NOTE: I have to say, I think I read someone's fanfic before and it was similar to this. I just don't know who it was because it was a long time ago when I read it. So if you think it was from your story PM me and I'll credit you for the idea. PLEASE, I do not want to steal anyone's idea and I didn't mean too. So I'm just letting you know, I got my idea from that particular story…I think. XD

Chad's POV:

Lately, I've been having strange feelings around Sonny. I can't get to close to her because I might have the urge to kiss her. I don't want to see her because everytime I do, it'll make me admit to myself how much I actually like her. I don't want to like her, but at the same time I do. So I've been trying to avoid her. It was a Saturday, and we were all off from the Condor Studios. I decided to catch a movie to get my mind off of things, specifically Sonny. I just ordered my tickets and now I decided to go grab some snacks.

"Can I have the-" I stopped when someone had touched my arm.

"Chad?" I heard a voice coming from behind me. I turned around right away.

Crud! It was Sonny! I carefully brushed her hand off my arm, but oh how I missed her touch. "Sonny!" I said, almost yelled. "What are you doing here?"

"Um, what everyone else is doing here, watching a movie." She stated the obvious.

"Yeah, but I mean… I didn't expect you to be here." I looked at her, "I have to go!"

"Wait, Chad!" She screamed after me.

I arrived outside in the parking lot, catching my breath and trying to think. Calm down Chad. It's alright, just don't think about Sonny.

"Chad?" Sonny caught me off guard.

"Sonny!" I said startled.

"What's wrong with you?" She said. Her face looked worried.

Her hand was on my arm again. So I shook it off.

"Why can't I touch you?" She asked, curious.

I just stared at her. She put her hand in mine, and I looked at it. Then I looked at her. I cleared my throat as I let go and put my hand on my head, as if I had to scratch it.

"Chad!" She exclaimed. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing… I just…" I had no explanation.

"You're trying to avoid me, aren't you?" She asked, I'm sure she knew she was right.

"No! It's just that…" Both her hands held onto mine now, she stepped closer to me. I looked at her, panicking. This whole time I was panicking! I'm not supposed to be near Sonny. Who knows what I might say or do?

She could see the look in my eyes, "Is there something wrong, Chad?" She said seductively, teasing me.

"I…" I was so nervous. She smiled, now centimeters away from my lips, I felt her nose brush against my cheek. She knew I couldn't just stand there like that, she knew I'd kiss her. That's what I did.

I made out with her, and surprisingly, she made out with me. After a few minutes, we pulled away.

She giggled, "You love me."

"I can't deny that." I smiled.

"Good, because I don't want you to." She smiled back.

I wanted her, so bad. She was so perfect and sexy… I loved her.

THE END! Haha, that's it... I thought it was cute-ish. (: