Hello! I'm back! Sorry this is so short, but I wanted to get something up before I started classes this week. Some of you mentioned your dislike in the last story for Kurt taking Blaine's last name. I understand, but I absolutely HATE the hyphen thing, so he is Kurt Anderson in this story. Hummel hasn't gone away, though! Get ready for surprises, smut, a little drama, and a lot of fluff! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

"I'm home!" Blaine chorused over the sound of the vacuum.

Kurt poked his head around the corner, "Great! I just finished putting all of the finishing touches on the living room!"

Blaine pulled Kurt into his arms, kissing at his temple. "Show me around?"

It had been five years since Kurt and Blaine got married, and it took them that time to remodel the kitchen, master bedroom, master bath, and now finally the living room of the apartment. They still had both guest rooms, the den, and the office to remodel, but Kurt was taking things one-step at a time.

Blaine had not been allowed to enter the living room for a few days because Kurt was finishing up, and he was pretty excited. He didn't want to admit it, but the fact that a lot of the apartment was still the same way it was when his late grandparents owned it stung a little bit.

"Okay, but you have to promise to love it!" Kurt smiled and grabbed Blaine's hand, "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be!" Blaine smiled as Abu came running up to him, "Hey boy! Did Daddy K take you for a haircut today?"

"I did. In between decorating the room. Now, come and look at it!" Kurt whined, shooing Abu away.

Blaine grabbed his hand and allowed himself to be led into the room. He felt his breath catch. The room looked amazing. The walls were a soft gray color with crossed stripes. The red couches that Kurt instantly fell in love with popped. Even Blaine, who wasn't a fan of them at first, had to admit they looked good. They were really comfortable too. Blaine couldn't wait to sit on one and put his feet on the black coffee table. The large wall had several lights hanging that shot the light upward. The far wall with windows had a huge picture of Kurt and Blaine on their wedding day. The third wall had some sort of modern art that Blaine didn't really understand, but it was red so it matched the sofas. It also had their flat screen mounted on it. There was also Blaine's favorite part of the room, the fireplace. He couldn't wait to spend romantic evenings with Kurt in front of it. "This looks amazing, Kurt!" Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, "You're so talented!"

Kurt blushed, "You're just saying that. Oh, and I wanted to show you something, but you can't freak out okay?"

Blaine nodded, moving towards the kitchen, "I'll be in the kitchen. I figured I should start dinner since I have that concert to go to tonight."

"Is that tonight? I thought Regina was going to that one."

"No, she's having problems finding a sitter for the baby. She doesn't want just anyone watching him." Blaine called over his shoulder, pulling out some avocados.

"How old is Ethan now?" Kurt asked while cleaning some lettuce for their salad.

"About 6 months, I think."

Kurt smiled thoughtfully, "We could always babysit. That way you could get your baby fill and we could spend more time together."

Blaine frowned at Kurt's words but nodded, "We could do that," for the past two years they had been arguing off and on about one key thing – children. Blaine wanted them, Kurt still wasn't so sure that was for him. "I thought you had something to show me?"

"I do," Kurt said quickly, "But I'll save it for after dinner." He smiled at Blaine before walking to the wine rack, "Do you want anything specific?"

"Whatever works for you. I'm not picky." Blaine started chopping the chicken. It had taken them almost two years of cooking lessons, but he was finally getting to know his way around a kitchen.

Twenty minutes later, they sat at their dining room table, eating their chicken avocado salad quietly. Though their lives were hectic, they both enjoyed the meals when they could just sit there together and hold hands. The best days were those when they didn't have to say anything.

"Did they sign that band you found a few weeks ago?" Kurt broke the silence.

Blaine nodded, swallowing, "They did! I'm really, really excited to hear what they are going to do. I'm telling you, these guys could change everything about popular music today. They are fantastic."

"That's great! Will I get a sneak peak?" Kurt smiled flirtatiously at Blaine. He knew it was technically against the rules to play music for anyone not involved at Sony, but he usually got Blaine to break.

In the past five years, Blaine had managed to find seventeen different bands that were extremely popular in mainstream music currently. He'd traveled the country and met countless celebrities.

"Maybe," Blaine blushed, "they were thinking about recording one of my songs."

Kurt put his fork down, "Really? Baby, that's amazing!"

"Well, don't get your hopes up," Blaine murmured, turning red. "Let's talk about something else. How's that dress going?"

Kurt sighed and sat his fork down again, "Horribly. The boning is too long and I can't cut it because then the edges will poke through the satin. I just…I don't really have enough technical skills to pull this sort of thing off."

Blaine's eyebrows furrowed, and he looked like he was going to say something, but he returned to his dinner.

"What was that?" Kurt picked at his salad again.

"Kurt, you're so talented. I don't understand why you're still working at Hayden's store…"

"But I'm making clothes now instead of selling hers!" Kurt defended himself.

Blaine grabbed his other hand, "I know, I know. However, I can't help but feel like you should be doing more. I've seen your sketches, Kurt. They're amazing. I know it's May, but can't you find some classes or something? Ones that help you with sewing and construction?"

Kurt bit his lip, he knew now was the moment. "I was actually thinking about that, Blaine." Kurt stood and walked briskly to the den. He grabbed the pamphlet and the folder he kept important papers in. "I got an application to this intensive craftsmanship class. It's twelve weeks, and it starts in June."

Kurt watched as Blaine looked over the application and the pamphlet, "Is this what you were worried about showing me?"

Kurt nodded, "It's just…I'd have to stop working at Hayden's because we're there from eight to three daily. It's literally like a school for fashion design. I know we've been spending quite a bit of money to remodel the apartment so I know it isn't the ideal time to take some time off from the store…"

Blaine held up a hand, "Kurt, if this is what you want, go for it! We have more than enough money to last us for three months."

Kurt knew this was true, when Jack Sr. died four years ago, and Angela followed a few months later, they had inherited quite a bit of money from them. Truth be told, the men probably could have lived off of the money and never worked, but Blaine insisted they invest it.

"I know…but what if I'm not good enough?" Kurt asked, feeling himself redden.

Blaine stood and moved around the table, kneeling in front of Kurt, "Hey! You are an amazing, amazing designer," he took both of Kurt's hands in his, "I've seen women stop and just stare at your dresses at Hayden's store, wondering what it would be like to own one. You have watched me do what I want for over five years, and now I want to watch you do what you want to do. I want to watch you achieve your dreams." Blaine kissed both of Kurt's palms before surging up and kissing his lips, "I love you."

"I love you too," Kurt sighed at the loss of contact.

"So you're going to send that in, right?" Blaine grinned.

"Yes," Kurt replied, flabbergasted.

"Good. What do we have planned for this weekend? I'm totally free!" Blaine wiggled his eyebrows at Kurt.

"I have to finish this jacket I'm making for a customer," Kurt dreaded the thought; his fingers were filled with pinpricks.

"Speaking of which, I picked up your nametags the other day from that shop." Blaine carried their plates to the kitchen and grabbed the box off of the front table. Inside were 200 labels that read Hummel. Kurt decided about two years into the marriage that he missed his last name. However, he hadn't wanted to hurt Blaine, so he just used his old last name as the name in his fashions.

Hummel clothing sold about fourteen items a month from Hayden's store, and he got 90% commission from it. He now hoped to open his own store after attending classes.

"Thanks," Kurt smiled and tucked the labels into his sewing kit. "I'm going to take Abu on a walk, want to come with?"

"Let me do the dishes and change, and I will." Blaine did the dishes hurriedly. He hated using the dishwasher because there were so few dishes, and he hated the smell if they sat.

After putting away the dishes, he slipped out of his work clothes and into jeans and a v-neck.

Kurt grabbed Abu and his leash and walked hand in hand with Blaine down to the local dog park. "What time do you have to leave for the concert?"

"I have about two hours, and I'm going in this so don't fight me." Blaine swung his hand slightly, bumping into Kurt.

"Who said I was going to?"

"Your expression when I walked out of the room." Blaine knelt and let Abu run around the smell fenced in park with the other dogs.

Kurt blushed, "I wasn't looking at you like that because you looked bad."

Blaine leaned forward and kissed Kurt, pressing him against the metal of the fence. He placed either hand on each side of him, trapping him between his arms and hips.

"You looked so good," Kurt murmured against his lips, wrapping his arms around Blaine and putting them in his back pockets.

Blaine just groaned and pressed into him more, forgetting momentarily that they were in public.

"EXCUSE ME!" A voice yelled at them. "EXCUSE ME SIR," the woman poked her arm into Kurt's shoulder.

The boys jumped apart, both expecting to get reprimanded about their public make out session. "Yes?" Kurt asked sheepishly, keeping his hands in Blaine's pockets so that he couldn't pull away, he needed to block the problem Kurt currently had.

"Could you please remove your mutt from my purebred?" The old woman asked, "And what gives you the right to use this dog park?"

"Remove my mutt…" Blaine muttered and turned to see Abu on top of a small poodle. "OH MY GOD ABU STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"

Kurt, however, glared at the woman, "What gives me the right to use this park down the street from my apartment? Excuse me? Who do you think you are?"

Blaine ran over and stopped three feet short of Abu, "I don't want to do this," he whined to no one in particular. "His first time should at least be special." Blaine tiptoed backwards, shielding his eyes.

The old women scoffed, "Well I'm sorry. But I know plenty of young people use this park and don't live around here. I'm just protecting the neighborhood."

Blaine tried to block out the noises he heard as Abu and the small poodle continued their rendezvous in the park. He silently thanked God they were the only two in the park.

Kurt rolled his eyes at the woman, and pulled Blaine towards him, "Well maybe you should think before you judge."

The woman turned on her heel just as Abu and the poodle finished, she grabbed her dog and carried her out the south exit of the park.

Blaine and Kurt looked at each other and started laughing. Abu came running over to them and started pawing at their legs.

"You know this is your fault," Blaine commented, putting the leash back on Abu.


"You wouldn't let me get him neutered. You didn't want him to lose his manliness." Blaine threaded his fingers with Kurt again, taking off towards home.

"Do you want me to cut yours off?" Kurt grimaced at the thought.

"I think you'd miss it too," Blaine untangled his hands and wrapped his arm around Kurt's waist. "Right?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

Kurt's eyes turned dark but he laughed, "I cannot believe you turned that around. But I would."

Blaine leaned over and nipped at his ear, "I thought so."

"Why do you have to go to this concert?" Kurt whined, "Stay home and in bed with me."

"I can't, but I'll make it up to you tonight." Blaine promised.


Kurt settled into bed around 11:30, figuring Blaine wouldn't be in for another four hours. Therefore, he was surprised when not even an hour later, Blaine came into the bedroom.

"That bad?" Kurt asked, knowing that if Blaine was home early, the band had to have been really bad. Blaine usually gave them the benefit of the doubt.

"That bad," Blaine said, stripping off his shirt.

Kurt groaned from his place in the bed. Though it had been five years, barely anything had changed about Blaine. He had slightly more hair peppering his chest. "Come here," Kurt ordered.

Blaine crawled up the bed, kissing Kurt's lips softly, Kurt didn't care that he had just showered, he needed to touch Blaine. He immediately grabbed Blaine's hand.

Blaine ran a hand through Kurt's hair, "You smell so good."

Kurt smiled while still kissing Blaine.

"I love it," Blaine whispered, taking his hand and trailing it up and down Kurt's chest and stomach, dipping his fingers only slightly under Kurt's pajamas.

"Mmm, I love you. I love it when you're here with me," Kurt muttered, arching into Blaine's touch. "I love it when you touch me…."

"Yeah?" Blaine asked. He trailed his fingers down Kurt's sides, "Like this?"

"Yes," Kurt whined, willing Blaine to put his hands lower.

"I love touching you too," Blaine told him.

Kurt smiled, because even though they'd been together so long, it felt nice to know Blaine still felt the same way. Kurt trailed one of his hands up Blaine's arm, feeling the smooth skin and muscles underneath his fingers.




When Blaine didn't answer, Kurt turned and looked at his husband. Blaine put a hand to Kurt's face, tracing his thumb down Kurt jaw. He leaned forward and kissed Kurt's forehead, his eyes, his nose, each of his cheeks, and then his lips softly. He pulled back and just looked into Kurt's eyes.

Kurt looked back and ran his fingers softly through Blaine's curls.

"I love you," Blaine whispered.

Kurt lifted his head from the pillow and swept Blaine's lips up in a kiss. He meant it to be a soft kiss, and kiss that told Blaine that he loved him too. He pulled away and then leaned back in, causing Blaine to moan lightly. Kurt couldn't help it and he deepened the kiss. Blaine's arm slid under Kurt's shoulders to pull him nearly on top of him and Kurt wrapped his own around his husbands' warm back, holding onto him tightly. He ran his hands down Blaine's back, feeling the muscles twitch.

They pulled away again and just looked at each other. Even though it had been five years, they still loved each other more every day. Moments like this weren't frequent, and they wanted to cherish the moment.

But both men knew they needed each other. Kurt leaned in and kissed Blaine again.

Blaine groaned and reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer, pulling out the small bottle because they neededthis and they needed to be closer. Blaine wanted to be as close to Kurt as he possible could. He passed the bottle to Kurt.

"Please," Blaine begged.

Kurt nodded and they removed the rest of their clothing. Kurt began slicking up his fingers as Blaine bent one of his legs up. Kurt slid his hand between them, past their erections and in between Blaine's legs, finding his entrance and easing two fingers inside. Blaine hissed slightly and Kurt kissed his should, sliding a third in slowly.

Neither said anything, only breathless little sighs and soft moans until eventually Kurt urged Blaine to turn onto his left side, facing away from him while he slicked himself up. He peppered Blaine back with more kisses. He wrapped his arm around Blaine's chest and pulled against him so Kurt's chest and stomach were flush with Blaine's back. Blaine lifted his leg up and over Kurt's thigh as Kurt angled himself accordingly. Blaine gripped the hand Kurt had pressed against his chest, threading their fingers together as Kurt pushed himself through Blaine's ring of muscle, both of them moaning and gasping as he moved further in.

Kurt let Blaine adjust, kissing his neck as Blaine ran his other hand down Kurt's side, feeling his soft skin.

Kurt pulled his hips away and thrust back in again, the sensation seemed to intensify and Kurt buried his face in Blaine's hair, breathing in the scent that was purely Blaine. That familiar smell accosted his senses, and he was breathing it, breathing in the scent of Blaine. It grew stronger and Kurt moved slightly faster, heart pounding in his chest.

He rocked his hips and Blaine tightened his leg around Kurt's thighs. They were as close as they could be, and their sweat was mingling, but Kurt kept up his steady pace.

"I love you," Blaine said brokenly, "So much."

"Shh," Kurt soothed, tightening his hand in Blaine's trembling one.

Their moans echoed off the walls and their candles were running low. Kurt's grasp on Blaine tightened as his body tensed with his sudden release but he was encouraged by his name tumbling from Blaine's lips.

He felt Blaine's body sag in his arms and he raked his fingers through the now sweaty curls. They fell asleep that way moments later, reveling in the feeling and smell of each other.

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