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Heather was being escorted down the hallways, everything was white and bright, and she took it all in and walked with the men as she had no choice. She didn't mean to do it, After all they had just gotten into one little fight…..

"Heather, I'm sorry" Alejandro apologized "I didn't mean to cheat on you!"

"You never do!" Heather snapped at him "You always apologize!"

"I always mean it!" Alejandro told her "I always come back to you…."

"You mean I always foolishly agree to take you back" Heather told him "On our Anniversary?"

"I forgot it was our anniversary!" Alejandro "I would have never cheated on you, on our anniversary"

"Which is also my birthday" Heather crossed her arms "Something else you also forgot"

"I shouldn't have cheated on you….again!" Alejandro sighed "I'll get you flowers tomorrow"

"its okay" Heather smiled at him "I got you an anniversary gift!"

"Did you?" Alejandro asked "I'm sorry I didn't get you anything"

"It's okay" Heather smiled again "You don't have to return the favor"

Heather grabbed a knife and stabbed Alejandro at least 7 times right in the heart, He died within minutes, they found Heather sitting on the couch with his body watching TV as if it were normal, Some thought it was an act and others thought she lost her mind, once evaluated it was decided she would be staying at "Insane Mclean's" which was the name of a mental institution, it was a very blunt name for one too! The man who owned it Chris Mclean was said to be just as insane as his patients. Heather couldn't believe she ended up here, but in her mind Alejandro would be happy for her…

"Hello, I'm Chris Mclean" Chris smiled at her "I own this place! I take care of the wack jobs like yourself"

"I appreciate the warm welcome" Heather rolled her eyes "Good to know I'm a wack job!"

"You killed your boyfriend didn't you?" Chris asked "Is that really sane?"

"Alejandro?" Heather asked "Oh! I don't feel like talking about him right now…."

"Feel free to talk to Chef whenever you would like" Chris gave her a fake smile "He's the guidance councilor around here, he also gives out medication and he cooks!"

"Aren't you a huge spender?" Heather rolled her eyes.

"Well I have to set everything up for you" Chris told her "Why don't you go to the lounge and meet the rest?"

"Do I have a choice?" Heather asked "How nuts are they?"

"Maybe a bit more then you" Chris winked "However, you'll like them! I know I find them amusing!"

Heather was then shoved by Chris into a room where she was forced to be in a room with people who were all wack jobs, Heather personally didn't believe she was crazy, Alejandro cheated on her multiple times and had it coming, Heather sat down and looked at everyone, finally after what seemed like forever a boy approached her

"I'm Noah" Noah greeted "Welcome to hell"

"Thanks?" Heather asked

"I heard about you on the news" Noah told her "Killed your boyfriend"

"Yeah" Heather told him "He deserved it"

"I noticed you looking around" Noah pointed out "Wondering about the rest of them huh?"

"Kinda…." Heather stuttered "But it's not really my business"

"I'll tell you about them" Noah offered

"Why not?" Heather agreed

"See that girl over there?" Noah asked Heather pointing to a girl in the corner "That's Sierra, She's here because she's in love with a boy named Cody, I should say obsessed"

"Nothing wrong with that" Heather told him

"Normally" Noah sighed "Cody doesn't exists, He only exists in her head, yet for whatever reason the imaginary boy rejects her"

"Wow…." Heather sighed "What about him?"

"That's Harold" Noah rolled his eyes "the boy can't face reality from fantasy and he's a danger to himself and everyone around him and the crazy in the corner with the red hair is Izzy, she's been here the longest of us all"

"And those two?" Heather asked

"Duncan and Gwen" Noah told her "Brother and Sister, They tried to kill everyone in their school and Duncan is a rapist, he got some girl pregnant and then when Gwen found out she tried to kill the girl, Nobody really gets them, but they seem alright"

"Is this everyone?" Heather asked

"Not even close" Noah laughed "But you'll get to meet them later when we discuss things"

"I have one more question!" Heather told him "Why are YOU here?"