One day later, the group made it back to Konoha and straight to Konoha's data base. The council members were trying to get the image of Sasuke Uchiha but none prevail. Tsunade grit her teeth in frustration as they failed over and over again to get Sasuke's location. Her head snapped in the direction the group was in. Shizune rushed to get the injured to the hospital leaving the uninjured. "Tell me what the hell happened out there. Sasuke went from calm to anger in seconds. We lost visuals for a few minutes and when we regained visual, Sasuke started attacking you." Shikamaru narrowed his eyes at the facts now present. First they get Sasuke's location by an unknown source which was correct. Hinata get's kidnapped in broad daylight, and then the visual images of Sasuke went away as soon as the so called root entered the picture.

"We were set up Hokage-sama. Hinata was kidnapped on the way there by an unknown source with something enabling the assailant to fly. As for Sasuke, a group showed up announcing themselves as Root. They claimed they had to finish a mission to finish exterminating the traitorous Uchiha clan. They threw a scroll to him and after he read it, he attacked us." Tenten pulled out the scroll giving Tsunade it. Tsunade read the scroll slowly. As she finished the scroll, her anger rose to unholy levels. Her eyes snapped towards Koharu, Homura, and Danzo.

"You ORDERED Itachi to kill his clan? What the hell were you thinking?" Danzo stood uncaring but the other two elders were scared to death right now. The other council members were shocked at what they just heard. Itachi didn't go crazy and kill off his clan but was ordered to do so.

"The Uchiha clan was about to start a civil war with Konoha to gain power so I and the elders had Itachi terminate them for such traitorous acts. It was the best choice for konoha especially when we were weakened after Kyuubi attack. We were not ready or nowhere near ready for a civil war Hokage-sama. Sasuke wasn't even supposed to be alive but Itachi spared him and threatened us should we kill him. He threatened to spill Konoha's secrets such as guard's routes and other vital information to our enemies." Her anger had yet to decrease but she understood what occurred now.

"Well I still think I should have been told about this. I am the Hokage after all so keeping secrets is treasonous Danzo." Danzo apologized for not telling her stating that he didn't think it was important anymore. He decided to press on new matters.

"Right now we need to know who set us up and what they want with the Hyuga. Surely the seal would prevent the Byakugan from being removed or passing them to children right Hiashi." Hiashi scoffed at his words.

"Of course the seal does just that so I have no worries about anything. Whoever has her will soon find out that they will not be getting the Byakugan anytime soon. Now what of the situation with the Uchiha? Surely you all won't let a nuke Nin roams without consequences from other villages." Before the civilian council started screaming at him, he said his last words to silence them. "Should he do something that makes konoha look bad, you civilian council members will take full responsibility for them and don't expect help from the shinobi side." This shut them up quickly. Tsunade seeing silence once again spoke up.

"Well whoever it was that set us up must of gotten what he wanted but why would he lead us to Sasuke? Surely they didn't know if we were sending a Hyuga or not." Shikaku thought over the information he had and made a guess.

"Well this may sound odd but what if he was just playing us like chess pieces. Surely an event with no motive is just some game being played." Shikamaru agreed as well. Shikaku continued what he thought. "Maybe this was to see how strong our Nins are but I wonder who would have the technology to hack our technology and get away with it. Whoever it is most likely has access to all of leaf's information such as village security routes and members. They could very well know everything about leaf right now." He muttered troublesome and placed his head down only to have Tsunade's voice interrupt his soon to be sleep.

"I WANT EVERY MEMBER TO FIND THE PERSON WHO HACKED OUR COMPUTER NOW. SHIKAU GET UP AND HELP ME CHANGE OUR SECURITY ROUTE. IF HE HAS ALL THAT ON US THEN WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW." Shikaku lazily rose and went to do what he was assigned to do. He muttered troublesome as he left. Tsunade sighed at the amount of work she had to do. She and the shinobi half went to make major changes leaving the civilian council members to discuss the events that took place.

Naruto sat back and watched Sasuke and his companions as they settled in for the night. He was alone at the moment as Hinata, Tsunami, and Yugito all went to his base located in whirlpool country to get acquainted with one another. Itachi and Inari were hanging out helping each other get stronger and Tazuna was most likely relaxing. He began to think of ways to put Konoha on the edge. He knew they still wouldn't do anything about Sasuke after one attack. He also knew the civilians were the ones that would ensure Sasuke being alive. It was then a thought occurred. With Sasuke hating Konoha and wouldn't go there for help, why not have another village attack Sasuke but the question was how and who. After thinking of different ideas, he settled with Kumo attacking Sasuke if a bloodline was the prize for doing so. What mutant gene should he give them labeling it as a bloodline? He thought about the different genes he had stored away. He couldn't decide now but he would find one soon. He had one of his satellites monitor Sasuke while he flew in the direction of Kumo to set up his next game. Naruto arrived in Kumo within 30 minutes going top speed. He rolled up the scroll for the Raikage and had one of his mini stealth machines drop the scroll off. All he had to do was watch the scene unfold.

A heard some noises outside his office which was purposely created by the machine before vanishing. He walked out to find a small scroll outside his office. Curious as to what it was, he opened the scroll and read the contents.

Dear A,

I have a deal I want to make with you that you will find interesting. I have the location of a one Sasuke Uchiha and I want you to send someone to fight him. Whether or not he dies doesn't matter seeing as I'm just observing his skills. He has three strong individuals with him which I will give you information about. I will give you a special one or two kekkei genkai into your ranks based on your performance. Since they cannot be passed down due to certain complications, I might give you two. The only way they would be able to be passed down is if the chosen person has some of the chakra of a tailed beast flowing through them. Since you dealt with jinchuriki before, I'm assuming you know that the person must be attuned with the tailed beast's chakra from a young age. I will allow you to choose any of your men to receive it. My decision will be made after the fight. Sasuke's location is Tea country's port city. They are planning on leaving soon. Bellow this letter is a storage seal containing two one-way group teleportation seals. One of them will transport a group near Sasuke and the other will be for the front gates of Kumo. I will be watching.

Signed the Apocalypse

A read it over and unsealed the contents to find two pieces of paper with instructions with them and information cards of the others including strengths. He summoned anbu to retrieve his strongest and most trusted men for this mission. His group soon came in minutes after the summons. The first was Darui, his right hand man.

Darui is fairly tall and has a dark skin tone, slightly bulbous nose, a lazy look in his eyes and white, shaggy hair which covers the left side of his face. He wears high collared sleeveless uniform, loose fitting pants, bandages on his wrists and the one-strap-over-one-shoulder Flak Jacket of a Kumogakure shinobi. Darui also has kanji for Water and Lightning tattooed on his right and left shoulders respectively, denoting his chakra's elemental nature affinities; Water Release and Lightning Release. The tattoo on his left arm also signifies that he has inherited the Third Raikage's technique. Darui also carries a broad, foldable, cleaver-like blade, which he carries on his back. The next person was his left hand man C.

C is a young man with short blond hair and dark eyes. He wears a sleeveless black shirt with a one-strap-over-one-shoulder white flak jacket, forehead protector, black elbow length arm guards, and red and white Kumogakure shin-guards. The last ones were Samui, Karui, and Omoi.

Samui is a fair-skinned woman of tall stature and curvaceous build with a large bust. She has blue eyes and straight blonde hair framing her face with a shorter cut in the back and the front bangs reaching her shoulders; she is generally seen wearing a stoic expression. She wears a very low cut outfit with mesh underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, high boots and what appears to be a modified Kumogakure flak jacket that covers her stomach only, similar to a girdle. She also has a tanto strapped horizontally to her lower back.

Karui is a dark skinned kunoichi with long red hair and amber eyes. She wears a long short sleeved dress as her ninja attire, complete with the Kumogakure flak jacket, two simple yellow earrings, purple stockings, boots with white soles, and wears her forehead protector like a bandanna. She also carries a long sword on her back.

Omoi is a young, dark-skinned Kumo-nin with short, spiky, white hair and dark eyes accentuated with lines curving upwards from the corners. He wears a dark outfit consisting of an overlong shirt with a hood, with red bandage hand guards, Kumogakure shin guards and forehead protector. He is always seen with a thoughtful expression, as though always in deep contemplation and sucking on a lollipop. He also carries a long sword on his back.

Seeing the group here, A explained his reason for calling them. "I've received a letter from someone who wants us to attack Sasuke Uchiha, missing Nin of Konoha and his three companions. If things get too bad I want you all to leave immediately through this supposedly group teleportation seal. In return, we are supposed to get a kekkei genkai or two which is why I sent you 5 which is to see if we do get a kekkei genkai. The kekkei genkai will be given to two of his choice or two of ours. I will be choosing two that was affected by Kyuubi's chakra and survived so the kekkei genkai will be past down to the children. It states that those with little tailed beast chakra flowing through then will be able to pass down the ability. I want you all to leave immediately using the instructions." Samui took the instructions and followed them. A small portal with an image of tea country showed and the group went through. A on the other hand went to retrieve the great grandsons of Ginkaku and Kinkaku.

Naruto watched the confrontation of Kumo Nins and Team Taki with interest. A few minutes later, a fight broke out between the two groups. They separated with Sasuke taking on Samui, Karui, and Omoi. Darui and C took on Jugo and Suigetsu leaving Karin alone to hide. She could sense their power level and it wasn't good for her. Sasuke stayed on his toes with the three he was fighting. He forced his sharingan to new heights as he found himself dodging three swords one after the other. He spewed fire here and there forcing the groups back. The fight continued after a while and Sasuke found himself getting tired. It was that moment that he was almost pierced in the heart only for ribs to appear blocking the attack. Naruto watched as Sasuke summoned his Susanoo and Amaterasu at the same time.

It was then Naruto decided to give Kumo two kekkei genkai thus he left to create the letter which he would deliver to A. He sent the second letter the same way he sent the first but this time connected the teleportation seal to his ship. It would be here the babies would be sent. 30 minutes later, two babies with gold and silver hair appeared. They had the same whisker marks he did and he knew it was from Kyuubi's chakra. He guessed that they were related to the two Nins that Arashi said he swallowed but spat out when they attacking his insides. He took the two babies and began working on them using an idea he thought of. By the time he was complete, he wrote the description of what they were capable of doing the sending them back down.

The two babies appeared right in front of the door which was where the seal still was. The Kumo Nin watching the spot alerted the Raikage about the return of the babies. He appeared in time to see the seal burn away erasing the teleportation link. A went to find a note on the babies and read it.

Gold Haired baby- He's able to copy any Doujutsu permanently as if they were born with it.

Silver haired baby- He's able to copy body or chakra related kekkei genkai as if he was born with it.

Both abilities require user to touch user and sap a little chakra from them. Any children that come from them will inherit the copy abilities from either one. The gold and silver hair color will be passed down as well so you'll be able to tell them apart.

The Yondaime Raikage smiled at the two babies in front of him while thinking about actually getting the Byakugan without kidnapping someone or the sharingan. His eyes went over to Chie which was the gold haired baby's name. Kenkyo was the name of the other child being the silver haired baby. They would be one of Kumo's greatest kekkei genkai but right now he would have to take good care of his potential Nins. He picked the two infants up and took them to his clan's compound. He would place them in his clan being the Yotsuki clan. Once they were registered under his clan, he summoned his council members then dropped the bomb with a neutral face.

"Council members I have come here with great news. Kumo has gained two kekkei genkais both being a doujutsu and a body based bloodline. The bloodline was created for Kumo for attacking a missing Nin giving our client time to learn about said missing Nin. I have the details sealed away for the time being. I also have the two under my clan's protection. As to what the abilities are, both will be able to copy someone's kekkei genkai. Chie will be able to copy doujutsu such as the sharingan, the Byakugan, or any other ones. Kenkyo will be able to copy abilities both body or chakra related such as the mokuton but they could only copy one in which will be there's for the rest of their lives. The copy ability will be passed on to their offspring. That is all I have to say." He walked out leaving the room not once stopping much to their irritation. He enjoyed their face expression when he mentioned that they were under his clan protection.

Naruto watched the entire scene with interest. Once that was over, he turned back to watch Sasuke and his companions on a ship to Nagi Island. He noticed how tired he seemed from that last match. He enjoyed messing with Sasuke and his team. He would ensure that Sasuke had many enemies forcing him to do something he wouldn't like such as returning to Konoha for redemption along with forcing konoha to make a hard decision. Would they keep Sasuke if he had multiple villages as enemies? An idea soon appeared in his mind when he thought about the supposedly deceased Orochimaru. His machine sensed the snake Sanin's presence in Sasuke waiting for his moment to strike. He would use that to his advantage down the line but right now Kabuto would most likely want revenge. Apparently he extracted parts from Orochimaru's true form to incorporate with his own body. Kabuto had rose to Kage level by now so maybe he would be able to handle Sasuke. That's exactly what he would do so without wasting more time, he hacked into Kabuto's computers and created a live image for him. Once that was complete, he flew back to where his wives would be. His machines would record information and the fight.

2 months later, Naruto watched Sasuke as he rejoined konoha ranks. Due to Naruto, he had Earth country including Iwa, Oto, Kusa, and water country including Kiri. Manipulating Sasuke was so much fun and easy as well. He was surprised to see Konoha except him so easily with the help of the elders and the civilian council members. His teammates on the other hand weren't so lucky when they were all executed for being associated with Orochimaru. Sasuke didn't seem to care about his teammates as they were executed in front of him.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when his silent alarm went off indicating someone was on Uzushiogakure. An image of an orange haired man traveling with 5 others all possessing the same purple ringed eyes appeared on screen. Based on the man's appearance, he was the Godaime Amekage of Amegakure.