Kakashi watched over the barely alive body of his student Naruto Uzumaki. Just the sight of the failure his blood boiled. This failure allowed his precious student Sasuke Uchiha to leave and due to the rain he would not be able to track him down using his summons. He sneered at the dead last and said a few words that would embed pain in his heart.

"I can't believe I had such a failure like you Naruto. Your father's probably rolling in his grave that his last legacy won't be able to amount to anything like him. Why don't you just die and leave team 7 alone. Sakura already hates you as she told me this herself so if you die, she wouldn't care at all. She asked no begged me to have you removed from this team. You will never be Hokage as it was already decided by the villagers and now I see how right they were. I'll just tell Hokage-sama that you died trying based on the amount of blood and that you're body was missing." With his plan formed, Kakashi kicked his body into the river and watched as the current dragged him away. He turned away not knowing that Naruto heard his little speech and darkness planted its seed in his heart. Naruto felt his body drift down the river but found that he had no strength to do anything. Using that amount of Kyuubi's chakra took a toll on his body so all he could do was kept drifting until he possible died. As his vision faded, the last thing he saw was a robotic tentacle moving towards him.

Naruto opened his eyes to a lab of some sort based on the machines all around the room. The lab looked as if it was destroyed as said machines were destroyed. He began to wonder where he was or how he got there. His unvoiced answer soon came.

"This is my lab…boy…. I've…brought you here….for a …special purpose." Naruto turned to the voice to find a large blue suited man. He looked as if he was made out of machine. What Naruto didn't know was that this was Apocalypse, the last of the mutant race after a war between him and the x-men broke out. It was only due to the amount of forces and the high levels they were on that they were able to defeat him. This however did not go without cost for both fighting sides as they were all killed and Apocalypse was severely wounded on the verge of death. It was only through dimension travel and will power that he was able to live for so long even a few years pass the time he was suppose to have died but now his time was running up. He did not want all his technology to go to waste thus he made a choice that the first human he encountered would receive his powers, knowledge, experience, and everything he owned. When he found the dying boy, it was by sheer luck that he did at this time as he would soon die at the end of the week. He cursed the professor and the phoenix for his soon to be death but at least he was able to steal their abilities and adding it to his DNA collection. He looked over to the confused boy attached to a machine.

Naruto watched as the man attached to the machine attached things to his body and grew fearful as said machine made its way to him. Naruto soon screamed in pain as tubes attached to him before doing the same to the man. Apocalypse did not show any signs of pain as his powers, knowledge, and experience was transferred to Naruto. Naruto mind was assaulted with knowledge while his body absorbed powers. His body slowly went through a change such as his height increasing until he looked to be 20, his muscles bulged out a little giving him a strong body, and his hair grew down to his waist. Apocalypse faded away as the rest of his powers faded into Naruto. Naruto closed his eyes as his wounds healed. He also took the time to figure out what just happened using the new information that he had.

Once that was done, Naruto looked around the lab until he found what he was looking for. After finding the self repair button, Naruto pumped into the power core after activating the self repair button. Slowly machine came out and moved to areas they were programmed to repair.

As that happened, Kakashi made it back to Konoha and told the Hokage how he arrived to find a lot of Naruto's blood with no bodies. He mentioned how there were no traces of Sasuke as well. To make Sasuke look innocent, he lied to her about a faint scent of Orochimaru being there but the rain covered most of it up. Tsunade broke down after hearing about her little brother figure's death. Her sadness quickly turned to anger when Sakura said he deserved death for not bringing her Sasuke-kun back. Tsunade told her she would no longer teach her shocking her. Kakashi told Sakura that he would teach her mainly genjutsu seeing as she was his only student that would be capable of bringing Sasuke back. Sakura smiled at the thought of brining back her love.

Naruto began to explore the base as machines continued to fix it. He powered several more power cores activating other self repair systems around the underground base. He discovered many things he was sure ninjas would want to get their hands on such as weapons, explosives, and vehicles. There were also machines for experimenting with Kekkei genkai creations or mutant genes as they were called elsewhere. All he needed were people but unlike Orochimaru Naruto would ask for their permission or give the experiment to those who wanted it and he would make sure they would remain loyal to him. Naruto also noted that area needed to be fixed as well. Creating multiple shadow clones, Naruto had them split up to activate every self repair system on the base. Once that was complete, Naruto began experimenting with what he could do with his powers. Since no one from Konoha cared about him anymore, why bother staying in a village that scorned his very existence? He decided that this base would do for his new home.

Naruto upon seeing his clothes or barely what was left of it went to grab some clothes that Apocalypse had collected for those who would served under him one day. He emerged in black leather pants, muscle shirt, combat steel toed boots, and mechanical goggles. Looking over his changes, Naruto was pleased with his choice. The final touch was a helmet in the form of magneto's helmet but in the color of black with red outlines. Now most of his face was covered up due to the mask and goggles making him unrecognizable especially when his whiskers were hidden as well. Naruto went to the armor room and grabbed some heavy armor equipped with weapons. Her emerge looking like a mini version of Apocalypse from his neck and down but the colors of the suit was all black with red lines here and there. His suit was equipped with laser weapons on the palms, proton cannon on the chest, and two laser swords on the back for easy access. The suit was resistance to many natural elements such as fire to certain temperatures, lightning to a certain amount of voltage, and water at certain temperatures.

Naruto slowly made his way further down the base to find his soon to be army of machines. There was a pile of large machine parts to create machines such as Sentinels. He would build his own army to guard him against future threats such as the so called Akatsuki that he ran into namely Itachi and Kisame if he recalled correctly. He would become the greatest person ever and since his dream of Hokage was over he would have to find another place to become Kage of or something better. Naruto soon went to work on not only his army but he needed to find a place where he could expand his territory to. He looked at the map that was there and noticed it was outdated. His eyes scanned countries that no longer exist and read information provided on each country. His eyes soon landed on a once Uzushiogakure and nearly choked on his spit. This land based on the information was his family's home but was destroyed by Kiri, Kumo, and Iwa for being allies with Konoha and possessing fuinjutsu knowledge that was powerful. It was said that everything on the Island was destroyed including their techniques or so it was recorded that way. The truth was it was hell hidden from view as a way to keep it out of the hands of greedy people. Naruto's blood boiled at the fact that Konoha had not sent help to their allies. The dark seed in his heart slowly sprout what would soon be his growing hatred.

He couldn't believe his family's home was abandoned by its allies despite the amount of times they helped Konoha. It was then decided that he would use his family's lands as his base. As soon as he got the flying fortress up and running, he would move it to Uzushiogakure where he would create an empire. It was then he had a new dream. He would bring the name Uzumaki back to former glory and have and army by his side should any country try to do anything he would be ready. Naruto went to the control room and looked at the overview of the fortress. Several areas were completely fixed and the other areas were under repair. In 5 hours, he would be able to mobilize the fortress and using the cloaking devise fly to Uzushiogakure where he would land and begin creating his base using the entire Island.

2 months later

Naruto walked around his now complete base located in Uzushiogakure. The base had taken up the entire island and even went underground. As to how he created such a large base within 2 months, he went to the dimension Apocalypse came from and collected his other flying fortresses and anything that belonged to him such as machines and genes. He even collected the buildings and everything that once belonged to the brotherhood, the avengers, and the X-men themselves. Having done that, Naruto had his army of machines reconstruct the fortress connecting them to the X-men fortress and the others until there was only one fortress. He added the Uzumaki clan symbol on everything under his control. The entire Island if you were to somehow see past the powerful cloaking barrier placed on the Island resembled a military fort. There was also the fog created from his machine that helped cover his Island.

The only living human that exist on the Island was currently Naruto but he was use to being alone so that didn't bother him. He was surrounded by machines all sizes ranging from his size to some boss summons not like Gamabunta. Naruto even had several large underwater and sky fortresses created near the Island to produce more machines with different purposes all possessing cloaking devises. He was proud of what he had so far but he was not done yet. He would soon launch his satellite into space where he would be able to access all outdated machines owned by the shinobi population. That was where he was heading to now.

Naruto approached just in time to see his satellites launch off into the orbit where they would fly around the planet and provide information on other villages. Information includes images of a village from a bird's eye view and any information being sent from their village to allies. He would also be able to track certain people should he tag them with a tracker. He was soon brought out of his musing when the satellites soared out of view. In a few minutes he would have his satellite system up and running. Now that he had his empire set up, Naruto allowed a smile to grace his lips. His home was now up and running but what will he do for now. After thinking about the places he knew, he decided to head to wave country to visit his otouto Inari. He did promise the boy that he would return one day. Naruto wanting to leave using his new levitation ability placed the Island on lockdown and headed out to wave country with a small LCM-8 Mike Boat trailing behind him containing mini sentinels. The journey to wave country had been a short 6 hour trip. Naruto approached wave to find Gato's old ship at the docks. He looked over to find two samurai's chasing Inari down with the intent to kill. Without waiting another second, Naruto fired his palm cannons killing the two quickly. He issued his soldiers to find others like him and kill them. They all flew off right away to find threats to innocent people.

Naruto removed his helmet along with his goggles before approaching Inari without being detected. Without warning, he grabbed Inari from behind and pulled him into a hug. Inari not expecting this struggled in a fit of panic.

"Calm down Inari It's me Naruto." He released Inari allowing the small boy to turn his head towards the man's voice. "I had a few changes making me look like this. If you don't believe me then how about I reveal things only Naruto would know? I made a promise to you that I would come back one day. Your grandfather is Tazuna, the great bridge builder and your mother is Tsunami." Naruto mentioned a few other things showing the boy that this man was indeed Naruto. Having got pass that ordeal, Inari told him that Gato's remaining followers were currently attacking. Naruto told him not to worry as his soldiers were taking care of them. He put back his helmet and goggles on before heading into town to find all the remaining thugs piled onto one area. The people of wave stood around the machines ready to defend themselves. Tazuna stood next to Tsunami both brandishing kitchen knives.

"Jiji, Kaachan you're ok." Both Tazuna and Tsunami turned to see Inari walking next to what seems like the leader as he looked completely different from the rest. Naruto approached the sentinels and had them get rid of the body before turning to the people of wave country.

"People of wave, I have heard about an incident concerning Gato and I have a solution as to prevent that from happening. I will keep these soldiers here and create a special police force building with your consent. I will also give you all weapons that are similar to theirs, how does this sound?" The people of wave looked wearily at him. Inari smiled before answering him.

"I think that's a good idea." He turned to his parents. "Don't worry about him, he's on our side plus you know him. He's just keeping his identity a secret right now. He'll visit us later ok." Both were skeptical at first but they trusted Inari's judgment. They too agreed to the man's plan. The people seeing this began agreeing as well seeing their bridge builder and mayor along with his families agree. He was the reason why their country was slowly prospering besides it would be a bad thing to gain a police force and weapons. After getting an answer from everyone present, Naruto issued a command to build a police force near the docks and bridge. Once the command was given, Naruto followed Inari and his family home. Before Tsunami could ask who he was, Naruto removed his mask and goggles showing his whiskers, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Both Tsunami and Tazuna only met one boy with those features but this was a man. Naruto smiled before explaining that his body aged to that of a 20 year old and would most likely stay at that. He explained to them how he now owned an Island with an army not once telling them about his situation with leaf. While he explained that, Tsunami found herself staring at his handsome face with red cheeks. Tazuna and Inari saw this but only Tazuna understood her attraction towards Naruto. He looked back and forward between his daughter and wave country's hero. It was then he decided to give her happiness once more especially since after Kaiza died. She was 29 years old and a single mother for several years now. Inari being 8 would need a role model and he was sure Naruto would be the perfect one seeing as he changed the boy into a brave one. He waited until Naruto was complete his story before speaking.

"That's a good thing Naruto to have an empire but you will need an empress to rule by your side. I would like to nominate Tsunami for that position. You two will make a wonderful couple." Both Naruto and Tsunami turned red. Inari cheered.

"Does that mean you'll be my Otousan Naruto? You'll be a cool dad Naruto and you'll get to teach me super awesome thing's for sure." Naruto couldn't find the courage to speak. He looked over to Tsunami as if silently asking her for permission. She thought about it for a second before nodding her head. The two continued blushing as their faces slowly moved towards one another until their lips met. Both slowly melted into the kiss and the sounds around them became distant. They broke apart for air and realized the other two was cheering. Naruto's smiled shyly for a while before turning serious.

"I want this to remain a secret especially about my identity." Seeing their looks of confusion, Naruto decided it was time to tell them about his entire life so far all the way up to his final straw with the village. They embraced him to show that he now had people that cared for him. He didn't give too much information about his fortress nor how he created it as that would make them targets for interrogation should someone find out about him and his invention. The four went outside and to the now built police station. He allowed his machines to blend in as samurai wearing large armor. After that, Naruto made a command for more troops from his empire Uzu Corps which was the once great Uzushiogakure. Uzu Corps would serve as his main means of operation. His machines would amass there but it wouldn't be his only choice. He would branch out creating smaller base of operations. After issuing the command, Naruto went to enjoy the rest of his day with his new girlfriend Tsunami.

The next day he awoke to hear about more bandits of Gato's trying to attack only to get cut down easily by new security. The people of wave grew a little comfortable around them seeing as they thought they were samurai's in armor. In time, they would become more comfortable around their security system.

2 years later

Naruto looked over his monitor to oversee all three of his Islands. Over the two years that passed, Naruto took control of two empty Islands for different purposes. One of the Islands was used for producing vegetables, fruits, and other crops dubbing the Island Greenland for now and the other one were used as an all military base. The odd thing about it was the Island was the biggest of the three thus the main machine building concentrating occurred there. He made sure the Island was well cloaked not wanting it to be found by accident. Naruto now had four Islands if he included wave country going diagonally to the right under his control. This formed a sort of wall formation that would help in later on. As for his population of those who were close to him, the number was currently three being Inari, Tazuna, and Tsunami. Those were the ones he could trust with his life thus leading to him doing experiments on them with their permission granting those powers. Inari had Angel's powers allowing him to sprout strong wings, gain high senses on par with a super bird though there was no such thing. Inari wore the same clothes as Naruto had without the suit or goggles. Tsunami gained Kitty's phasing ability which allowed her to become intangible. He even de-aged her body and froze it making her look like a model. She had DD-breast; her hair grew down to her waist, and her body toned out well. She wore a black battle Kimono with the Uzumaki swirl on the back. Tazuna gained Magneto's power enabling him with the power over electromagnetic force. He declined de-aging himself but took the offer to freeze his age meaning he wouldn't physically age anymore.

Tazuna ran wave country along with his family and Naruto ran his three bases. They had taken on Uzumaki as their last name after Naruto and Tsunami got married though they hadn't move beyond kissing each other on the lips. They mainly got to know each other and dated until a strong bond was created. Tsunami wanted to wait until Naruto turned at least 16 before she would do anything and since they would no longer physically age, Naruto accepted her offer.

Currently Naruto was in Greenland gathering his weekly information. Having over 30 satellites orbit the globe did wonders for him as he was able to pick up any spike in activities. He had a few satellites focused on Konoha and Oto having found Orochimaru's village. After wave country broke away from Konoha's alliance and no longer hired them, they started sending ninjas over to wave country to find out why. Wave country denied them access from their village stating that their new ally Greenland didn't want anything to do with them. They would have traveled to Greenland but they didn't know where it was. But Naruto was sure that they would somehow find his land one day seeing as an Island just magically disappeared and he would be ready for them. He looked over the screen to see images of Sasuke making variants of his chidori and couldn't help but smile at the fact that he was stronger than Sasuke the traitor and ex-best friend. He was the source or one of his sources of misery.

Naruto continued to watch as Sasuke as he destroyed trees in a single attack which didn't impress him at all. He was currently wearing a white long-sleeved shirt which was open at the torso, with a smaller version of the Uchiha crest on his collar. He wore dark blue pants with a blue cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees. He also wore a purple rope belt around his waist, tied in a bow, in which he carries his sword.

He was brought from his musing when several chakra signatures approached his island. His monitor flickered on to show the new Team 7 and Team 8. The new Team 7 consists of Kakashi, a boy named Sai, and Sakura. He knew about Sai's painting skills based on what his satellite showed him. His eyes scanned the couple in team 8 namely Hinata and Kiba seeing as they went on dates and knew he had a leverage to use. He would be able to use her as a hostage should anything happen that he didn't like. She was only mid chuunin in skills overall after all so catching her wouldn't be hard. Kiba was high chuunin; Sakura was low jounin having learned how to utilize Tsunade's punch though her strength was only half Tsunade's strength, Sai was mid jounin level having been trained in the root as he openly admits it, Shino was high chuunin, Kurenai was still high jounin, and so was Kakashi.

The group approached the now visible Island after passing by the cloak. They stared in wide eyes as they were now able to see the Island that was supposed to be on the map. Their small boats pulled up to shore and they all got out seeing the many trees filled with fruits. Hinata turned to her sensei.

"I-I guess this explains why it's called Greenland sensei. I wonder how they were a-able to hide an entire I-island without anyone knowing. They must have some type of evolved jutsu or technology." Kurenai agreed with her fully. Hinata activated her Byakugan for any threats. She tensed when she was armored figures with a power core in the chest and no signs of life in them. Before the others who noticed could ask her what she saw, several tall armored figured jumped out surrounding the group. One of them stepped forward and spoke in a robotic voice.

"You are trespassing on Greenland. Please state your names and businesses here Konoha Nins." The other figures aimed their palms towards them all ready to attack. Kakashi stepped forward.

"My name is Hatake Kakashi. The others behind me are Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, Kurenai Yuhi, Sakura Haruno, and Sai. We were given orders to investigate Greenland and see if it is a threat to our village or not. We are also here to possible set up an alliance as a way to get our old alliance with wave country back. Could you please get your leader?" The machine stopped and relayed everything to their data base and leader. 5 minutes later Kakashi saw a new figure appeared wearing different armor from the others.

"I heard you Konoha Nins wanted to set up an alliance and the answer is no. Now leave my Island or there will be trouble." There was a lot of hostility towards them and the figure did not try to hide it at all. His voice held a lot of malice towards the konoha. Kakashi didn't understand why but he would make sure to find out now.

"How about we talk things out sir? I'm sure we could work things out somehow." He smiled warmly at him. The figure had yet to move yet or respond until a machine approached him with a device. Naruto took a look at it before looking back at his enemy. "Please remove yourself from my Island now or that will be a declaration for war. I wonder how my army will do against konoha along with a few other konoha haters. I'm sure Kumo would join to get a byakugan and Iwa would join to get revenge. Let's not forget Oto and their hatred for Konoha." The others tensed a little seeing as he did have a point plus they wouldn't be able to take on three ninja village and an unknown. They never saw Greenland before or knew what they were capable of. Kakashi ordered his team to retreat back on the boat not wanting to trigger a possible war. As soon as they were gone, Naruto transported himself to Uzu Corps and at the edge of his Island where a large temple was being rose from the sea floors. His machine reported that the temple was protected by seals and it had the Uzumaki clan symbol on it. Naruto waited until the temple was up before leaping onto the ground close to large doors. Finding a blood seal on the entrance, Naruto cut himself a little and squeezed some blood out before the wound closed. Using the drop of blood Naruto wiped it across the seal. The door glowed before opening for the first time in years.

5 hours later, Naruto cleaned out every seal finish or unfinished seal created by the Uzumaki clan and a few powerful summon creatures belonging to the Uzumaki clan or others the clan collected. He looked over a few of them and understood them as he had thousands of years of Knowledge from Apocalypse. He would easily be able to understand the symbols and create seals improving his machines. Apocalypse was a genius in his opinion. Not even the Yondaime could light a candle to him. This man was able to take down powerful foes with his mind alone. Naruto created an army of shadow clones and ordered them to study every fuinjutsu as a way to truly bring back the Uzumaki clan. With his advance mind he would be able to reach Master Fuinjutsu levels within a few weeks.