur noticing his over-concern. He was certain Daisy had figured him out last night after he'd found it impossible not to talk about how worried he was. She hadn't spoken to him since then.

He couldn't truthfully say he was bothered.

"She's outside."

Thank god for that one.

"Doesn't look in the best mood. One of those days." Arthur said the last sentence like it explained everything.

Frustratingly to Matt, it didn't.

You have 13 unread text messages.

Tempted to get back in her car and sit reading them for the rest of the day, Karen began to mentally prepare herself. She'd spotted Arthur lingering, then disappear into the building when he noticed her. Did Karen really look that ready to rip someone's head off?

Apparently, yes.

He'd probably gone to warn Matt she didn't look very happy. The entire mood would evaporate upon seeing him, and he'd wonder if Arthur was lying. This routine seemed to become commonplace. Horrifically moody until Matt shows up. Then feel better until he goes away again.

Karen, you need to sort your life out. Stop. Just stop. Think about it. He has a girlfriend. And it's not you.

Something began to burn deep inside Karen's chest. A burn that caressed her heart, wrapping around it, fuelling it. A burn that crept lazily into her mind, eating its way into all her thoughts.

The emotion was not a foreign one to Karen.

Or Matt, if he really thought about it.


Matt, knowing that Karen was only moments away, wiped the last text before he could send it, shoving his phone back into his pocket.

I need to talk to you Kaz, It's serious.

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